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(17 reviews)

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Horrible Customer Service

Horrible Customer Service - Purchased a car from them, had issues with the car and after 2 months can't get anyone to call me back!!!



Thes3 people took a $500 down payment from me, sold the t 3rd uck out from underneath me, and are now withholding my down payment money from me enabling me to purchase another vehicle. This place and its staff are a joke. One of the employees when asked to speak with the owner actually replied with, " well you see that's kind of like asking to talk to God"! Lol!!! This dude....


Worst used car experience ever!

Terrible salesman and customer service! Went in at the close of business Saturday and left off that I would come back Monday at noon to discuss in more detail, vehicles that they had for sale but not yet on the lot. I met the owner, who showed me pics of one particular truck on his phone and said that he absolutley would have the kind of truck I was looking for. He gave me a great sales pitch and I left there feeling like they were literally the first dealership we had been to that actually seemed to give a xxxx about something other than their own convenience. I am embarrassed now to say that I could not possibly have been more wrong. Cut to today, Monday at noon, when I showed back up at the agreed time. The salesman literally didn't recognize me, even though I had spent over a half hour talking one on one with him barely 36 hours before! The same salesman who had implied that I didn't have the money to be car shopping by introducing, within the first 3 minutes of our initial conversation, how many people show up to look or test drive but that have no money. I felt awkward and compelled to explain that I was a cash buyer and as such, had the money for a full purchase. I thought it was weird at the time but brushed it off cuz I had just got there. Today when I came in, that same salesman had no idea who I was or why I was there. I told him then he proceeded to complain fairly obnoxiously about how icy it was on the lot and how no one had salted it. He complained several times about it, to more than one other employee there at the time, all the while literally doing nothing with me. Then not one but two other customers walked in, one who was there before me and one after, ut both not there in the office when I arrived. He helped them both while the whole time I'm just sitting there, looking like an idiot, being ignored, while other customers were seen to. I finally interrupted him with the second customer, who got there after me and who he was starting to engage with about a sale, to ask why that customer was being taken care of and I'm just sitting, as I came in for the exact same reason he did. He claimed he didn't know anything and that he thought I was waiting to speak with the finance person. Let me get to the heart of it. I met with, and had a detailed conversation on Saturday evening around 6pm with the salesman, and owner, where it was left off, after me repeating it more than once, that I would be back Monday around noon when we all had time to go over in more detail the trucks they had. When I got there, nobody had any idea at all why I was even there. In fact, he didn't even show me the one truck that actually was on the lot that they had briefly showed me Saturday but never finished up with. The irony is I actually liked that truck and was in a position to buy it on the spot today had that incompetent salesman showed the slightest interest in making a sale. His only focus was complaining about how dangerous it was for him, a 70 year old, to be out there. He complained to the other workers there loudly, and made it specifically about himself, even as he was completley ignoring me. Might've been nice if they were a little concerned about my safety or my ability to walk around on their lot... Clearly, he viewed me as just another ........ you can fill in your own expletive, they probably all fit! The owner looked me right in the eye, after it was made clear that I was a cash buyer, and assured me twice that he understood that $5,000 or more was a lot of cash for the average working man to come up with, and that it was a big deal to him, and that he took my business seriously. I walked in the door there with cold hard cash, because I let myself believe the word of a used car salesman, and walked out feeling belittled and humiliated, and that my sacrifice of saving thousands of dollars to pay in full wasn't worth xxxx. Pretty stupid of me, right???



Wont answer email, text, facebook and most of the time the phone. Finally received call back after two weeks. Didn't accept my offer and actually raised the price on the car by 200 bux. Actaully went out and put new numbers on the window and wanted to start renegotiating. Walked around back and they buy auction wrecks and redo the aesthetics and not the real damage....THIS IS THE PLACE THAT GIVES SHADY CAR LOTS A BAD RAP!


Great experience!

Everything went good. Nice people and easy process. They gave us a fair price for our trade and a good price on the vehicle we purchased. Thanks!


Bad deal

a lot wrong with every car ive looked at, the salesman was an xxx to deal with. I would be very aware before you buy. They sold my friend a car - 5000 car cost him 8 grand and the inspection they gave him was forged/false because i had it inspected as soon as we drove it off the lot and it failed.


Bought two!

Went in to buy one car and ended up buying two! Decent cars at a decent price! Everybody was friendly. Would by there again next time


2008 F150

Quick and easy. The longest wait was because they were busy with other customers. Sign of a reputable dealer. Truck was exactly as advertised and a great deal!


truck purchase

We went to look at a F 150 Harley Truck, very nice truck test drove it ask if they would fix the air conditioning, they fixed it and had it ready when we finished with financing, they also got our payment where we needed it, and the price was very competitive, would highly!!! recommend this dealership


Knowledgeable, went above and beyond

Great honest people, a rare find.. I wouldn?t go anywhere else! I?ll use them from now on. Very knowledgeable about t what they have and will be sure they get you in the best they have within your price range

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