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(2 reviews)

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Amazing service!

Couldn’t ask for a better experience! I will trust no one else to touch my car! Fair and reasonable. Prompt response to all of my questions.


Cannot recommend.

Expect lots of half-truths and hidden issues. After the sale they claim that you expect NEW quality on a 4-year old ($19,000) piece of junk. Not a piece of junk while they're selling it, of course. But as soon as your check is cashed, you're suddenly unreasonable for expecting the cruise control to actually work, or any other specific thing. Luckily most issues have been relatively minor and I've been able to research and address them myself. Recommendation: inspect vehicle very carefully. Bring a mechanic if you can. Exercise every feature on the vehicle. Plan to spend a few hours, because they didn't. Don't bother asking any questions, because they'll deny that they ever saw any issues. Be willing to walk away. Ask to inspect the title and paperwork for any surprises. In communication with dealer after the sale and an honest assessment of the experience, I was told again and again by dealer that they sell on PRICE alone. So, be sure the price is worth the lack of everything else you might value in a car buying experience. And if you expect any particular thing to work on the vehicle, then you should have bought NEW (his caps, not mine). In other words, the customer is a jerk for paying an agreed on price and then expecting not to be deceived about the condition of the vehicle. I don't think you need to buy NEW, I think you just need to find a better dealer. The kind that has an inspection checklist and a 30 day warranty on their vehicles. Full disclosure - dealer did provide a repair part and reimbursed some labor fees for a bad hub that we noticed on the ride home and that was diagnosed by our local mechanic. Bottom line, this is a meat market used car dealer. Take your time and find someplace else, or just buy from a private party. There is no benefit to be had buying from this dealer. It pains me to write a review like this, but after providing the dealer with some direct feedback on the experience, his response made it clear that consumers bear the responsibility of discovery with regards to buying used vehicles from him. Ultimately, he basically makes the argument that you're a fool if you buy a used car from him (unless you're happy with lots of undisclosed issues). He has convinced me. Hopefully this will help prevent another consumer's frustration with what should, ideally, be a rather fun and exciting process.

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