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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(70 reviews)

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At home Roadside Assistance...

My recent flat was a reason to test Subaru Roadside Assistance. My Outback was picked up from my home and delivered to the dealership on a Roll-back. The Service Department took great care to make a replacement tire match the other three tires. The result was worth the wait! The service staff were polite and efficient, as always.


Olive's First Check-up...

I took my Subaru Outback XT for its first check-up today. The friendly staff went out of their way to make me feel welcome and to make me feel good about buying a Subaru! I'm sold on the service and the Subaru!


From sales to service, this is the Subaru dealership to...

From sales to service, this is the Subaru dealership to go to. I recently purchased tires for one of my Subarus that I bought from here. The price was competitive compared to other local tire specialty shops. These people are professional, polite, and the service was performed quickly.


Just would like to say this is strictly for the service...

Just would like to say this is strictly for the service department! Mindy is a xxx I took my car in April to get a diagnosis due to my transmission having problems… I finally took it back to potentially get it fixed! I was told they had a new mechanic, and I would get a free diagnosis this time due to the circumstances. I then was told they wouldn’t rebuild my transmission that I’d have to just do a swap, which is BS because the last mechanic was definitely going to rebuild it. She found a Transmission told me the total would come out to $5,000 not including a warranty! I then asked about a rebuild because that price was ridiculous!! She said that it would be the same price for the rebuild which there is no way in xxxx that’s adding up! I called an actual Transmission shop and they even said they were full of it, and it’d be best to take it to a transmission shop…

Dealer response

Britt, thank you for reaching out with your concerns. The Service Manager, Ron Rose will be contacting you about your experience.

Consumer response

It’s been a week still waiting on that phone call…


Perfect !!

Super Dealership !! We are customers since They opened this location and Service is always fantastic. Recently we bought brand new model Outback 2020 and Salesman ADAM WALTON was so helpfull THANK YOU SUBARU GUYS !!!!!


Great experience all around.

Salesperson William Lingenfelter was very helpful in finding exactly what I wanted He explained all the bells and whistles of the model I was interested in and showed me the various safety features during our test drive. Super helpful and professional. Ed Savage, the Sales Manager made doing the paperwork super easy and the process was very quick and painless. I was then introduced to Floyd who went over every feature in the vehicle with me. The whole car buying experience was a pleasure. I would definitely recommend Colonial Subaru. A new happy Subaru customer.


best parts service at a dealer ive had

absolutely best service ive had at a parts department from a dealership, granted i know what im doing, dan has been a great help with my parts needs.



