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Are you wondering where is Hyundai of Seattle or what is the closest Hyundai dealer near me? Hyundai of Seattle is located at 14005 Aurora Ave N Seattle WA 98133. Our website is always open. On our website you can research and view photos of the new Hyundai models that you would like to purchase or lease. You can also search our entire inventory of new and used vehicles value your trade-in and visit our Meet the Staff page to familiarize yourself with our staff who are committed to making your visit to Hyundai of Seattle a great experience every ti We offer a full lineup of new Hyundai vehicles.
Owned and operate centrally located just off I-5 in North Seattle

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(224 reviews)

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My experience is solely based on an email conversation....

My experience is solely based on an email conversation. I had messaged about three different cars that had been placed on app. All of which, were “in transit” per and the company website. When asking about the cars, they could not initially find the record, provided the VIN, all cars had been sold, apparently sight unseen. They then offered to sell a higher model and a much higher cost. This is a classic bait and switch scheme. Entice you with a vehicle that is very affordable, it just happened to be sold the day before, try to up sell to what they have in stock. I don’t trust Hyundai of Seattle and will not do business with them. I get that cars get sold all the time. But three, newly listed, vehicles in transit? Come on.

Dealer response

Hello, Due to inventory shortages amidst increased demand has caused our vehicles to sell much faster than most people think. Many of our in-transit middle and lower trim units are sold long before they arrive because of this demand. This is not intended as a "bait and switch" tactic by our Sales team by any means and we do apologize if it came across this way. We do hope that we get the opportunity to earn your business in the future and appreciate you taking the time to provide your honest feedback. If you would like to, you can reach our General Manager, Thi, by phone at (206) 418-5068 or by email at


Great staff throughout the facility

own the store and I can say that I have the best staff in my career! The store is winning awards from Hyundai in sales and service for customer satisfaction.


I don't post bad reviews for somebody unless line is...

I don't post bad reviews for somebody unless line is crossed. I want to bring to everybody's notice that the experience I had at this dealership was horrible. In particular the Salesperson named Sa’Ad Hussein was really disrespectful. I know that cars sales people use many tricks but this person pushed us to the limits. All he wanted was to make a sale without caring about customer. He didn’t know or was not ready to talk about different models of the car we wanted. He was so pissed on our queries and also lied on multiple occasions just to make a sale. Dealership has awarded him Salesperson of the month so that talks volume. On complaining to the senior management, I didn’t see them taking it seriously so they don’t care. I recommend to stay away from this dealership and suggest Hyundai of Kirkland. They are the best people in business. I eventually purchased car from them.


I wanted to love this place. The car I got was a great...

I wanted to love this place. The car I got was a great price (although the car WAS falsely advertised at a price that they were initially unwilling to sell the car for). My salesperson was great INITIALLY. However, after I took the car home, I noticed that when the car was being detailed prior to me driving it off the lot, someone scratched the paint on the back emblem while attempting to remove the plastic wrap. I called and voiced my concerns, and it was arranged that I would get an estimate on the repairs and the dealership would pay for it. This was great, and I was happy. However, it is now over 1 month later since I bought my car, and my car is still not fixed. It took several weeks for the salesperson to "talk to his manager" and "talk to Ford" about the estimate. He tried multiple times to get me to drive to Seattle for the repairs (I live over 250 miles away and work 6-7 days a week, which I told him multiple times), and I kept explaining why I couldn't. He called me the other day and told me to call Ford and have them bill Hyundai. I told him multiple times that I could not have Ford do that and that he would have to do it himself. He kept insisting I call Ford. He eventually said, "do not press me. I am working for YOU and helping YOU." I contacted the dealership via email later about my plates and mentioned that it seemed as though my salesperson didn't want to help me while on the phone, and my salesperson proceeded to text my phone (since we had not been conversing through official routes of communication such as the company phone or his company email, which I would have preferred) and tell me that he was not unkind on the phone but if yelling at him made me feel better, then he was happy for me. I felt that this was very unprofessional. In the same text, he told me my plates were mailed to me; however, someone from the dealership called me today and said they had not been mailed yet even though he told me they were mailed out 2 days ago. On the same phone call, I mentioned the unprofessional text message the salesperson sent to me, and she said, "Oh yes. That is Sa'ad." I got the impression this is not the first time he unprofessionally communicated with customers. I only give the dealership 2 stars because of the lady that called me today. She was nice and willing to help me. I have been patient for over a month waiting for my car to get fixed, and my car is not even scheduled to get fixed for another month or so. Additionally, no rental has been arranged for me whether it be in through the dealership or a second party rental company. I was welcomed to drive to Seattle AGAIN to get a rental though free of charge. Lucky me. I would reach out to the sales manager if I thought they would even care about my subpar service from my salesperson.

