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Failure to pay

There thieves they add road hazard insurance and don't tell you then if you have a problem they don't pay. (Don't buy from here) they will not return your calls and kia motors won't do anything either


2021 leaking oil after 7 days owning. 1000 miles

Second Brand new KIA....so wanted to leave a good review. Bought a brand new 2021 forte last week. Sales team was amazing. Today there was a huge oil puddle under my brand new (400 miles) KIA. My husband called obviously upset and was told he could bring car in maybe for a service tomorrow by phone girl. He told her its a brand new car and we needed this taken car of right away. How does this even happen? Was transferred to some dude after that who had TERRIBLE customer service....JUST AWFUL.... Unconcerned that there was this huge of an issue and completely apathetic leaving us scrambling to figure out a work ride situation and a way to drop off the car at 10 am the next day WITH NO LOANER. No apology, no attempt to figure out how to best make things ok. I called back to see what the deal was and told there was no manager to speak to by the phone girl, but suddenly one just happened to walk in .....and then was hung up on 3 times before being connected to a him. When he answered the phone after my third call back, he said he was Jeff Murray and he was a manager and he had previously spoken to my husband. But the phone girl said he had just walked in? He was TERRIBLE....THE WORST. Jeff Murray was an unprofessional, unknowledgeable, rude and condescending jerk who failed to have decent customer service. We ended up dropping our BRAND NEW 2021 FORTE off as its was LEAKING oil out and upon entering he came up to us, had to be asked if he was the guy on the phone and DID NOT APOLOGIZE. He was short, rude and dismissive. When I asked for his managers name he REFUSED to tell me. I am considering just returning the car entirely and not even giving them a chance to see what is going on. He told me "Were done talking about this" and that was the end of his wonderful demeanor, completely unapologetic.... Took my keys and said someone will call us tomorrow. Needless to say I am contacting KIA corporate office to complain about him. My husband and I have been in the dealership 3 times in the last week since buying the car to get various accessories (floor mats). Each time was very nice. The moment something goes wrong I have to deal with Jeff Murray THE WORST "Manager" In the world. negative 1700 stars for him. Jeff Murray, I am reporting you and your terrible, dismissive behaivour. SO UNPROFESSIOAL. The only thing you managed to do was not make what could have been a bad situation better, but making it even more terrible and unimaginable. thanks for not putting my mind at ease, my brand new car is sitting in the repair shop not even a week after buying and we were just treated like complete garbage for trying to get it figured out. All he had to say is "Im sorry, sometimes parts are faulty from the factory", or "Im sorry, its completely under warranty so we will get it figure out". Instead he had an attitude like I somehow id something wrong for expecting decent customer service in a terrible situation.


Sportage LX

Good service and sale's. And everyone was great. They got me in the car I wanted. Help with the loan. They great to the remote start in to.


You need new Tv my eyes sore all blue colors scree

Very lousy car wash all soapy on my car.this is every time oil change then car wash looks awful! Go get different car wash. Need something improvement.



Bought a Kia Soul for well over the price of the value of the car, and it came with issues. Service report from Scott Steinke said fully checked out. But within 9 days my check engine light came on, and upon inspection found a giant rat nest. The critter(s) had been in there long enough to eat through wires, harnesses, and cause about $7,400 in damage (this would total the car through insurance)! I took it back and they wrote, on a sticky note, the issues wrong and verbally told me how much to fix. They refused to give me any print out, they refused to fix the issue and told me to file an insurance claim. Had a friend call for me and spoke with the GM. He said bring it back and they would fix everything. There for a week and when I got it back they put on new wire connectors, taped the wires, but did not do the expensive part of the fixes required, they did not fully clean out the nest from the engine and transmission, and left me with an issue that will cost more than the car to fix! All because I am 21? All because I am a kid? Untrustworthy! They even let Scott, the person that lied on the inspection report, do the fix work. Really?

Dealer response

There seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding. You paid over $1500 less than NADA retail value for this vehicle. The mouse nest was also clean and free of dirt which it would not be had it been there when it was on our lot. We fixed it for you anyway because we value our customers. If there is any further assistance you need feel free to reach out to us (608)743-9600



I wrote a review before about a problem with the coating on my car. I showed a salesperson (I'll call him "Spikey) and he said he would have the service department call me Monday. I showed the problem to Spikey Saturday. Great I thought. A week an a half went by. Finally, getting a little testy, I went to the dealership. It turned out that "Spikey" Well, they got my Soul in and reapplied the finish to my satisfaction. So, the service ended up being alright. BUT, here is my problem with the dealership--the attitude in general is just too casual for an old gent like me. I don't hear many of the staff saying "yes, sir" or "no, maam." That's most likely because, from what I saw, there are no older salespeople. While I will admit that my service problem was solved to my satisfaction, the experience was not the best. It should be noted that when I first spoke to "Spikey" he never wrote anything down. That might explain things. A pad of paper and a pen would go a long way.


Bad news

bought used van As is does not mean not safe!!!!! No rear breaks driver side wheel bearings shot, no horn !!!! They could not legally have sold this van in Illinois as it was not safe to drive. If I could give them a negative 5 stars I would. Worst dealer ever.


Don't Go Here

I went to these guys because I had a good experience two years ago. This time was an absolutely horrible experience. From the distracted salesperson, to the mistakes on the paperwork, to the bait and switch on the financing to the ridiculous egos of Chad and Karl, I will never go back and will be sure to tell everyone I know this is not a dealership that can be trusted.


New Car Experience

I would like to thank Salesman Tristan N. with Janesville Kia for a pleasurable experience when purchasing our 2020 Kia Sportage. This young made the car buying chore “Great Again,”... Tristan listened to what was important to my wife and made the car buying experience a pleasure.... Thank you to Tristan and the group at Janesville Kia.


Terrible car buying experience

Terrible car buying experience. The guy who took us on the test drive and initiated the sale was great, but the rest of the staff including the sales manager was terrible. First of all, be prepared to be hounded to run a credit check. Despite being told I am pre-approved they insisted multiple times that they can get me a better deal if I just let them run a credit check to a “few” lenders. Even going so far as to print out paperwork from my own banks website to try. Second, be prepared to negotiate $900 in fees, with 300 being labeled as “accessories” despite no actual accessories being installed on the vehicle. Third, I agreed to pick up the vehicle at 4:30 the following day, they had an entire day to send the purchase agreement to the bank, which didn’t receive it until 5:15, despite having 3 different people call me to make sure I am coming. Fourth, when finding out they won’t get the sale for this month since they were late sending the agreement, they begged me to come down and sign partially blank paperwork before full payment. I was told when I return the next day they would have all copies of full paperwork available. Because of the misleading fees and me going out of my way for them to get the sale on time it was agreed that I would be compensated with a full tank of gas. Last but not least, I return the following day with my check, they told me no paperwork was available because it was mailed to me and gave me crap for asking for copies. Apparently they can’t give me copies because they were already mailed. (What kind of dealer can’t print out copies?). Best of all, I start up my car and it’s on complete empty. I will never be returning to your dealership and I will be warning everyone I talk to about this terrible experience. By the way, this is also supposed to be the “new management”. They haven’t improved.

Dealer response

Pat, As the new General Manager of Janesville Kia I apologize to hear of your experience. If you could reach out to me at (608)743-9600 at your earliest convenience I'd be happy to try to make things right.

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