Tl;dr: Colonial Subaru does care about their customer's safety and refuses to abide by the recall procedure agreement (Document WTY-84R) that Subaru of America entered into with the NHTSA. They will waste your time, sit on your car for weeks on end without even looking at it, lie to your face (if you’re able to get a response at all), send you out in a loaner car with expired paperwork resulting in you being pulled over by the police and at the end of the day they still won’t fix your vehicle’s outstanding NHTSA mandated safety recall. Avoid them at all costs. Full story: I will preface this by saying that my car is modified. I freely admit that and have been completely up front about what was done to the vehicle. I’m not some punk kid trying to scam the dealer to cover for my mistakes with warranty work. I’m a customer who is trying to have the manufacturer follow through with performing a safety recall for a defect that is 100% their fault (hence the recall). I dropped my car off on 2/16 for valve spring recall. In preparation for this service I prepared a cheat-sheet for the technician outlining the modifications I’d done to my car and highlighting anything he may have to look out for when performing this recall. I gave a copy of this sheet to the service advisor and discussed the modifications with her as well as a Subaru technician who was present. Neither of them raised any issues or concerns. I even apologized for any inconvenience it may cause and offered to cover 2-3 hours of extra labor. Mindy commented “No problem, it’s YOUR car! You’re gonna do what you’re gonna do!” *TWO WEEKS* pass and I don’t hear a word. Finally on 3/1 I receive a call from Mindy who informs me that it will be $650 to remove and reinstall my modifications in order for them to perform the recall. Having done all the work on the car myself, I knew this was an excessive quote and I wasn't even sure I should be responsible for these charges given the paperwork Subaru filed with the NHTSA. I attempted to speak with Service Manager Ron Rose to see why he felt so much extra time was needed, however he refused to elaborate how he came to the $650 estimate, simply repeating that the car had to be stock to perform the recall. I contacted corporate who agreed that an itemized quote was a reasonable request. They agreed to get one from Service Manager Ron and call me back with it on Monday. Monday comes and I finally receive a call back from corporate at 7PM, Brian explained that Service Manager Ron refused to itemize the $650 quote since he won’t know what’s involved until he starts taking things apart. I asked how Ron was able to come to the $650 quote if that was the case and Brian had no answer. I asked Brian if he was aware of any written policy stating the car had to be stock to perform the recall, he was not but insisted that was the case. I presented Brian with written Subaru policy that states the exact opposite. Subaru filed document # WTY-84R with the NHTSA on 1/4/19 (Pictured below). This document states that “Nearly all aftermarket modifications can be worked around or removed to allow valve spring replacement to proceed. Contact the SOA Claims Team should removal and / or reinstallation of these customer modifications require significant additional time.” SOA’s own instructions explicitly state the car does not have to be stock, and if it isn't to contact SUBARU for coverage of the extra time, not the customer. I believe this to be a material breach of the agreement Subaru entered into with the NHTSA. I've contacted the NHTSA and they have opened an investigation into Colonial Subaru and SOA. The investigation # is 11183548. To make matters worse, they sent me off in a loaner car with a DMV “EMERGENCY PERMIT TO TRANSFER LICENSE PLATES” that expired over a week before they even LOOKED at my car. I had the pleasure of being informed of this after being pulled over by one of Henrico County’s finest and informed my plates do not match the vehicle to which they were registered. Thankfully I was only given a warning. Avoid this place at all costs.


Worst buying experience ever

We were going to buy a 2019 outback so we went in for a test drive and to get a price. Our salesman was doing a good job but then he brought in the sales manager I believe his name was Kevin. Anyway after a few minutes talking with him he treated us as if if we were the dumbest people on earth. We have been buying car longer than he's been alive. For him to treat us like that was inexcusable. We left even before he gave us a price that's how bad it was. This was back in sept so you can see that it upset us off even to this day. Anyway we purchased our outback elsewhere (Richmond Subaru) and were treated very well at that dealership. We are enjoying our outback and every time we drive by Colonial Subaru we think sorry for your loss.


By far the worst car buying experience in my life.

