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Welcome to Kearney Motor Sports. Be sure to visit our virtual showroom of inventory available for purchase. There you will see detailed information about each vehicle a picture gallery as well as convenient ways to contact us for more information about that vehicle. We are located at 5400 North Preston Highway Shepherdsville KY 40165 and are available by phone at 502-957-1906 . You can also get driving directions and hours of service from our user friendly website.


Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(21 reviews)

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Failure to back their car or keep their word.

Be.ow is a copy of an email I wrote to Kearney Motors last week. Like most of my correspondence with them no action or response was received: Hello, below are the receipts I received last week for additional work on the 2006 M Roadster I purchased last fall. A few items of note: - I purchased the car on Oct 11, 2001, with 48,894 miles on it. At that time Jeff, the sales manager, promised the car came with maintenance records and Kearney would refund my costs for the broken shifter knob, a second ignition key, and a missing key for the locking lug nuts. - I forwarded the receipt for the shifter knob within a week or so after purchaseI have yet to receive reimbursement. - I advised Jeff that the convertible top had quit working in late November or early December. The attached EMS service records show that of last week when I picked up the car from the repair facility (EMS) it had 49, 203 miles, for a total usage of 309 miles since purchase. - The attached bill from EMS (the repair shop) identified in early December, that the top quit working due to the actuators leaking hydraulic fluid. It was not possible for a potential purchaser to know that plastic grocery bags had been inserted under the actuators to catch the leaking hydraulic fluid. The EMS proprietor said the seller must have placed them there to hide the problem. - You will see EMS also identified a leaking head gasket that needs to be replaced. - The EMS bill also included the removal and replacement of the locking lug nuts for which you didn’t have the key. - I am still waiting for the refund of the new shifter I purchased ($181.65)within a week after purchasing the auto. - I have yet to get a second key for the car, as we agreed upon, but was advised that will run at least $350. - I am aware that your warranty is only valid from 3 moths after purchase. You will notice that the car was taken to EMS ( and so documented) where the problem was identified at approximately two months aftermpurchase. The auto stayed at the repair facility until repairs were completed in early February. - In total I have spent $4409.26 for the shifter, lug nuts, and the top. I have yet to get a second ignition key, repair the head gasket, or receive the prior maintenance documentation. I hope y’all have the integrity to stand behind this car you sold me less than 500 miles ago. Roscoe Griffin 


Dishonest people

Very shady and dishonest dealer. They lied about the car condition. Posted fake pictures and information of the car not disclosing that there are issues with the car.



Casey at Kearny Motorsports was phenomenal. So help me find something that work for my needs and my wallet. I will never buy a vehicle from anywhere else.



I bought a truck from them which I love, what they didn't disclose to me is that they knew the knew the sunroof leaked, I found this out after looking at the top of the cab of the truck and seeing tape residue around the sunroof, I would have bought the truck anyway, but full disclosure would have been nice.....don't buy from these people,,,they are misleading


Do not get your car here!

I was given a price and terms one day when i came back the next day it was much higher and different terms. The guy and his coworker assured me it was a good car but when i started asking questions about the motor i was told i wasnt spending a lot of money and he had someone email him that day wanting to buy it, so i was stupid and bought it the tires was flat the next morning all the way around the car and it is ticking it had way too much oil in it and ill find out if the motor is too damaged to even fix in the next few days. It is a nightmare it costed me 450 bucks for new tires just to start and i have 2 years to pay on it, i told them i would leave them a good review but they told me they sold me a good car ill be really lucky if it lasts me 6months and was told that they had cleaned off the motor to make it look so when i looked at it it had no signs that the motor might be bad. BAD BUSINESS


Mike from Louisville

I Needed to replace my vehicle and started an internet search. I found what I was looking for at Kearney Motorsport. The staff was very professional and sincere in their approach. Their inventory consisted of clean, well maintained vehicles. After a test drive and a weekend of comparisons, I was able to purchase a nice clean Toyota Tacoma at a fair price.


They make it easy to do business

We were looking for a car for our daughter and found what we wanted at Kearney Motorsports. This is the second vehicle we have bought from this dealership. Kelly, Cory and Andrew are low-key and informative. You won't experience high pressure sales, just business the way it should be done. We will definitely visit this place again for future car needs.


Chuckie from Kentucky

Loved the staff. And the selection even better! Just a different vibe from a smaller family owned dealership, I hate the big store feel. Thanks to the Kearney’s!



Love this place!!!! They have a great selection and helpful employees. Don’t shop anywhere else if you are anywhere in the kentuckiana area. Great place


Extremely disappointed

I wish I could give this dealership a good review. I will say they were very nice and helpful when we were wanting to buy a vehicle but unfortunately we have had nothing but problems from the vehicle we bought from them. We bought a 2011 Honda Odyssey from them in September. We had to buy a replacement minivan because my van that I had only bought in February of this year was totaled out by a reckless driver who ran a red light and sent my van flying through the air with me and my kids in the van. So needless to say I was still very shook up when we were vehicle shopping. I explained very clearly that we would be making a 13 hour drive with our 5 kids to Florida for a family vacation in October and we needed something reliable and safe. We were assured that it was a safe and solid vehicle. I had requested they include 2 new front tires in the sale due to the fact they were very worn and needed replaced, they did agree to that and were going to schedule somewhere local for us to have that done. We drove to the dealership from 1 1/2 hours away and a half hour into our drive home the van started driving very rough and the check engine light came on. We were literally driving it home from the lot when the problems began. My husband contacted the dealership when we got home and they were vigilant to correct the issue. They came to our house the next day, took the vehicle back to be worked on. When they returned the van the day after that they assured us that they found nothing wrong with the van and said it must have been bad gas and they had went ahead and had the new tires put on the front. When my husband got home and looked at the van he saw that tires on the front were two completely different sizes, one was so large that it looked like a truck tire. Now I know they were not the ones who put the tires on but one of their employees drove it for an hour and a half to our house so you think they would have noticed. So then we had to take it to the local Big O to have that issue fixed. The van ran fine for a few days but then we filled the gas tank up the same issues started happening again. My husband did some research and found that it could possibly be the gas cap because apparently that is a common issue with Hondas. We thought that fixed the issue. That is until we were halfway to Florida on the interstate with a van full of kids. The van drove rough most of the drive and got us there barely. We went on our cruise and were going to try to get it back home but as soon as we starting driving it started acting up on the interstate again. So we are now currently sitting at the Honda dealership in Leesburg Florida 13 hours from home, with 5 kids and looking at a $500 bill just to temporarily fix the van just to get it limped back home. We found out that the piston rings are bad which messed up the spark plugs and they said it would take a week to get it fixed. So instead they are putting in new spark plugs so we can get home to take it to our local dealership to get fixed. The $500 will be out of pocket because it’s wear and tear not covered by the warranty. The piston ring issue will be covered by the Honda warranty at least. I am trying to give an honest and objective review so I will say again the staff there was very friendly and they did fix other issues we had at the time of the sale, they did follow through with sending us the remote for the DVD player because we pointed out that it was missing. They did email us the paperwork for the warranty we purchased after we asked for it the third time. And they did follow through on the tires even with the hiccup of two different tire sizes. I wish the review option on Facebook wasn’t so cut and dry, either recommend or not because I don’t like just saying yes or no. I do like the van a lot I just wish we hadn’t had all these issues immediately after buying but most importantly it’s not been safe for this long drive with my kids on the vehicle.

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