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About our dealership

This seller has been on since January 2016.
Used car lot selling high quality low priced vehicles at wholesale prices to retail customers. We don't do our own financing we do cash only or financing thru your own Bank or your own financial institution.
We have over 30 years experience.
Family owned and run business. No sales or middle man you will deal directly with the owner.
We believe in integrity and customer satisfaction!!!


(16 reviews)

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Great place to do business

Nick was great to deal with. He was professional and clear in our discussions about the purchase. In the end we purchased a car from a different individual only because my wife liked the other car better. There are a lot of shady dealers out there, but Nick is not one of them.


excellent experience

Nick provided an easy no hassle car buying experience. He was courteous and friendly. He was forthcoming in details about the vehicle good and bad. There was no pressure to purchase. He was very helpful to the mechanic I brought over to see the vehicle. I enjoyed working with Nick to complete the purchase and would recommend him to anybody without hesitation.


Professional and honest

Our experience with Sunshine Motors has been a pleasure. Found exactly what we wanted for a fair price. Brought our auto mechanic to inspect the truck and got a great report. Nic has been a pleasure to do business with


No deal for me.

Based on 2 items, I cannot recommend this dealership. The first item, which was not a deal breaker was the price. The owner was not negotiable on the price at all, despite a sketchy and incomplete CarFax on a vehicle that had been registered in 5 or 6 different states. The second items, which WAS a deal breaker, is that he refused to let me have the truck taken to a mechanic to be inspected thoroughly before purchasing it. I buy trucks on a regular basis for my business, and not only has someone never refused that I take it to be inspected, most places actually encourage me to do that. If they find something wrong, we negotiate the price further from there. However, not allowing it to be taken to a mechanic is a complete deal breaker for me, and should be for anyone wanting to be a used vehicle.


Sunshine Motors is A ok

I enquired about a nissan xterra and Nick was great at getting information to me by email and meeting me to show me the vehicle. I ultimately decided to keep my current vehicle for now but wouldn't hesitate to do business with Nick.


Treats you with respect

Just bought a used car from Nicholas. He is such an easy going no pressure guy. Makes the car buying process so easy. No pressure to buy today like so many places give you. Nick went out of his way to help with all my concerns. A great experience, thanks Nick!


VERY DISRESPECTFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I called this guy a few days ago in interest of his 2006 Ford F-150 he brought it to my attention that they don't offer financing and told us that we could go through Campus USA or Florida Credit Union that's the only two options that they have as far as lenders and giving us a loan I called both places without success and the only option that I have he's asking $7,000 for the truck so my wife and I talked it over and figured hey let's go ahead and give him five thousand down which is two thirds of the price and we will post dated checks for the remainder of the balance everybody in this world knows that if you're non-compliant of that it will be a felony so I called him back this morning and I told him yes my name is Tim I'm the guy that you spoke with about the Ford F-150 a couple days ago he said oh yeah yeah yeah I said listen my wife and I would like to make you an offer he says no no no I'm not accepting any offers I said okay why not? If you look online you'll see the online price is firm that's what we want for the truck this truck has been a hassle blah blah blah I then told him that we're going to pay you the money for the vehicle and I told him I said I'm not trying to offer you anything less than the vehicle my wife and I are trying to pay you 2/3 down that's $5,000 out of 7 that you're . Are you willing to work with us? he said no no no no no you can go f*** yourself I said excuse me? He hung up so I called them back I said listen I don't know what your problem is but I don't want to purchase a vehicle from you and I told him that you do not talk to customers this way. I told him I haven't done anything to you I don't know you. All I'm trying to do is purchase a truck through you and you tell me to go f*** myself he then proceeded to tell me that I'm not a buyer I'm a b********** that doesn't even make any sense. I would not purchase a vehicle from this dealership Sunshine Auto Motors in Ocala Florida for nothing because it's so unfair to be treated like this and I don't even know this dude and I haven't even done anything wrong to this guy any dealership should not have a problem with me putting $5,000 down out of seven that they are asking for a vehicle do not purchase a vehicle from this dealership very disrespectful


Wonderful dealership

My fiance and I bought a used Lexus SUV from Nicholas in March 2017. We had stopped at the dealership months before and almost bought something then, so when we were truly ready we had no hesitation going back to this dealership. We found all the vehicles to be clean cars as well as reasonably priced. We were also given a fair amount on the car that we traded for our newer vehicle. We would definitely recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a good, clean, well priced used car!


Awesome Guy and Awesome Customer Service

My old car blew a head gasket and I had a limited amount of money to spend for Deposit. Nicolas was very helpful and straight with his responses. He only has a few cars at a time on his lot, he seems very selective of the cars he buys for resale. He does not finance cars here, but Nicolas was able to wiggle numbers on one of the cars I liked, and managed to get the numbers just right for my Credit Union to approve and fit my deposit money. He stayed late on a weekend, and even offered rides to and from his dealership to facilitate the sale, since I had no vehicle. After the sale, he helped me beyond his role in selling my broken car. He didn't have to do that! My old car was NOT his problem. Anyone who says this guy is not nice or was rude, either walked up with an attitude, so they got it back, or they are a troll from another car lot. To be the off-chance Nicolas WAS actually rude to someone, believe me, that was an exception...not a rule with this guy.


Great Place to Buy

I originally saw the vehicle on I called to see if it was still available. Nicolas was able to answer my questions on the phone and when I arrived the car was clean and everything was as promised. Great easy buying experience.

Dealer response

Thank you Becky for posting your comments on I'm glad you are happy with your purchase. Please do not hesitate in letting me know should you need anything. Sincerely. Nicolas Brontis

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