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We house over 200 economic cars trucks and SUV's to sportive extravagant automobiles. 100% guaranteed credit approval with interest rates as low as 2.99%
We offer a loyalty advantage benefits package that sets us apart from any other dealership on the East Coast all the while saving you money and time! We extend our services by shipping national and internationally. If we don't have a particular vehicle with the options and packages you need and want we will be happy to locate it within 48 hours. Please call us today and get started on your Pre-Approval!
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(48 reviews)

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I promise you - do not bring your business here

Horrible shop that will literally just steal your money... do not visit this establishment if you're looking to actually buy a car the right way.


Cliche nice people though BS car dealership.

I went there to see a car. Every question was answered with a "No, unless the previous owner knew about it but we don't know anything about it". All excuses and cliche answers and sales empty meaningless BS. Car was resprayed... Careful if you go on a Friday, they might want to leave early and not take care of you


Be Prepared For The Usual BS. Better Yet, Don't Go

I purchased a vehicle from here in July 2021. I scheduled a day/time to test drive it. A nice sales guy went on the test drive with me and let me take my time. It was immediately obvious that new brakes were needed. Also, a rear turn signal lens was damaged (no accidents), and the car was overdue for inspection. We get back from the test drive to discuss numbers. I already had financing through Capital One Auto Navigator, which is how I found the car, since this dealer participates. They tried to tell me that an additional $2,500 would be added for prepping the car and completing any needed repairs. This was not advertised anywhere (I saved their webpage) and wasn’t mentioned on the phone or in person until after the test drive. Meanwhile, maintenance/repairs were needed and the car had a basic detail, at best. What a crappy sales tactic. So, all your negotiating is done to remove that fictitious fee and then pay full price. The market was insane and even at full price it was appropriately priced, so I purchased. Then after I left I received a call from Mary Jane at East Coast saying that my Capital One loan was not approved (I already had the approval email) and that I would need to finance through Ally for 3% more. I called Capital One and they told me that East Coast never even submitted paperwork. When I questioned her she claimed she did. Continued calls to both parties proved she did not. After threatening to cancel the purchase the fax machine magically started working. Ended up replacing brake pads and fixing the turn signal myself. I’m very happy with my vehicle but would not buy here again and can’t recommend it. Shame on East Coast for their shady sales strategies and shame on NJDCA for allowing these practices to continue. Not advertising the actual cost of something you’re selling is fraudulent.


Love the Car, Dealer not So Much

While I absolutely LOVE my new vehicle, this dealership is SERIOUSLY lacking in customer service and after-sale follow through. I have had to now call repeatedly to find out where my plates are for over two weeks. They tried to hit me for an additional $15 Fedex charge to ship me my plates after they told me when I purchased that they would be mailed to me free of charge and also after they charged me a $500 Dealer Doc Fee, which is what is used to pay for a myriad of things such as:...shipping your customer their plates after the sale.


AVOID at all costs

Top notch worst dealer, had an issue with my keys that wouldn't work, they tried to replace with an old battery, knew it didn't work still and left my car on so I wouldn't notice, misspelled my name on my paperwork. charged me for a price I did not agree on and tried to explain in a confusing manner until I actually sat and read all the numbers. my plates will expire in 3 days and they cannot give me any information. I read this in other reviews and didn't listen on how messy they are. Avoid them if you can I suggest. If I could return my car I would in a heartbeat.


Avoid attempting to use KBB instant cash offer

My Recommendation is to AVOID this dealership for KBB Instant Cash Offers. Went through KBB’s cash offer service they placed me in contact with East Coast Auto Group. Scheduled an appointment for them to check out my vehicle and for them to accept the cash offer or submit a counter offer. After management reviewing the vehicle they submitted their offer to KBB which was $3,000.00 below the instant offer, I instantly received their submission to KBB via email. At this point they have not yet told me what they were going to offer me and I do not think they knew that I received their submission to KBB. Around 20 minutes later they told me their offer which was 5k less then the instant cash value in which they came to this amount due to minor scratches on the vehicle paint. The manager then told me that my vehicle was involved in 2 accidents which is how they came to their offer. I requested to see the Carfax to verify the vin and the information to ensure accuracy. I was able to verify the vin but not the accidents because he kept shaking the phone around. I then requested for the manager to email me a copy of the report. He sent an email but there was nothing in it. He mentioned that he has been selling cars for a long time and urgently told me that my vehicle is depreciating in value. I acknowledged and mentioned that the vehicle was in one accident prior to myself purchasing it, which shows on the vehicle CARFAX. I have copies of the CARFAX reports which shows a minor accident that was fixed 3 months later. I purchased a newer updated record on the vehicle which confirms the vehicle was only involved in 1 minor accident on the front drivers side fender/bumper. The manager intentionally attempted to mislead me in order to negotiate an extremely low offer. I normally give businesses the benefit of the doubt but this dealership was egregiously dishonest. I really hope any consumer that goes through East Coast Auto educates and researches any and all information pertaining to the sale/trade-in or purchase of a vehicle from this company. As an end note, I will no longer use KBB’s instant cash offer service nor recommend it to anyone.


(Buyer beware)do not get catfished

I know prices look good but your being catfished there going to lie cheat and steal your money. And definitely don't buy out of state there going to make you wait 3months with a temporary plate its only good for 30day then they will not fix your car under 30day lemon law lot of loop holes (I never do reviews but this one I had to didn't want them to get away with murder)please look at reviews and not the fake ones this place should be shut down already told well Fargo. BBB.attorney general office. There going to lie to you about every thing till you sign your loan amount. And wont fix nothing in your car so please please please do not buy any cars from this company


Bad Customer Service

Bad Customer Service, I bought a car with multiple problems that I was unaware of, and was disappointed the first week, then was told by the dealership I would have to pay for the repairs, that I was unaware the car needed when I bought the car for $5000,, and after multiple calls no one respond or return my calls, I had the bring the car back and show up at their showroom and leave the car another week, this is after I had it towed and also had no key given for gas tank, unbelievable! BBB will hear about this, since I don't think it falls under the Lemon Law!



Very disappointed. I put a deposit down on a vehicle and they sold it despite ensuring me the car was mine and would not be sold.... Currently working on getting my deposit back during lunch break while at work caring for sick patients - Thank you East Coast!


Very disappointed

I think good reviews, they write themselves .very unpleasant was the experience of buying a car in this dealership Not recommend

Dealer response

Alex, At East Coast Auto Group every customer is considered family. I'd like to know more about your experience being that we have no recollection of any bad situations happening. Please feel free to call us as we would like to rectify any issue that may have occurred. 201-984-1200 x 203.

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