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So happy with everything!

I traded in my 2017 Hyundai Sonata in hopes of getting an SUV. David Rolston made me feel relaxed and comfortable as soon as i walked in the door. He did everything in his power to make sure this process was as stress free as possible!

Dealer response

Thank you for your 5 star review! So glad to hear David was able to help you out


Poor customer service from the bottom to the top.

My son took his 2016 Silverado to Haley Chevrolet on Hull St. because the radio went blank and other parts of the interface equipment stopped working.Once he scheduled the appointment for them to look at it they told him it would be $135 to look at it.After calling tech support for info the tech told my son that his truck needed a new HMI unit.The service writer gave him a price over the phone and my son thought it was $99.80 for the part.He told them to get the part and fix the truck.About an hour after the part arrived, they call and say it is fixed.They tell him that he owes them $1212.40. He called me freaking out.I call and talk to the service writer and he tells me that he explained to my son the price up front and that he was ok with it.I asked him to tell me how much the price was. When he told me it sounded like $99.80 and I asked him to repeat it.He then told me it was $998.80 but he said it with the hundred in it this time and not just the numbers.I could see how my son would misunderstand they way it was presented to him.I did a quick google search for the part and found one for $286.I paid the $1212.40. What choice did I have?My son goes to pick up the truck and the battery is dead.The guy at the counter told him that they had left the doors open all day and had been in and out of it (without starting it).They jump the truck. My son drives it to the store then home. The next day he goes to start it and it's dead.He jumps it and goes on his way. He gets to where he is going and shuts it off.Two hours later it's dead. Service department was closed.He had to go to Advanced to get a new battery.Tested the battery and it had a bad cell. Battery was 5 years old but never showed any issues until it was left at the dealership. After recommending everything ( air filter, cabin filter, tire rotation, oil change, front end alignment transmission flush and def fluids) why not a battery?Monday morning the service manager Chris Seaver calls me to discuss my issue. I explained to him and questioned the part and the high markup which he replied that they were a business and making money was what they are supposed to do. I mentioned that it seemed that the part was marked up 200% which he laughed and said no in a smart xxx kind a way. So I move onto the battery and he told me that the life of a battery is roughly 48 months and that they did nothing to cause the battery to go bad (doors open and interior lights on don't count I guess).He said there was nothing he could do.I told him that I would never go there again,recommend anyone to go there,and that I was going social media to warn people. All of this was after he told me that the dealership had a 4.5 rating in reviews. He then tells me that I have him over a barrel and that he will give me half of the money for the battery. I say I don't have you over any barrel. I would think that you have me over a barrel since if I don't pay my bill I don't get my truck. I know that they are there to make money. As a service manager he has the ability to give someone a discount or money back to keep customers and customer satisfaction at a high rate. Not at this dealership. So the last kick in the gut was when my son went there to give them the receipt for the battery he was told by Chris Seaver that he would have to send a copy to corporate and that they would send him a check next week. Well he had to pay cash for the battery when he bought it so the truck would start. You cant tell me that they didn't have cash on hand. xxxx he could have gave him the money out of his pocket and let the dealership reimburse him for all I care. That would have been the right thing to do rather than inconvenience him even more. This dealership does not care about the customer. Its all about the money. I will be sending a letter out to the owners and corporate about our experience with them.I have never been so angry with a business as I am with this one.


Chevy experience

State inspection. No repairs needed. Free since I bought car there.


Poor quality control and customer relations

I purchased a used car from Haley Chevrolet on March 6 ,2021 with written agreement that the issues would be fixed , I dropped my vehicle off March 11 for repairs , was notified to come get it that all repairs were complete , I went to pick my vehicle up and didn’t make it out their parking lot due to the front end feeling like it was gonna fall out , the car stayed there and they ordered more parts , went to pick up second time and passenger front sounded like it was bottoming out , making a loud banging sound , car stayed their again , third time I go pick it up and the front end is popping so bad you can hear it over the radio , I was told by the service manager that I bought a used car and they would have some issues , car still not fixed !!! Transmission still has issues and front end

Dealer response

We sincerely apologize that you have had a negative experience with the service department at our Haley Chevrolet location. We would love to discuss this issue further with you. Please reach out to our service manager, Chris Seaver at cseaver@haleyauto.com at your earliest convenience


Oil Change

Professional and polite Service Writer and Staff.

Dealer response

Curtis, thank you so much for your 5-star review


Gary Rakes

Salesman was very friendly and knowledgeable. Good buying experience.

