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Welcome to Golden Auto Group Inc. located in city of Corona. We specialize in international / domestics sales of sports and specialty cars. We are unlike any dealership you have ever been to. We are very simple to deal with. We don't have pushy sales people and we don't play games. Give us a call to schedule an appointment. You will pleasantly surprised how simple car buying can be.
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(23 reviews)

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Reviews are right

This is a dealership that adds on "security fees" based on the price of the car. I was looking at a 14K car so the security equipment cost $1499. I overheard a salesman telling a couple that for cars under 10K the fee is $1000. I do not understand why I have to pay for the security thing given I had financing already so it is not like they needed to track me. He did mention that it is how they keep vehicles from being stolen, however, the truth of the matter is, a lot of auto dealers do not charge that. The salesman himself was actually a nice person, it is a shame that the deal was not going to work out. After the fees, the car just isn't worth it.


Scammy xxxxxxxx

These guys should be shut down. They list a price, run your credit then say they won’t sell you the vehicle unless you purchase there 2000$ warranty and 500$ gps? The guy said it’s the only way they make money. Unreal


Terrible Used car Dealer

Super rude they have a good selection of sport cars HOWEVER the cars are not even from California I did a carfax and they come from different states all over the place. CHECK FOR RUST! Rude customer service they said prices are not negotiable even though the car needs major work. Was looking at a car and you can see the valve cover was recently done and wasn’t done properly covered in RTV Silicone. Very shady they add warranty’s and additional costs at the end bringing the car up a few thousand. DO NOT RECOMMEND


Worst Customer Service I Have Ever Received

I called the dealership earlier this morning to schedule a test drive for tomorrow on an Acura they currently have in their lot. I told them I might have some further questions regarding the car before my appointment due to the fact that I am 2-3 hours away from their dealership with a short time span to shop and buy. I believe Peter(?) helped me out at this point, and did a lovely job. When I called back I was greeted by an angry man that told me he was busy and didn’t have time to speak to me about the car. I said that it would be quick, I just wanted to ask about a final price and information about the car (I was fully ready to purchase this vehicle). When asked if the car had ever been smoked in I was told that there is no way to tell. I ask if he had been inside and if he could smell smoke. He told me that he “didn’t have time for this”. When asked once more he responded by saying “ The only way you can find out is if you come here. You have to do your due diligence too.” I explained to him that I had a long drive and needed to know somethings before I committed to that drive. He told me to go somewhere else. I have never received such treatment from any other customer service representatives in my life. It makes me sad that one man’s ego cost another representative a sale. I highly recommend that you steer clear from this place and their poor treatment to kind, paying customer.



Been watching a 2016 Lexus 200 CT with a structural damage. Listed for 14999. Been there for about 3 months and have not sold. You would think if it had not sold, it may not be priced right. But not only did they not reduce the price, they actually increased it to 17999. I called and ask why, they had to put me on hold and came back and said, it was priced incorrectly The last few months and if I wanted the 14999, I should have bought it then. Wow! Sounds like a restart to me. Didn’t sell for several months at 14999? Let’s try 17999. Sounds shady.


Straightforward and honest, but unreasonable fees

Called for pricing on car from out of state, looking to facilitate process remotely as much as possible, coming to sign only once details were solid. Sales guy was very straightforward, didnt dodge any questions, so positive marks for him. The downside? * Advertised prices are non-negotiable "cash" prices * no optional $1400 surcharge for "antitheft device" on EVERY purchase, not included in stated price. Seems dishonest/misleading from a policy/advertising standpoint


Needs to Shut Down and Restructure Business Model.

Was interested in an uncommon car listed for sale on the website. On Sunday of that week I emailed the dealer asking if the car was still available and if I could make an appointment to test drive it. The responded Yes and when I would come in, I responded with Tuesday of that week (2 days in advance). Was told the car would be ready and taken care of. I emailed with a few follow up questions about who I was asking to speak to and what time was best for the dealer, I recieved no response. On Monday afternoon (about 3pm) I called the dealer and was told the car was still there and that my appointment was ready and that I could come anytime, and that if there were any changes to the car or appointment I would be notified. To me this is all normal and proper behavior for a used car dealership to exibit, given that buying a car is a big financial decisions for people like me who want to make sure they look at and drive the car before they buy.s Tuesday rolls around and me and my father drive the 60 mile mile to get to the dealer. Upon our arrival, we were greeted and when we inquired about the car, we were told it was sold the day before. The day I took off work was essentially a waste. A business that has the ability to communicate with a customer should do so. I understand they don't hold cars but an email saying so, to keep me from wasting my time, gas, and money does not take long to send. A car dealership in 2019 should be competent enough to manage appointments and at least be able to communicate with people who wholeheartedly want to give them business. I'm sure the guys are nice, but if you can't do the basic functions of a car dealership, then you shouldn't operate a car dealership.


Good Service

great customer service, everyone there helped me find what i was looking for, they didn’t pressure me into buying a certain car they were more than happy to show me a few cars and test drive them, i recommend this dealer better than other it’s not always you get service like they have there


Outstanding service

As soon as i called they picked up. Ceasar was professional and had a decent knowledge in regards to Manual vehicles. They were quick to answer my questions and were very respectful. I recommend this dealership if you want a good priced deal.


No representation

I called the Golden Auto Group to inquire about some vehicles they had posted up for sale. No answer after 3 calls. I went to Norco to their business location and it results they share facilities with Navi Exchange auto sales. I finally went inside to ask about Golden Auto Group and S. Nasri "tried" to help us by providing us with another number which I have called 3 times and gotten no answer from. Golden Auto Group had no representation and it was very inconvenient when I wasted my time trying to reach out to them. To note, I called them during regular business hours, on a weekday. Golden Auto Group could rebuttle my argument by saying that they are by appointment only, but how is that possible when they are unable to answer their phones? Unacceptable. They will not have my business and they don't deserve yours.

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