Master Sergeant USA Retired Nestor Alonso Burgos Searching on the computer for a used SUV came upon a 2017 Honda CR-V EX 2WD with 13,140 Miles Silver for $24,891, that according to the Colonial Subaru web had just arrived. I went to Colonial Subaru and was attended by Lauren Levine, very friendly and helpful at the beginning later that day another thing. I told her that I was going to trade in my vehicle and after the background questions and Id check we proceeded to the lot to check out the 2017 Honda CR-V EX 2WD. The vehicle looked very nice, but it was still not ready for showing nor had been serviced but Lauren assured me that their service team were going to make it look brand new in no time. We then proceeded to fill up the financial paper work. I immediately made it clear that I would only dealt with the Fort Lee Federal Credit Union then Lauren went to get Chris Johnson, Finance Manager for Colonial Subaru and he got a little irritated when he failed to change my mind, and assured me that the FLFCU rating percentage was not going to change and if they did they were liars and that Colonial Subaru weren’t going to make any more businesses with them. I then proceeded with a copy of the final price for the 2017 Honda CR-V EX 2WD to the FLFCU and got a lower rating percentage. I asked the loan officer if I had to take a check to Colonial Subaru and he assured me that everything was taking care of and that everything was posted in the new CUDL System to include the lower rating percentage and to make sure once I got ready to sign the contract with the dealer to make sure I get the lower rating percentage. Got back around 5:45 pm into Colonial Subaru with the good news then Chris Johnson Finance Manager for Colonial Subaru asked me for a check I told him that I was told that everything was in the CUDL System. In the mean time I asked Lauren if the 2017 Honda CR-V EX 2WD was ready so that I could start transferring my belongings from my trade in vehicle and the Honda CR-V EX 2WD wasn’t ready yet, this is about two hours from the time we went to the lot to check out the 2017 Honda CR-V EX 2WD conditions. Around twenty minutes later the 2017 Honda CR-V EX 2WD was parked next to my trade in vehicle, still wet, the inside looked halfway vacuumed and an empty water bottle was left inside the vehicle. Lauren proceeded to exchange the license plates from my trade in vehicle to the 2017 Honda CR-V EX 2WD and at that time I thought the paperwork was ready to sign. I then proceeded to open the 2017 Honda CR-V EX 2WD hood and discovered that the engine was not clean, and that windshield wiper reservoir was empty, immediately brought it to Lauren attention and she complained about the service team not doing a good job on the 2017 Honda CR-V EX 2WD cleaning because of the time of the day. She proceeded to wipe the engine with paper towels and once again apologize for the 2017 Honda CR-V EX 2WD lack of cleanliness. Around 7-7:15 pm I was told that everything was ready to sign. They went on explaining the different types of warranties and insurance and I reply I wasn’t interested and that all I wanted to do was sign the contract and go. They started to explain the contract when I noticed that they were trying to sell me the 2017 Honda CR-V EX 2WD at their original rating percentage and not at rating percentage offered to me and posted into the CUDL System by the FLFCU. I refused to sign the contract. Chris Johnson Finance Manager for Colonial Subaru told me that the only way I was driving the 2017 Honda CR-V EX 2WD out of dealer was with a certified check from the FLFCU which at that time were closed. They offered me a loaner which I refused and by that time I was ready to forget everything and go home. Later, they decided to let me take the CR-V EX 2WD home only if I signed a contract with their rating percentage and to return the following morning with a check from the FLFCU. I agree. First thing the morning I went to the FLFCU and talked with the loan officer and he confirmed that everything was right in the CUDL System and immediately reported the issue with the Chief Executive Officer of Fort Lee Federal Credit Union. When he returned he told me that the CEO explained the situation to their Finance Manager at Colonial Subaru and that the contract was going to be finally completed. Returned to the dealer and signed the contract. When I arrived home, I got a message from Lauren Levine, called her and she recommended me to return ASAP back to the dealer because the vehicle wasn’t inspected and that the CR-V EX 2WD needed to be serviced. On 10/25/2018 I noticed that the vehicle tags and registration that I paid $52.50 were reflecting my trade in vehicle expiration date of 11/30/2018 instead of 11/30/2019. Contacted Lauren Levine and explained the situation and she transfer me to Juan Ramirez a Finance Manager of Colonial Subaru and he told me that he will contact me in a couple of days. Didn’t received any response. Today 10/30/2018 I went to Colonial Subaru and questioned Juan about how come 5 days had past and he haven’t solved the situation on the tags and registration. He claimed that the guy he was going to talk about it didn’t show to work on Saturday and proceed to ask Kevin Hahne Colonial Subaru General Sales Manager for help. Kevin Hahne immediately took charge of the situation, made a call to DMV and in less than five minutes I walked out of the dealer with the stickers and registration. Kevin Hahne is the only Colonial Subaru employee that really made me feel good about my over twenty plus years of servicing my country. Hope every employee in Colonial Subaru learn from his passion and commitment of customer service.

Dealer response

Mr Burgos, Thank you for your feed back on your purchase at Colonial Subaru. Our company is dedicated to making sure we have the best possible customer service. We are happy that Kevin was able to resolve your issue. We will take this as an opportunity to review the interactions that you had within the dealership and improve on them.

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