Dealer response

Gary, thank you for your 5-star review


Dealerships Don't Get Any Worse than Haley

I’d give Zero Stars if possible. Haley is a totally fraudulent, incompetent, and crooked operation. This is a “Cautionary Tale” if there was ever one. Bought a new GMC Canyon in 2006 at Haley on Midlothian. One of the inducements was “Tires For Life”. Got the Warranty Paper and everything. Just needed to have the required service performed at Haley. Took it in every time for required service. Pestered the Service Reps to fill out the Service Form in the Owner’s Manual for each service trip until after a couple of years they told me that there was no need as they kept complete computer records so I quite getting the Service Form updated. After five or six years my Wife took the truck in for State Inspection while I was out of town/state on business, and was told that the tires wouldn’t pass. She immediately pulled the “Tires For Life” warranty. The Service Rep then told her that all of the required maintenance had not been performed at Haley as indicated by the blanks in the Owners Manual. She told them that we were told that they were keeping computer records, but the Service Rep told her that the computer records were incomplete. My wife responded that she could go home and get the receipts for the service trips over the years. A Manager then appeared and told her the “Tires For Life” program had been discontinued and would not be honored, but he’d give her a special deal on a set of new tires. Wife thought that was a deal so she purchased a set $600 tires for nearly $900. What a rip off. When back in town, I spoke/ranted with the Service Manager but was told “Tough Cookies”. Totally stopped doing business with Haley. Last week discovered that the engine in the Canyon wouldn’t start; wouldn’t even turn over. The previous week we started looking for a replacement vehicle and planned to use the Canyon as trade in. Had the truck towed to local garage on Monday for repair. Discovered that the Starter was bad. Replaced the Starter, but discovered that the vehicle still wouldn’t crank. Mechanic didn’t have GM diagnostic gear, but guessed that it was something like the vehicle computer, ignition switch, etc. Pulled up Haley’s Web Page and got the posted numbered for the Service Department. Called multiple times, but kept getting the Voice Mail of what turned out to be a woman that handled service scheduling. After a couple of hours of no return calls, I went to the Haley web site and scheduled a service appointment for 2:00 PM on Wednesday. Got a confirmation email from Haley telling me that it was all set up with an entirely different phone number for the Service Department; appeared to be from the same woman with whom I had left multiple voice mail messages. Had the truck towed from the garage to Haley about 10:30/11:00 AM on Wednesday morning. Played “Phone Tag” with the Haley Service Rep for less than an hour, and was then told everything was set up once we finally talked. It’s now 6:00 PM on Friday afternoon and my poor Canyon Pickup Truck is still in Haley Service Department. I had to leave multiple voice mail messages on Wednesday afternoon, and all day Thursday and Friday with the Service Rep. Reading between the lines, it seems that the Service Department at Haley never looked at the truck until sometime late on Thursday. Was told that the ignition switch had a short, replacement cost of $350, but no guarantees that something else was going on. The technician would have to do fault tracing for an additional $250 if the ignition switch replacement didn’t solve the problem; I told the Service Rep to touch base with me for authorization before going into fault tracing. Low and behold a new ignition switch didn’t solve the problem. I subsequently authorized the fault trace about 1:00 PM Friday afternoon. I was told that it might be ready some time on Monday if they couldn’t complete it today. No word the rest of the afternoon. Wonder if my Canyon will ever see the “Light of Day"

Dealer response

Conrad, we apologize for any inconvenience. We will have a manager reach out to you as soon as possible. However, we have noticed that it seems that you posted your review at the incorrect dealership. We would greatly appreciate it if this review could be removed, as this scenario did not occur at our dealership. If you still feel the need to post a review please share on the correct stores profile. Thank you.


Corvette Sevice

I schedule my Corvette for service and State inspection. The appointment was handled well and was met by service advisor who communicated very well through the process. The work was completed timely and my car was in great shape when returned to me. Based on this I'll plan to use Haley again when time comes for additional service. They took care of me and more importantly my car which I really appreciate!

Dealer response

Tom, thank you for taking the time to review our dealership. We appreciate your 5-star review!


Never use Haley Chevrolet

Terrible service, I will never trust this dealership to touch my car again. I?m now questioning all their past work.

Dealer response

James, we are very sorry that you did not receive the level of service that we strive for all customers to receive when they enter our dealership. We would love the opportunity to discuss the issues that you had at our dealership as well as potentially earn back your trust. Please reach out to Service Manager directly at cseaver@haleyauto.com



great customer service and nice facility for waiting .. they do their best to look out for your needs

Dealer response

Thank you for your review! We appreciate your business and you taking the time to rate us.

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