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Approved me as a first time buyer and gave me the best

Approved me as a first time buyer and gave me the best deals and discounts



auto action sold me a car last Saturday they power washed to conceal evidence of it being flooded, wires were chewed by rodents, and they cleared all of the codes to hide whatever other issues the car has. The salesmen, Ivan and John said things to me like "the car runs doesn't it and "you have a bad credit". it's a terrible feeling to be taken advantage of and to have your safety put at risk just so a sale can be made. shame on you.


Said yes to the car!

Amazing help. Yes long wait but they were able to help my best friend get into something that she really liked!! Super friendly and very helpful!


Amazing Service

They were fantastic after the terrible ordeal that I had happened on 2/20/23. It was so nice to go to a place and have people be kind to you and treat you like a human and not a number or profit.


Do Your Research First

My initial review was awesome as the sales people were wonderful at action Auto, and then the problems started 1 week after I purchased the car. I brought a vehicle on 1/13/23 from the Glendale location. On 1/21/23- 8 days later the car started shaking, the Stabilitrack and check engine light came on. I texted the salesman who sold me the car and he told me that the repair shop will call me on Monday, 1/23/23, which they did. They told me that I could not bring the car into the shop until 2/6/23, wow! I attempted to drive it today, 1/25/23 and got about 2 blocks from my home and the car shut off, with the Stabilitrack light coming on. Thank goodness that It was able to crank up and be driven home. I put $1800 down on the car and expected to receive a reliable used car. I haven’t had the car for 2 weeks and cannot drive it out of fear of it breaking down while in transit. I have a daughter that I transport back and forth to school and I have no idea what I am going to do. I’ve never brought a car from a Buy Here Pay here location and I never will again. There is no way that after purchasing a car a week and a half ago there should be car issues within the first week. I feel like I have been taken advantage of and now I am stuck with a bad deal. Did I mention that I have not made my first car payment because this is how new this deal is! I am contacting the BBB to see what options I have. I’m angry because I chose them to do business with. I could have went to another dealership, but I didn’t and now I feel like I got the worst deal of my life! I wish that I would have read the reviews prior to purchasing my car from there. I am heartbroken and in tears at this point! Sincerely, 12 Day Car Victim


I just wasn’t contacted or sent any information in

I just wasn’t contacted or sent any information in response to my request whatsoever



**BEWARE OF ACTION AUTO** I purchased a 2013 Chevy Cruze from Dory after first test driving the vehicle I notice the air wasn’t working I advises Dory of the issue she simply stated to me that it would be an issue their mechanic can easily fix after driving the vehicle less than 2 WEEKS the vehicle began smoking in & outside of the car while on my way to Walmart I then called to speak with Dory but she was never available I told Mickey my issue & she stated their was nothing they can do they are just the “Sales” department I would need to call the customer service line after reaching out to them they stated to call True fix their car shop I did so on Tuesday Nov 3rd the mechanic stated it would take AT LEAST 10 to 15 business days for my vehicle to be diagnosed. With that being said I immediately got the vehicle towed Wednesday Nov. 23rd. Waiting a few business days I called to get an update on my car on Dec 2 and was told to call back next week the vehicle still hasn’t been looked at. I reached back out to them December 6th 22 requesting an update I spoke with Junior who stated my vehicle has only been there since December 1st I advised him it was dropped of Nov 23 per tow & I can provide documentation of that Junior continued to yell over my concerns about need a diagnosis on the vehicle due to need a car he stated I was not the only one waiting on a vehicle & even if it was dropped of they only go by the system which says Dec 1st after going back & forth with him about the vehicle who put the incorrect in she stated it was Tony. I then reached back out to customer service which offered to differ my payments now please know I like to pay my bills in advance so my notes are every two weeks but I pay both for the month just to have a monthly payment so I had already made my first payment for the month of dec which is due Dec 10 from their Timothy the Customer Service Manager stated my payments for dec 24 is differed. That some what help but not really because the vehicle will still have that money due. I asked if they offered Loaner Vehicle that was a no. Now I’m stuck just after a month of financing a car with no vehicle I’m renting vehicles while still having to pay the warranty & insurance on a car I can’t even drive. I have expressed my concerns to some many ppl in sales, customer service, financial dept & even to the car shop and haven’t gotten any real help or even remorse they admit the car shop is backed up which is why it’s taking my vehicle so long to be fixed but that just further proves I’m more than likely not the only one going thru this please don’t finance here they are taking advantage of hard working ppl who don’t have the proper credit scores !


I waned a car on a budget Not thousands of dollars.

I waned a car on a budget Not thousands of dollars. The draw was a car for 1200 dollars. What in the world made you think I would spend 1000s of dollars??


The dealership for you!

Easy to work with and got me in a car I liked! The staff was also knowledgeable about what would be the best fit for me!


Don't skip out on a good thing

I went to another dealership, no names but when I came here to auto action , not only did they help me to understand what was needed, they explained to me in my language, quick and eZ. I recommend you to come and get your vehicles from Ralph and Justin at auto action, and leave the other dealerships alone. I'm driving off with my caddy, daddy. . Thanks to the simplicity of these two. Oh yeah this is actually my second vehicle, just throwing it out there