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Quality Auto is dedicated to providing legendary customer service and a new transparent way to buy a car here in the local community. You'll find prices, miles, Auto Check's, and the 'whole nine' online at qualityautowy.net and in the window of every vehicle on our lot. We provide all of the information to make your decision easy and well-informed. We also watch the market closely to ensure that we aggressively price our inventory to make your purchases easy decisions to make. With guaranteed financing we always have a way to make sure that you are driving away. Come visit us at and let us show you how easy it is to do business with us.
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(34 reviews)

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Worst dealership I have ever dealt with. Went in to test drive a car listed for $16k. I was offered $2,000 for my trade in on a Saturday. A week later they lowered the price of the car by $1,000. I went online and got pre-approved for the $15k with $2,000 for my trade in. I called them on Monday to see if the car was still available and to let him know I was interested and pre-approved for financing. The same salesman proceeded to tell me the car was still there but he did have an offer on it. He said he had to run this first but was pretty sure he was not going to be able to get it to go through as they had bad credit but he had to try. I told him I completely understood that but if it did not go through I was willing to pay the $15k for the car with the $2k for my trade in. He then told me he could no longer give me the $2,000 for my trade in. He said he would only give me $1,000 for it since they lowered the price of the car. I was completely appalled by this. All he wanted to talk about was his bottom line and how unreasonable I was being. He finally said he would honor the $2,000 for my trade in if I paid the original price of $16k for the car. After going round and round with him he eventually upped the $1,000 offer to $1,500 for the trade in. I told him I would not pay that for the car and all I wanted was for him to honor the original quote for my trade in. I have bought several vehicles from dealerships all over town and have never had one change his mind on the value of my trade in. I would never recommend this dealership to anyone ever!!!!!!!! Go somewhere else!!!!! They do not stand by what they offer you. People like this is why auto salesmen have a bad name. In my option they either don’t want to sell cars or they were trying to scam you!!!!


I lost thousands and GM added $500 agreed price

I purchased 3 cars at one time after negotiating a price me and the GM agreed on. Well. Not one vehicle made it 3 hours from Casper. Two left my customer stranded im the winter away from any towns.. The 3rd vehicle was sold with a blown head gasket and judging from the oil condition, it wasn't new. That told me they didnt perform a simple inspection including an oil change before pricing and parking vehicle on the lot to sell. I have experience but i assumed there would be a professional courtesy extended to warn me but after an audit was performed on all receipts, i saw he hid an extra $500 in the sale price of one of the vehicles. Well after a little time to calm dowm I stopped in to discuss the highlights of my experience. It didnt last long at all. When i told him none od the cars made it more than 3hrs out of Town. He wouldn't lift his head up from what he reading. He instead responded " oh really" and continued reading. His lack of professionalism was now added to my experience and i chose to get up and polirely leave his office. So, to this day all the people who were stranded make sure they tell this story if anyone talks about Quality Auto. I have personally made two buyers reconsider because they had momey and were in a jam. They weren't impressed with my story 3 of the 3 I purchased left people stranded on a test drive and they felt the $500 added to one car seemed like a scam from the 80s that made car salesmen live up to the janky reputation. Ive sold cars as well as managed lots. It would have never crossed my mind to pull some xxxxxxxx like slipping an extra $500 into a sales. But that's probably why everybody trusts me. Well that was my one and only experience with Quality Auto. It doesn't show a story of quality care of professionalism but, after treatment of management, this is my only option. I'm aware that I will be the bad guy in this, but if we got all the liars in one room I can prove im telling the truth and i have the witnesses to back up my story because they were a little less than impressed with. Quality Auto product they experienced. Thank you for your time reading my experience.


Single Working Woman

Greg was a great help in getting me into the car I wanted. He got me a great interest rate and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I was in and out same day!


Serious about giving me the best deal possible.

These guys are serious about moving inventory. They sold me a pretty much brand new Toyota Tundra with 20K miles on it for rock bottom pricing. Any other dealer would?ve held onto that Tundra trying to get the most they could for it but these guys are only interested in serving their clients by selling cars at the best price. I was impressed.... Ive bought dozens of vehicles in my life and I NEVER had an experience as good as this... These guys have a great culture... glad to see them in Casper!!


Chevy Equinox buyer-June 2017

They were more forthcoming with information about the vehicles we were looking at than any other place I've been to-they started giving us the histories before we even asked. They didn't push us towards anything, just tried to arm us with the facts to make an informed decision, and I very much appreciated that they didn't pressure us to make a decision immediately. They provided high quality through the little things: topping off all fluids, giving two and of gas rather than one, and even going as far as paying to fix a software issue that had to be done at the maker dealership. The owner put all his cards on the table when we about to make an offer, and we decided on a price both parties were incredibly pleased with. They are not as much salespeople as they are professional customer service providers who will give you fine vehicle at a fair price with a fantastic experience along the way. If you want to feel great about buying a used car-this is the place.


Excellent service and super easy to work with

As a first time car buyer it was extremely easy to get into a car that would best suit me. Staff here is very friendly and understanding. I would recommend Quality Auto, especially Brady, to anyone who is thinking about buying a vehicle.



The easiest dealership to deal with and excellent service. I would recommend anybody to buy here!


OMG Awesome!

Funny, friendly, and very helpful. Superb customer service! Greg was so cool. Unlike anyone else around town! They even put a sign in the car that said SOLD TO A VERY NICE LADY! The are very appreciative and take care of their customers. Thanks Quality Auto!

Dealer response

Thank you so much! We appreciate your response!


Super Dooper Experience!

Fair deal, and not high pressure at all. That is definitely something that we enjoyed. Would definitely recommend this dealer to friends and family, and would definitely do business again! Thanks Quality Auto!


Great Deal and Great People!

Went way smoother than expected. The service was awesome, and I'd definitely recommend this dealership to my friends and family! The deal I got was really good. I know because I researched the vehicle before coming down! Thanks Greg!

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