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This seller has been on since January 2020.
Our company is called "Auto Nerd." We specialize in "new car trade ins." We look for 1-2 owners vehicles with documented service histories and Car Faxes. We allow you to take the cars to mechanics and even keep them overnight! We are easy to deal with and family owned and operated. We charge ZERO extra fees! Please give us a chance to prove we are a great resource for high quality cash cars!
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(69 reviews)

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Terrible, dishonest, still owe me money

Lied about inspection process they put the cars through, car died almost immediately. They did repairs without my permission with broken parts which immediately broke again. Worked out a deal to trade the junk car they sold us for a different car, although we still lost a ton of money in the process and then they failed to hold up their end of transferring the warranty that we purchased through them. A YEAR later and they still owe us $256 and that number is growing because they refuse to call me back to cancel the second warranty now that we have sold the second car. I don't know if these people are completely incompetent or negligent, but either way stay as far away from these people as possible.


dont waste your time

We drove 2.5 Hours and nothing! Empty parking lot - we couldn't locate the place We tried to call and know one answered the phone. Don't waste your time!


Experience was good no issues so far.

Overall experience was good. Called about 2010 Cadillac CTS before going to see it. The car was available and there when I got there. Test drove for awhile and was provided a Carfax prior to buying. I had the opportunity to completely check out before buying. It’s been 2 weeks and still no issues so far.


Increased sale price and Lied about engine light

LIERS and SCAMMERS! First, when I arrived after driving 4.5 hours the vehicle was not there. After waiting an hour for the vehicle I test drove and no engine light. During the signing of the paperwork the rep increased the sales price and told me she had to increase it by law. This prompted me to look closer to find there was a recall on this vehicle that she indicated that she knew nothing about. Ok, no problem I'll take it to the dealer and take care of it. Since I drove very far for the vehicle, I finally agreed to the up-charge of the sales price. Then, I leave with the vehicle just to run out of gas and had to walk back to the dealer shop. They bring the gas and I proceed to the gas station where I put $30 in the tank. After leaving the gas station the ENGINE LIGHT comes on. After a call to the bank and my attorney, I take the vehicle back and was threaten that they don't have to fix or take the vehicle back. The rep told me the light was on because of the recall. However, she initially indicated she didn't know there was a recall, nor was the light on during my initial test drive. This is a clear indication that the engine light must have been reset before my test drive, but after a few miles the light will come back on after it was reset if the problem isn't fixed. I finally, I got $400 of the $500 I put down and still waiting on the $100 from the debit car. That I am monitoring closely. And the rep forcefully said she would not reimburse me for the gas that I put in the vehicle. The next day they placed the vehicle back online $1600 OVER the original price. I screenshot both prices and the original add indicating no engine lights on the vehicle. This company is HORRIBLE. You may need an attorney.


Great little treasure in downtown Greenwood!

I went on Facebook Marketplace looking for a Mini Van for my family. I called and ran into these guys.. I was a little unsure because the price seemed lower than normal. I got there and was greeted by a guy named Marcus, he was very friendly and informative. I took the car to Firestone for an inspection and it all checked out! Marcus handed me the carfax with no questions asked. This is a great hidden spot with an amazing selection of used vehicles at Private party prices. Would recommend to anyone.


junk car lot

We have “shopped” this lot a few times. Unless you are looking for clunkers that nobody else at the auction would take, skip this place. Most of the cars these guys offer are in lousy condition. The listings always make them seem like good, clean, cars. Then you go look at them and are dumbfounded that they could call the car great condition.


Shady business

This place is shady. I should have known better. I had a bad feeling but we really liked the car. They gave us two car fans for our car. One ended up being for a dodge caravan which wasn’t what we bought and after we got the car home the car told us the key was damaged when we would put it in the ignition. They did nothing to help us. Spent $5,000 and within 24 hrs had a vehicle we couldn’t drive.

Dealer response

Annie, I'm unsure why you have posted this bad review. I am the Store Manager at the Greenwood location. This is the location where you made the purchase. I have heard nothing about this situation until your bad review here on I would love the opportunity to help make this right for you, but you have not given me the chance. This is a very unfair review when you haven't even asked me to do anything for you yet? Since you left the review on January 7th, 2020 I have call multiple times and left messages. I have not received a call back or even a text back. Again, I would love the opportunity to help you guys, and I'm always willing to do what's right for our customers but, you have not given me that opportunity when you haven't called me or my store and asked for help and you haven't answered or returned any of my phone calls. Please contact me soon! My cell number is in your phone and on your voicemail. The Greenwood store number is 317-908-6006. We operate Monday-Saturday 9AM-7PM.


Sold me a completely unsafe vehicle

Sold me a vehicle that was totaled and completely unsafe to drive before I even drove it off the lot. Frame was so rotted the rear suspension was no longer attached to the frame. $7k repairs needed for a $6800 truck. I drove it around for 5 weeks before i realized and the multiple shops I got estimates from told me the rear axle could have fallen right off the truck at any moment. They DO NOT have a mechanic look at the vehicles before sale. They are NOT responsive to problems. I spent days going back and forth between the two locations and leaving voicemails before they finally got back to me with an answer. Not even an apology, let alone any sort of attempt to make it right. These frauds will do anything to get you to take a hunk of junk off their lot, and your safety is NOT their concern. Completely negligent auto dealer I would not trust them with anything.


Waste of a trip!

Drove over an hour to look at a car that was promised to be in fantastic shape, In his words “best car on the market”. I get there and I can’t believe I’m even looking at the right car. Beat up, rusted, hail damage, filthy seats. So he begins to tell me for $500 he can fix it up ... Total waste of time, spend a total of 3 min looking at the garbage. Auto-nerd.. says a lot...


purchase experience

Bought a Mitsubishi convertible for my daughter, or rather co-signed for her. the overall experience was good and the car was as advertised. We had to buy a battery on the way home but knew that before hand. It's been about 3 months and she is very pleased with her car. I would recommend this dealership based on our experience

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