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This company WILL take advantage of you -- BEWARE.

I do not place fault with the Carmax Service Center, as they didn't do a repair on my vehicle and did offer me discounted diagnostics fees after my poor experience. My issue is with Carmax as a company and specifically MaxCare. They denied coverage on my car because of "contaminated fluid" in my radiator. There apparently is a sealing agent in the car, but I did not put any such thing in my car. And I went back and talked to all the shops that I have records of working on my car, and they all assured me it is against policy to put sealing fluid in cars. So how did it get there? The only logical conclusion is that it was in the car when I purchased it, which calls Carmax's ethics into serious question for me. The car has had numerous problems since I purchased it, so it doesn't surprise me that it possibly had a questionable past before I purchased it. Not only that, but according to Kelly Blue Book, the Dodge Nitro has had 6 recalls, and that was NOT disclosed to me when I bought it. One of the recalls was for the braking system, which ended up affecting my vehicle. The breaks went out on me while I was driving it, and I had to get the entire braking system replaced after only 1 year. And now it has overheating problems, leaking fluids, multiple oil leaks, cracked gaskets... This car was a lemon when it was sold to me. Period. So MaxCare denies coverage, and Carmax then quotes me over $7000 for a repair. That is way over the Kelly Blue Book Value of a perfectly fine working Nitro. They are saying it needs a whole new engine. What MaxCare actually did is rack up the cost of the repair so they could deny coverage. There is no way it needs all that just to run again. So I pick up my car and decide to take it to another shop for a second opinion. (Also when I picked up my car, it had a nearly flat tire that I had to ASK them to put air in so I could safely drive it off the lot. I feel like that should've been done before I got there, but fine.) I take it to another shop, they pressure test the gaskets and take apart the whole engine (like Carmax supposedly did) and they tell me they can fix the leaks, flush the system, replace the gaskets, and it will run just fine. And they can do this for $3500. Funny, that's a whole lot cheaper than Carmax claimed it would be. My suspicions are confirmed that the technician from MaxCare who "diagnosed" my car was dishonest or incompetent, I don't know which. Carmax has completely lost my trust and my future business, and I warn anyone who will listen to my experience. I feel I was taken advantage of when I bought the car at 19, trusting Carmax to sell me a car that wouldn't breakdown in the first few years. Instead, I was sold a car with existing mechanical problems and a warranty that would not cover those issues when they caused problems down the road. Unless this issue is rectified somehow, as soon as I finish paying off this car my business will be finished with Carmax for good. And to add icing on the cake, I sent this same review to them in a customer survey several months ago and received no follow up. Not even a simple apology for my experience. This company is seriously lacking in customer service. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.


Tim G

This 5 stars in for one employee in particular. Tim Gardner in the service dept. My little story... I had recently purchased my vehicle on April 1 & had to return it on April 4th due to the speakers, window and a little idle. It was now 4/16/2018 and my car was still not finished because the speakers were missing a part that need to come from Korea, they told me my car would be finished no later than Monday and that was a promise...So long story short everyone I spoke with said they would call me back and help me figure this out and no one did, they called with the same info about waiting for a part but no new news. Thankfully I called in 4/17/18 to check on my vehicle on when the part will be in and Tim (which was my first time speaking with i'm through these couple of weeks.) and he said the part was scheduled to arrive on 4/24/18 I was furious. Here I am driving loaner cars and not even able to enjoy my new car for a whole month. He listened to me and quickly went into action and said I am going to help you, we are going to fix this. Literally in 2 hours he called back said that they can get my car to a certain place and they can do it if I agree and also offered me a couple of other things and said I will get your car to you by today or tomorrow after he explained this to a manager. All in two hours! and I couldn't get a straight answer for two weeks! Tim called me when it left car max and when it came back and tested the stereo for me himself! He completely turned my whole experience back to a positive one again and now I am truly happy he went above and beyond and keep his word! He was very kind and put actions to his words! He is definitely the highlight of my week! now I can drive my new car thanks to TIM Gardner.! Thank you TIM! You don't know how happy we are!


Absolute Horrible Experience

Called early to schedule an appointment 1. They did not call me back, I had to call them after a few hours 2. They ended up reserving the wrong car and the car I wanted was sold before they could correct it. Did nothing to help. Do not work with them.


CARMAX!!! What can I say, but a great place to buy

I have never bought a car so easy as I did here. The process was quick and painless just the way I like it. The finance part for the car took like a 10 minute process. The no haggle price is the price and there's no back office person dictating the sales rep to get more money more money on the sale. It's all done at the desk you sit at drone start to finish, just you and the sales rep. I rolled out in my new car in a half hour total.. Loved it(and car is awesome too)


Lousy Customer Service & Buying Exp.

Saw add for truck. Stopped by for a test drive. Had to wait in cue for about an hour, but still showing one other person ahead on waiting list. Had to leave. Called later to make appointment and came back a second time just to drive it. Finally, agreed to purchase truck at no hassle price, contingent on sales person's looking into service department, doing a minor paint touch up on driver floor panel. Sales person said will check with Service Dept. Said will call the next day, so we can proceed with our bank to issue check. Never heard back. So much for no hassle sales process, and vehicle renewal and recondition promises. Would not shop there again. Will never recommended to families, friends, or even enemies.


Wanted way to much money.

Did not go to delar car was way over priced to high.

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