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Bait and Switch!

The car I was interested in had a sticker on the window that said there was a 3 month power train warranty on the car. It wasn’t until AFTER I bought the car that they told me that they will not honor it. They removed the sticker while I was doing the paperwork. I asked to see it and they flat out lied to me saying they didn’t know where is was. This was even though they had removed it five minutes before. Terrible place to do business! It’s a shame when businesses like this won’t test their customers fairly.


Wonderful Experience

Very kind and courteous staff. Randy was very helpful. I will be back for my next vehicle purchase in the future. This process was very simple and quick.


Great experience overall.

I drove by to randomly check the place out and ended up buying a truck! I appreciate Angel Romero he was kind & helpful, thank you.


Very Stressed Out

I had the worst experience with this store I usually buy Chevy's but decided to switch my selection I had a recall on my car for a motor first of all my car seat on the lot for two months with the keys in the front seat the whole time the service manager (Shonna)was saying my car was in line to be fixed two months later I called they said my vehicle never made it to them and for me to report my car stolen it was there the whole time then it was there another month my son went to see what was going on November 5th my car doors were open and my hood so he asked them why my doors where open the service manager said it shouldn't be like that but he took pictures Jenny told me not to expect a miracle so it was there another month never touched then I had a call late November telling my I need a starter I had a warranty it was just replaced before they received my car so that wasn't it then Shonna the service manager said it was the battery I bought my battery a couple months before then I had a call telling me my car was ready I pulled out of the parking lot and got maybe a half of block it shut off on me then I called that Friday and Shonna said it was my transmission I never had transmission problems before but she was rude and not friendly the whole time I had to deal with her I've never been treated like this over my car and I haven't been able to drive my car since it's been gone since August 4th I just paid $250 to get it back to Kentucky from Illinois I still owe on this car making payments every month for something I can't drive I'm very unhappy and I Pray for all those rude people cause this is new to me and I never experienced this


Brenden Whiting was the best!

I bought a Sportage from Brenden Whiting today. From start to finish it was flawless! He listened to my requests and wants and followed through flawlessly! I am a professional working woman, with little time, and Brenden was spot on ! This means a ton to me! Thank you Brenden, and thank you Stovesand for hiring this great young man!


Mike G

We purchased a 2021 Kia Sorento last Saturday at Larry Stovesand Kia in Carbondale. We were quite pleased with the entire process. T sales staff was friendly and courteous/ Our sales person is Jerod Sanders, whom recommend highly . We have not had to use the service or parts departments yet, so I can't comment on them , but I'm sure they are good.


Buyer Beware.

We purchased a 2019 Dodge Challenger. The front end was poorly repaired. 1. A) Front facia has a large chip down to the white plastic. B) Front facia is distorted leaving a 1/2" gap to the passenger front fender. C) Obviously, this vehicle was in a minor frontend collision which necessitated a paint respray of the frontend. The spray job was poorly executed resulting in fairly heavy paint run offs. 2. Passenger upper door pillar was damaged with what looks like an attempted break in. Henceforth, upper door roofline has a fairly large and noticeable crease in the metal. 3. Doorguard(Lip) on both doors have been repainted with a very noticeable tape line transition. 4. Key fob shortage, usually when buying new or newer used cars ie 2019 model year with lower mileage, you would expect 2 key fobs. This was not the case as this car only came with 1.


Angel Romero was an excellent salesman

Angel was wonderful got what we were wanting at a great price even traded my vehicle in on my new one Will definitely recommend this place 100percent satisfied thank you



I'm writing this review to make one name well known his name is Angel Romero and was the pinnacle of what a real sales associate should be !!!! A little over a year ago me and my future wife had a pretty horrible buying experience with larry stovesand we bought a 2008 landrover that appeared as a great vehicle but come to find out less than two weeks later every thing the original salesman told us was completely BShe told us that the vehicle had been completely checked out and was certified good to go . We shortly found out that that was a complete lie that facility didn't even have the equipment to do the job !!!! So after about 2,200.00$ later the vehicle was just a sub par money maker for the salesman . In the 6 to 8 months that followed my wife tried everything she could to get upper management to understand and accept that they had sold a le.on but nobody would listen or do anything about it and when you hand a business 10,000 cash you would think somebody would !!!! I had givin up but finally a small but very bright shining light took it upon himself to listen and his name is Angel Romero!!! He listed stayed in touch and convinced us to come back in and see if we could solve the problem which is more than anyone else ever tried to do eventhough we were at a Los of thousands of dollars he made a real difference in our most recent transaction he was very kind ,polite, well poised and a man that was much more trustworthy and we walked out with a great vehicle at a decent price. I was most of all impressed with his great attitude he didn't make us feel like we were just a problem in his day he actually called us to come in to the dealership to fix this ongoing problem when he didn't have to!!!!! Why he is not in a management position I really dont know but he should be!!!!!!! And in conclusion Mrs fail in the finance department is wonderful as well she took the time to explain all of our options to us she is a wonderful lady !!!! Whatever you do if you visit this dealership in my opinion do not request JHON he never seemed to understand that when you buy a vehicle it hauls your most precious cargo being children and or anything else atleast ANGEL ROMERO dose because he is a family man!!!!!


review for Oba

very straight forward no confusion easy to work with. Friendly and comfortable service. I am thankful to receive such help, and feel that he did his best to assist me in getting a car.

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