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1.0 out of 5 1.0
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  • 1.0 out of 5
    May 20, 2015

    I'd like to explain why I will not buy a Tesla even though I was ready to trade my 2014 Porsche for one. My girlfriend has a new Tesla in the Bellevue,... WA area and a few weeks ago we went to the Tesla service center there. We were greeted by a lady named Maria. My girlfriend told her she had a defective key fob and Maria said that it looked abused. I then asked her to replace the key fob. After several rounds of back and forth Maria said I will make an exception this time and make a good will exchange. This made my girlfriend feel as if she was a beggar. Our next encounter came on M1y 19, 2015 when we drove to the same service center because the air conditioner was not cooling the car. After a lecture from Maria about the proper usage of the AC she proclaimed it was working fine. I then asked to try the AC in another Tesla and we did. The AC blew very strong. She claimed that was because the car was trying cool down after starting. It was very obvious to me that she did not know what she was talking about. Instead of addressing the problem with my girlfriend's car not cooling down she went on and on about how she was right. I asked to see the Service Manager and she immediately said he was busy without even checking. I approached the other service advisor Maddy and she went on with excuses about how the AC was fine. But, neither of these two ladies could explain why the car would not cool. Now' my girlfriend has a four day trip planned in the car and she has to drive it without an AC system that is cooling. In addition, She has to be put out to make another trip to the Tesla service. After driving my girlfriend's car I fell in love with the Tesla and was getting ready to trade my Porsche for one but after being dealt with such horrible customer service I would never consider the Tesla until the Company cleans up the poor customer service experience I saw. Since when is it a customer service representative's job to argue with a customer just so she "can be right!", In my opinion, there is a very big lack of pre-hiring screening and job training from a Company that preaches about a great customer experience. And, the customer service skills portrayed by these two reminded me of the auto business from 30 years ago before a positive customer service index became so important. The image portrayed at this service center was so poor that I want to express my bad feelings to other members of the Porsche Club of America Northwest chapter and anyone else I come into contact with when Tesla is mentioned. I realize I am not the owner of the car in mention but I am a Sale Lost and who knows how many others my influence will have. The experience was a total loss for your Company and I am taking the time to write this narrative in the hopes that Tesla truly wants to facilitate a high customer service experience at this service center. Thank you,

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