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This seller has been on since September 2018.
We carry a wide range of pre-owned vehicles all years makes and models. Tired of the typical car salesman gimmicks then stop by and we will treat you with respect and honesty. Conveniently located off exit 13 on the 95 expressway. We are a short 3 minute walk from the number 5 train. Buses
numbers 16305260 and 61 passes every 10 minutes in front the dealership.

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(9 reviews)

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Just another dishonest dealer. Be aware!

I was looking for my first car, so, obviously I'm not so good about the cars. I have chose these guys because I've seen a lot of positive customer reviews. Unfortunately in fact, it's just another dishonest business. I found their listing with 2012 Chevy Cruze, there wasn't really much information online, so I came to see that in person. Jerry showed me this car and said that it is in perfect condition. However, he never told me that this car has been in accident and most important - it was flooded. Only after I came home I found out that it has a lot of rusted parts and elements under the hood and inside interior, which couldn't be rusted on regular 8-year old car. Even charging ports are rusted and barely work! But okay, I could live with that, if there wouldn't be a much bigger problem. This car has mold on its interior, and it smells so bad. When I was buying it I felt this weird smell, but I thought it's just a car freshener. After I removed that, it has strong smell of mold. I cannot drive this car, because I feel sick after 30 minutes being inside. It's very dangerous to my health and it may cause serious diseases. I showed this car to two independent mechanics guys, both of them made a conclusion that it was previously flooded. Afterwards I drove back to the dealer and asked them to return this piece of junk. However, Jerry and Andrew (their manager, I tried to ask him his last name and he refused to tell it) just started to lie in my eyes that they don't see any problems with rusted parts, that they don't feel this awful smell, they don't see mold and that I'm just trying to find any excuses for returning this car. People, just think 1000 times before you will buy anything from these guys, they care only about the money, not satisfaction of customers and making business in a honest way. They have used my lack of knowledge about the cars. They sold me such a piece of junk. They put my health at great risk, selling flooded car with mold.



All I can say is WOW! Being a woman and buying a car has its own difficulties and paranoia's due to the fact that most places take advantage of the typical woman's lack of knowledge about cars. However, Boston Road Best Motors has to be the most honest used car dealership I have ever been to. I originally came in after hearing from friends about the reputation of this place and how they truly care for the safety and well-being of the customer. But what happened when I got there was beyond anything I could have imagined. So I come in to purchase a 2008 Nissan Rogue, after being shown the car by Andrew I took it for a test drive and instantly loved the car. Andrew allowed me to really take as long as I wanted during the drive and insisted that I give a very thorough inspection of the vehicle before I make any decisions. The vehicle showed no signs of having any mechanical issues. After taking my time I decided that I would take the vehicle so I left a deposit in order to come in the next day to pick up the car. When I came in the next day was when I was shocked by the honesty of this dealership. I walked in and they told me that when they put the vehicle into the mechanic for further inspection they noticed some signs that would indicate that the transmission may need replacement in the future. They offered me my deposit back and deeply apologized. I have a lot of car buying experience, both good and bad, and I have never seen a dealership cancel a deal that they could have closed due to mechanical errors. I truly believe that Boston Road Best Motors cares about ethics over making money. That is when I told them to hold my deposit until they get another Rogue which I ended up taking home! Thanks so much to Andrew, Jerry, and Sal for giving me a go-to dealership whenever I, or someone I know needs a car! I suggest to everyone that they go through Boston Road Best Motors to purchase their next vehicle!


Best dealer out there!

My mother came in looking for an SUV and found a golden Nissan Murano that caught her attention. We were a little uncertain about buying it at first since we did not have all of the money to purchase it right away, but Jerry was incredibly nice and honest with us and allowed us to pay in monthly installments. After thousands of miles, it's the best car she's ever had and with no problems at all.


Awesome Deal!

My parents were helping me search for a reliable car for my cross-country trip and while driving along Boston Road their eyes caught a Subaru Legacy Outback on the lot of Boston Road Best Motors so they made a U-turn and went in to take a closer look. They liked what they saw, and had their questions answered by Jerry, who, by-the-way is t h e b e s t sales professional in the automobile sales industry. With no pressure by Jerry to make a purchase, they made an offer and a couple of days later they purchased the vehicle. Now two months and a road trip of over 3,500 miles later, my car performs like a champion. This was the best deal my parents ever got, and the coolest gift I?ve received. Thanks Mom & Dad, and Thanks Jerry for your honesty, sincerity, and professionalism!


Jerry & Salim at Boston Rd Best Motors are great!

I arrived to take a look at a vehicle I had seen online. The dealership had accepted my offer. The car was nice, but, in need of some cleaning up. I noted a few things that needed fixing and Salim was very accommodating, even letting me chew down the price a bit from my original offer. Later, after I had left a hefty deposit, I stopped by to pick up the vehicle and found a few additional issues. The next day, I was about to cancel the deal and received absolutely no push back from Jerry. He said it was OK, just come by and pick up my deposit. When I arrived, Jerry indicated that they were ready to fix the additional problems if I changed my mind and would still like to buy the car. This was an unusual experience, as whenever I'd go to cancel a deal like that, I'd get lots of push-back and aggression from the salesperson. Not the case this time. So, because they were relaxed, I was relaxed and had some time to contemplate their offer. Needless to say, I purchased the vehicle and all is well. Repairs were solid and extremely timely. As Salim said, "Money comes from God, we just work." Kudos to Carlos, the detailer at the dealership who spent hours getting rid of years of build-up in what turned out to be a very clean interior.


see for myself

I was searching for a used on cars .com and I saw the reviews this dealership got so I decided to visit Boston Road best Motors to see for myself and was so happy that I came and without hesitation I purchase my vehicle. From the beginning to the end of the sale was very professionally done.


Very happy customer

I will recommend everyone to visit and make a purchase at Boston Road Best Motors because you will find very friendly personnel at their mechanic shop and at the dealership. Their vehicles are very outstanding and reliable.


Execelent sale service at Boston Road Best Motors

I was shopping for a used vehicle and went to a lot of Dealers but when I went to Boston Road Best Motors Inc. my shopping was over because all the vehicles are very well kept the office and bathroom are very clean and the sales person Jerry take care of everything from beginning of the sale to the end including the delivery. I left the dealership a very happy customer.


My vehicle purchase at best motors was a pleasure

My purchase from Best Motors Inc. was my greatest pleasure and I recommend other people looking for a used vehicle to go and see for yourself and make your purchase because the vehicles are very clean and runs great and the sales person Jerry will treat with respect and professionally and he will explain and give you advised the correct way.

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