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About our dealership

This seller has been on since February 2016.
We are a family owned and operated pre-owned car dealership and service center. Our goal is to provide clean, late model, low mileage vehicles at the lowest prices in town. Many ask why our prices are so low. The answer is simple. We would rather have you as family forever than as a customer once.

We finance and offer extended warranties and also offer a fully licensed service department. Our shop is the cleanest around and offers top of the line equipment. Easily able to accommodate our customers, we have 2 hoists, a tire machine and balancer, scanner and much more. We offer quality service at a fair price.
We take care of our family by taking care of yours.

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Phone number (231) 640-2640

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(14 reviews)

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My original review received a response from Bart Lewis Owner of Grace Motor Mall. In his response he states PLEASE contact our service department to schedule an appointment looking forward to addressing your issues and assisting as soon as possible. I called to my surprise Bart answered the phone (I could not get him to call me back at all prior to my review.) I told him I received his response to my review stating to call for service. He said I told you to call service and get your car in. I said I'm sorry I must have misunderstood you, what is services phone # because I assumed it was this one that I just called. He said it is, let me remind you of what you seem to not remember from our last conversation. He proceeds to tell me something completely different. I said that's not what you said at all and I told him what he said to me. He says your yelling at me. I asked if he was really going to be decent about this or just wasting my time again. He says I obviously cant hear correctly and that I wrote a bogus review. I said you are belittling me again I can hear perfectly fine and I speak fluent English. He proceeded to be nasty telling me he had several people around him during our last conversation and I'm wrong. I said I had several people who were around me as well. I ended up hanging up at no point was he willing to schedule service for me , not once did he offer to schedule in fact he acted like I called the wrong # at the beginning of this conversation. He definitely was not looking forward to addressing any of my issues nor assist me. He only wanted to belittle me some more and tell me my review was bogus. That's a fact because that's exactly all he did.



5 minutes ago Worst vehicle I've ever owned .. services are probably one of the worst. Let's start I bought my truck less that a year ago apon purchase truck looked good and drove even better. One week later both front calipers locked up almost causing a accident took it in . They "found nothing wrong " took it back did the same thing 2 days later also battery kept dyeing. .. took it in once again grace said "no problems" sent me on my way.. breaks locked up on my way home and had it towed home.. had to take off both callipers myself and take them in to show them they were locked up to get new ones also put them back on myself ...still under warranty buy the way ... also still had the battery problem and found out the brand new clutch with less than 5k miles leaked ... to which they say is "my driving style". Ha.. sure .. take it in again for the battery turns out my headlight switch is causing the lights to come on when the truck is off ... they rig it so it doesn't do the flashing and tell me to come back in a week when they have the part in... one week later and only 50 miles out of my worranty.. they then tell my they can't fix my truck without $220 .. cause my truck is no longer under warranty. . Even though they knew of the problem when it was ..... so that's still red neck rig by them .. since then basically everything on the truck has started to leak .. fast forward to today I was loading some tools in the back and noticed the bed looked a little funny low and behold both front bed supports are rusted through and so I go to grace and state that with all these problems they should give a guy a break who bought this truck to get to work and it's been nothing but problems it's the least they could do he starts raising his voice I start raising mine they ask me to come into the office so the other customers don't here I refuse stating maybe they should here that's when I was told to leave the cops were being called and also the wonderful boy even walked me to my truck and got in my face once I was seated and started threatened me.... don't waste your time go elsewhere

Dealer response

First, we are sorry that you you were unhappy with your choice to purchase a 2009 pre-owned Ford Ranger. For the record, your purchase was almost a year and a half ago as you took delivery of it in the Spring of 2018. The vehicle was brought in to check the brakes, our service team found them to be in perfect working condition. We checked them yet again, some days later, and again found them to be in perfect working condition. The same held true for the battery when tested, and it started perfect on every attempt. Unfortunately, the rest of the allegations are nothing but untruths. We would never do the things mentioned above. Our reviews and 1000's of happy customers are a testament of this. We take these defamatory, intentionally misleading, statements very seriously, and will not have anyone impugn our character. The extended warranty that was purchased, expires on a predetermined date and has a mileage expiration that is stated on the contract that was signed at the time of delivery. Unfortunately, and characteristically, the Ford Ranger is known to have rust problems with the front bed supports, over the rear wheels, and with the rear shackles. Again, and unfortunately, this is very common on a 10 year old Ranger. Sadly, I must address the falsehoods regarding what took place at the dealership. First, not one employee ever raised their voice throughout the entire conversation. Mackenzie became very irritable, and began to raise his voice. He was politely asked to step into an office, refused, and then began screaming. Upon being told to leave, the screaming escalated as he exited the building, and continued to scream outside at customers. After returning into the building we had no choice but to contact the authorities to file a report. Lastly, and most important, the entire team here at Grace, has turned the other cheek, and hope to see you Mackenzie when you come in to continue taking advantage of your free lifetime oil changes. In addition, I look forward to personally speaking with you and assisting you with your needed repairs. Best regards, Bart Lewis


Best dealership in Northern Michigan!

This dealership literally has everything! From trucks to suvs and some cars. We were blown away by the customer service. We never felt like we were at a typical car dealership with the sleazy salesman. Bart and Kade were so laid back and nice. Thanks again guys!


Great customer service! No pressure!

We had a great experience at Grace. They have so many trucks and suvs to pick from. We really like how up front and honest they were. All of the vehicles have a warranty and i never felt pressured the whole time i was there. Will definitely be back!


Very happy!

We want to thank Grace Motor Mall for our new vehicle! We just love our new truck. Thank you guys for helping with the financing process and making everything so easy!


Had a great experience

Great customer service. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a clean vehicle. They are a family owned business and treat you like a normal person.


Best Dealership Ever!!!

Very personable staff. Extreamly welcoming and knowledgeable . Family owned and you can tell they're close and care a great deal about everyone who comes in. Im now a lifer , these guys are amazing!


Amazing Experience!!!!!!

This is the absolute best dealership I’ve ever experienced!!!! I cannot say enough good things about working with these guys! They definitely make you feel like part of the family as soon as you step through the door , going above and beyond it’s amazing. They’re nothing like other places I’ve experienced , it’s night and day ! They have some of the most beautiful vehicles, definitely well taken care of and you wouldn’t believe how amazing their priced at . These guys are truly a one of a kind dealership , I’m just mind blown . Ohhh!!!! And they have a full service department in the back with some of the best rates I’ve ever even heard of!!!! It’s insane !!! When I asked how they could do that , The response was that taking care of everyone back there was more important than anything , I wish I could wrap my arms around that whole building and just hug everyone there !!!! Truly an amazing experience, unforgettable . Long LiveThe Good Guys!!!!


Best used truck dealership in Norther Michigan

Love this place! Will definitely be back. Bart and Kade were great to work with! Very professional and amazing customer service. Thanks again for the truck guys!


Absolute Highest Regards

Had opportunity with other dealerships and was able to come here and get a no nonsense unpressured answer on options with absolute no pressure to buy.

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