Dealer response

Hi Tori, We appreciate that you were able to give us this feedback on our sales staff so that we know where we have room for improvement and apologize that this was not handled with expedited care to ensure that you had this repair completed. We will counsel Sa'ad on this type of interaction so that this does not continue with future customers. I have spoken with Vancouver Auto Group's Body Shop and have confirmed that they have an open appointment for you pending a back-ordered part coming from Hyundai to complete the repair. We have paid for this repair in full on your behalf and again want to apologize for us not having the chance to resolve this while you were here at our store. In regards to your license plates, I confirmed with our administrative team that they were sent and delivered on 2/11/2021 and marked delivered at 2:22pm that day by the delivery driver. Please let us know if these did not arrive so that we can investigate this further. Never hesitate to reach out to our management staff! We are here to ensure that things like this are resolved promptly and with the level of care and expertise you've come to expect. Below you will find all of the contact information you may need moving forward, please let us know if there's anything else that we can do to help. Talon Amsbaugh - Marketing Director (206) 362-9500 ext 2333 Thi Nguyen - General Manager (206) 701-6536 ext 5068 David Granger - General Sales Manager (206) 362-9500 ext 5071 Thank you, Talon Amsbaugh - Marketing Director & The Hyundai of Seattle Management Team


I had a wonderful experience buying a pre-owned truck...

I had a wonderful experience buying a pre-owned truck here. Mustaf is assisting me still to see that every thing I want is taken care. I truly appreciate the customer service I am receiving. This is the 2nd time I have bought a car from Hyundai and I am grateful also for the warranty! This has been a 5 star experience for me! Thank You Hyundai! Thank you Mustaf. I will continue to come back. :) Amber Hall


We called and spoke with Cedric. He provided the...

We called and spoke with Cedric. He provided the information we asked for. When we arrived he had the two vehicles waiting for us. Cedric was pleasant to work with and worked hard for us to make the deal we wanted. We ended up purchasing tje vehicle we wanted. Thank you Cedric


I cant even give 0 star to this place , Even in covid...

I cant even give 0 star to this place , Even in covid they do not care about hygiene plus They don't care about scheduled meeting either , I had appointment with Ashley who wasn't even there when reached there , I had to talk with Les who was really rude about selling the car and when I show about agreed price he declined to comment on final pricing and was like come in evening we will discuss pricing , I am never coming to such dealership and may be never buying Hyundai car. And let me quote Ashley from email : "We never lose business over price though so I am sure if you come in and decide that you like the vehicle and want to take it home we can come to an agreement." This was the worst possible sales meeting.

Dealer response

Hi Parin, We're sorry that Ashley was not available during your appointment time, she is a very hard worker and is constantly moving but does do her best to say "Hello" to all of her customers while they are here. Your scheduled appointment; however, is always with one of our Product Specialists who handle the sales process with our customers. Unfortunately, until we are able to confirm that you qualify to receive a specific price we cannot provide any guarantees on final pricing. Our General Manager David has reached out to try and earn your business, but if there is anything further we can do please let us know. Send a message to: Thank you, ~ Hyundai of Seattle Management Team


Out of State, Sonata Hybrid

Bought a car from out of state and process was seamless and they were willing to help. I can’t wait to receive my vehicle. Can’t wait to have my Sonata Hybrid. Texas Hyundai dealers don’t order enough hybrids!

Dealer response

Hi Mark, We appreciate the kind words and positive review of our dealership. It's customers like you that remind us why we do what we do, even from across the country! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to recommend our dealership.


Very deceptive advertising

Prices are contingent on the customer using their financial institutions and having a certain type of trade-in. Essentially, they'll give you a good price if they can rob you on your trade and finance you at a high-interest rate. This place was a waste of my time. If you take them at their word, you'll get robbed.

Dealer response

Hello Nick, You are correct, all of our online prices are contingent on our customers qualifying for our discount programs. These programs include a $1,500 Preferred Lender discount and a $1,500 Trade-In discount. Every customer can receive these discounts with the understanding that they will need to trade in a vehicle model year 2008 or newer, in good or better condition, with less than 100,000 miles and they acquire financing through one of our many lenders. Lots of times the available rebates/incentives from the OEM also require that you finance with them to receive these rebates. We have simply followed this standard with our discounts. We apologize if this wasn't communicated better during your visit and will make sure to meet with each of our Sales team to make sure they are having this conversation with our customers. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to leave us this review, your honesty helps us address issues like this and we appreciate the feedback. We would like to learn more about your particular experience, please reach out to our General Manager, Thi, by phone at (206) 418-5068 or by email at Alternatively, you can contact our management team by sending an email to


Saad was great. He helped me great the best price...

Saad was great. He helped me great the best price possible on the car. He is very polite and I am grateful he assisted in my first car purchase

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