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My wife and I got scammed

November December 2022 Let me start by saying this was our 1st time ever purchsing a car out of state. And let me follow that up by saying it will be our last. My wife and I finally decided to use our mad money savings that we have put aside for years to finally buy her dream car, well used of course the new ones are out of reach for us. But it was 2002 Corvette convertible. At the start Sammi and Frank were great however, now they will not return our call or texts or emails. I can only guess because on the day it was delivered to us in a mall parking lot the corvette would not even crank over, and the car was a total mess. The corvette was nothing even close to what was pictured and advertised on their website. Once the mall cop in his golf cart was able to jump us off it proceeded to break down on the way home which was 25 miles away. We talked to Sammi and Frank on that same day the corvette was delivered about all the issues we knew about at that moment, OH BOY there is so much more we didn't know yet. Frank told us to take it to a mechanic have them check it out and let him know their findings, because as far as he knew the car was fine, runs great. Once we finally got it home it would not start again to even take it to a local mechanic. So, we had to have it towed to the shop. And since then we have sent Frank the extensive inspection itemized listing of what was found so far and needed to be addressed immediatley just to make the car drivable. One of which that really shocked me is where the extremely dry rotted tires, all 4 of them date back to 2012 and 2018 and are all mismatched. This is not including the transmission issues that have been found and noted, electrical issues, water damage interior metal part and seat rails both side covered in heavy rust- mold and a very horrible smell, etc that was found. We see that they respond to these reviews to other folks so maybe this will get them to call us because we desperatley need their help to get this resolved. Or simply give us our money back and come get this horrible corvette that is still at the mechanic's shop as we speak. As you can imagine my wife is crushed and devistated. Also a side note, when you click on their youtube page link from their actual website the message that comes up says it all. I would suggest everyone do that.


Mini Cooper

I was hesitant at first I really checked them out since I was 9 hrs away. Everything i found on them was nothing but good.George who was my salesman was AWESOME he was upfront with every question and all the questions he was on it. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks guys I love my Mini Cooper.


Terrible dealership

This used car dealership scammed me and sold me a lemon, lied that they would fix the transmission after it stopped working less than a week after buying the used car. They have false advertisements and do not honor their promised 5 day free return or 3 month warranty policy. I had the worst buying experience and would never recommend them.


Thanks for my Kia Optima

Zaza not only delivered my optima to Chicago but did the paperwork electronically and got me very good finance terms will buy again - Carson S


Fast fast fast easy

Easy easy easy process finance was a breeze in and out in less than 30 mins this is the first time I didn’t spend all day at a dealer


Don't Be Surprised

My BIGGEST rub was surprise after surprise. I was buying a commuter car and I knew what I wanted to spend. It was a cash and carry deal. I factored in all the financial data. Prior to test driving the car a couple lights were on and I was told it was tired pressure only and they resolved it. I requested they connect the diagnostic machine. It was something else which was described as a quick maintenance. However, it was so quick I don't know if it was performed or the light was turned off. I asked for documentation displaying how they prep the car for sale, none. The owner literally does the minimum to sale. After test driving the car, I was ready to deal the deal however their bottom line was higher. On TrueCar it stated the processing fee was $399. It's $699... learned that real time. I showed the salesman the screenshot. OK, whatever. I continue with the sale...i called the bank to temporarily raise my daily limit; they wanted to charge me an additional 3% to use my bankcard. I thought, do they want to sell this car. I run to the bank and get cash. I pay additional for the processing fee. Two weeks later I get a call that they are trying to get my tags but I need to get an emissions test. Seriously? They couldn't get the emissions when they prepped for sale? I sent my son to get the emissions the next day and called to let them know. He told me the lady wouldn't be in until the next day and call back. I told him I "spent" enough time with the processing... I'll be expecting my tags. On a brighter note, my salesman had a GREAT attitude. I believe the rigid flow down is from the owner.


ZaZa Moto will ScrewScrew you over.

Bought a Mini Cooper - was told the smoke was just cleaner burning on the engine. Took it to a mechanic who said the oil pan gasket needed changing. Then found out that it STILL leaks and it needs oil cooler seals replacing. Was just told that will cost around $2k. When you drop $10k on a vehicle, and are not told that it will have $2700 in repairs, you feel a bit screwed. Do NOT use this dealership.


Fast dealer

Fast service I was in and out in 15 mins definitely the fastest dealer I been to love my new 2019 Corolla SE!!! The Stig


New Benz owner

Bought a Benz from here dalton helped me out a lot he delivered the car to my house financing was done via the computer so easy and fast thanks Zaza Moto team


Orange SI

Bought a civic si from here great price can’t beat their prices great customer service dalton took care of us he’s awesome thank you again

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