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    August 26, 2019

    Took my 2015 Subaru Forester in for repair of three lights flashing on the dash and failure to regularly start after driving more than 15-20 minutes. ... I had already replaced the brake light switch which did not correct the issue. Subaru by the Bay replaced the brake light switch anyway which did not fix the issue. They spent five weeks diagnosing, brought in a regional Subaru mechanic twice, tried replacing some major controllers and ultimately decided it was the battery, which they replaced. They gave me a bill for $1650.00 and told me that Subaru ate about half of the original total. Within four weeks, the car is doing the same thing. Took the car to another Subaru dealer about 70 miles away. They couldn't believe the repair ticket I showed them and tried to be as polite as possible about how much was charged. This dealer diagnosed and fixed the problem within two hours. Issue was a wire going between the left fender and firewall that seemed to be shorting. Also, they tightened the connector on a wire at the back of the starter solenoid. Took both repair tickets back to Subaru by the Bay and told them I was extremely dissatisfied with their diagnosis, 'repair' and bill. Requested they re-evaluate their failed repair and the amount they billed me. After two months, it seems they are just blowing me off. Guess I expected a little more integrity out of small business who, I assume, wants to maintain clients in a small community. Talked with Customer Service for Subaru of America. Essentially, they told me that Subaru by the Bay is an independent dealership and they have no control over them. I get that, but somehow I thought Subaru of American may care a little bit more that their brand is on the door of this dealership.

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