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(11 reviews)

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I bought a camper from this group what a nightmare

Bought a camper from the owner through this dealership. What a complete nightmare. He said it didn’t leak. Two nights later took it out camping. Leaking in 7 different areas from the roof, down the walls, in the walls. LIAR!Then I peeled up floor tiles. Black mold everywhere, they tried to hide water damage. I wouldn’t trust anyone at this dealership. xxxx no. I want my money back !


Total Scammers

Total scammers. Sold a camper they said was in excellent condition. 2 days after getting it we went camping and it rained. The water poured in through the ceiling and down the walls. The floors had new tile but upon pulling it up the entire floor is covered in black mold. Alonzo won't respond to anything. Never buy from these people. They have been scamming people since back when their dad owned it. Luckily they made some huge mistakes in the selling process or I would be screwed. Now they will send threats because someone dared leave them a bad review. Caution also they sell on Craigslist and it seems like a private sale until you are closing the deal and then suddenly it's from a dealership. I wish I could add pictures!


People come here to complain, Google reviews are b

I bought a 08 Saturn Vue from here. Everyone was easy to work with even when I was super difficult and didn't know if I really wanted the SUV. I was not rude, but rather being picky on if I liked the car being a Saturn. They told me it was exactly the same as a certain Chevy Suv and sure enough they were right. Took time to show me. I bought it at a super low price, much lower than any other one I could find elsewhere. I am SO glad I got it, it's been my favorite vehicle yet! I don't get the negative reviews. I think somethings might be missing in the stories but I could be wrong? Also, if you are messaging and want to see a car why wouldn't you pick up the smart phone you have and use it like a dumb phone to make a call? No one remembers how to make a call anymore, and I'm an older millennial, and I still know that you call places. I wouldn't expect a small business to be answering 100 Facebook messages a day all day every. I got over 120 in less than a day when I sold a futon for $20, can't imagine how many a small business owner would get and some would get lost in the mix.


Didn't respond to my messages

I had found a Buick Enclave on Marketplace on Facebook. Was very interested in it. I live an hour and a half away so wanted a few questions asked before I drove that far to try it out. I asked if it was a salvage vehicle, how many owners, how the tires were, etc. No response. Messaged them three times and they didn't respond. After reading the reviews, I'm very glad I didn't buy a vehicle from this shoddy dealership. Thanks for posting your reviews so I didn't get screwed over like y'all did. Who runs a business like this?? CRAZY!!


Scam artists

Went to look at a truck here. Nothing about it being totaled in add. As soon as I saw the truck I said "it's been wrecked" he said oh? I told him the whole bed was painted . All their trucks are junk , salvage title or totaled repairs. Classic scam fly by night lot. Doubt it will last the year.


Not a good experience

Non responsive to email or text about a vehicle for sale. Went to go buy advertised vehicle and the salesman did. Not seem to remember having that vehicle. Left establishment and vehicle was still posted for sale. Drove a good distance. Oh and the best. Salesman told me to “xxxx off!” Believe me I have the screen shot of the text.


Bought a used car

Got a great used car for a great price, Al and Mark were great helping us get into a very nice vehicle. This is their new location, and have only been there a couple of months, we are very pleased with our experience and will be returning customers on our next one.


Great little family owned dealership.

Had a great car buying experience. Bought a truck from border auto sales and traded it. They gave me nearly what I paid for it 2 years prior! I love my new truck and will be doing all my vehicle purchases here!


Total xxxx

Bought a Dodge Nitro from here had for not even a week and the thing quit running! Went to the place to go ask him to fix it and he pulled out a tazer and told me to get off the property! Do not buy a vehicle from these dipxxxxs!



I had contacted the owner of this truck and made an appointment. Did not diclose he was a dealer. The truck we were looking at had a salvaged title from being rear ended. Both rear fenders had major cracks in the fiberglass from the impact. Did not disclose this in the add. Rear passenger tire was low. We asked him to fill it so we could test drive it. He said it would be fine for a test drive. We wanted to make sure there was no issues with dog tracking or frame issues and would like air in the rear tire. My husband looked at the oil and said thats no wask mucky. We asked for a rag to check the oil. The owner replied no, I don't have a rag for you to check the oil... I dont think this is the vehicle for you!! Said my husband was being rude and we should leave!! Then he stated... "he was the rudest person he had spoken to all year"!! Then said "it's a $3700.00 vehicle. What do you expect... I run 40+ vehicle through this dealership monthly. Get out and don't come back" Asked if he was the owner?He said yes. Who treats customers this way??? Because we wanted air in the tire!!!???

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