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This seller has been on since December 2015.
If you?re looking for a dealership where you?ll get treated right Venice Honda is the local Honda dealership you?ve been looking for. We proudly provide drivers across the Osprey Englewood and North Port FL areas with amazing Honda deals and unbeatable service. With our large inventory of Honda cars trucks and SUVs convenient financing and professional automotive service department we?re here to assist you with all of your Honda needs.

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(10 reviews)

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Avoid like Coronovirus part 2

You will notice another bad review here on with exactly the same issue I had. On 5/23/21 an apointment was set up to test drive a vehicle. Salesperson confirmed the model was there. I asked her to double confirm with a manager. She calls back 5 min later and says yes its here. I show up and am told there is no vehicle. But....we have the higher priced model. I can't believe this dealership actually practices this bait and switch! It's what gives auto dealers the bad rep they have to begin with. So I then speak to the sales manager that day, he says he's sorry. He could not have cared less!! If the salesperson was honest and told me the model was not in stock I would have waited and bought it here. What a complete embarrassment this dealership is. The only bright spot was the internet salesperson Joey who kept in touch. The rest? Unprofessional embarrassment.. You listening Dathan?? You probably couldn't care less either.


Our Salesman George

We worked with George, and had a great experience. Not only was he calm and not pressuring, but we negotiated the price to our satisfaction. I would definitely recommend seeing George when you visit the showroom.


Liars and leaches

I am very saddened by the way this company does business. I’m also so confused as to why my husband paid over 22,0000 for a car when it was advertised for 13,000. He is the sole provider and father of 5 small children, two with special needs. Venice Honda took advantage of him and it is very wrong. This company should be ashamed. He was stressed out from dealing with our disabled children and working in the emergency room as a nurse, short staffed saving lives, literally 14hrs a day with no lunch or pee break, and came to buy a car. They took him for everything he had. He overwhelmingly said, “I have this much to spend today and this much a month.” It was a stupid move on his part, but he still thinks there are good people in this world. They jacked price up to get every dollar you could and still I had to call and beg for a delivery even though it is advertised free delivery on the website. I’ll be sure to leave a honest review on as many sites as I can and contact the BBB and any other companies I can to prevent this from happening to any other families like ours and tearing their home apart financially and literally. My unsuspecting and trusting husband literally had no idea he was paying 15,896. His parents obviously never taught him how to deal with car dealerships and I failed as well thinking he was capable of doing this on his own. A car advertised at 13,900 has ended up costing us 22,000. It’s sickening and it has really hurt a family in many ways.the finance guy there also said he had 5 kids and a similar situation. How can this man sleep at night knowing he did this to a family like his? I’m sure that was probably also a lie. What a heartless business.


Avoid like the Coronavirus!!!

Avoid like the Coronavirus!!! I was interested in a car they listed on the website so I called a couple of times to get more details from this dealership, and scheduled the hour-long trip with my family this morning to come see it and drive it. Last I spoke with them, it was 7:30pm. We got a call this morning confirming that we would be arriving, and we confirmed. I even called them again to confirm info they’d need for a registration transfer. I spoke to several people, but my main points of contact were Michael and Red. They told me - this morning - they “were getting it ready for me” and they “found it in their notes” by my phone # and they “would see me soon”. When we arrived this morning we were told the car was gone. Apparently it sold last night at 8:45pm. We were given a number of clumsy excuses, including an effort to scapegoat their third party scheduler. My feeling is that at best their story shows they are willfully negligent in keeping their customers informed. At worst, they were gambling that we’d be interested in the up-sell alternative they were only too quick to offer. WHY ON EARTH DID THEY NOT CALL AFTER THEY “REALIZED IT WAS SOLD” INSTEAD OF LETTING ME DRIVE AN HOUR FOR OUR “APPOINTMENT” ? These are the shenanigans that give car salespeople a bad reputation. We can’t and won’t buy a car from people we can’t trust. They do not deserve my business or yours.



Purchased a 2019 RAV 4 . My sales man John Campbell did a excellent job. I would definitely buy another car from him, great experience. DO NOT purchase any extras from David Simmons. He does not tell the truth. He lies. He also does not return phone calls.


Great dealership!

This dealership is great! The salesman Peter Geotke was very kind and professional and efficient. I would recommend this dealership to anybody buying a Honda.


Purchased a car

Went for a test drive and noticed the car was pulling to the right so I mentioned to the sales person Jason P. Who was very good and helpful, He agree and told me was going to talked to the mechanic to get fix and clean the car since it was dirty. Well I got the car and while driving home I notice they NEVER fix the problem same as the car was dirty,so I went back the next day, they schedule an appointment. The day of my appointment the mechanic told me"Honda built the cars that way to pull to the right and there is nothing that I can't do". Never heard such as thing in my life, they need to get a new mechanic I know I will never go back or recommend this dealer


Horrible handling of your new vehicle and service

Vehicle was handles poorly when detailed to delivery. Cloudy day when pick it up but next day when sunny you coud see the hack job they did to the paint job. Ask them to have dealers name off looks like they used a screwdriver to remove it. Treatment wonderful till they get your money then very poor. WILL NOT RECOMMEND this dealer to no-one in the market for a new or used car.


First time buyer, Greta Experience!

Just purchased vehicle in September.Had a great buying experience. Will be a continuing returning customer.


Purchased Honda Pilot 2017

Sales associate Jim Timpson was friendly, helpful, professional. Arranged for a test drive. Provided online quote. We are happy with our new vehicle, got a price that was acceptable. Transaction was fast and convenient.

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