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At Indi Car Credit we have the best selection of preowned cars in North Central Florida. From premiere brands like Hummer and Audi to American made Chevrolet you'll find the perfect car to fit your budget and your lifestyle.


(29 reviews)

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indi car credit

had to replace drive shaft and brakes the second week i had the car. Then two weeks after that, sway arms and bushings all around. water pump and headlights shortly after. No one there even called me back. And there tire place, that they send people to said my car had been there before and i should just take it back to them. also when purchasing the car i asked about the title. They said it was a good title, lied right to me. Salvage title. Also they have a link to a site that supposed to be like carfax. This is just an employee ran site. It said no accidents for my car. that is a lie to. Worst dealer ever. they pushed the car on me so fast i bought it before they even gave me the keys to test drive it. then when i test drove it i told them i didn't want it. they said it was to late. It was in house financing. They said they were just getting the papers prepared to help get us out faster because they were closing. It wasn't to late. they could have ripped up the contract being i didn't want it after test drive. xxxxxxxx how they did everything so sly and sneaky.


2007 niss an frontier had issues within the first

april 17th bought truck 2 weeks into it replaced parts now keeps blowing fuses all melted and no call back will be there to see gene in the morning


Do Not Report to Credit Bureau

Excellent customer services! I just found out that after paying on time sense having this car back in October, Indi Car Credit has not reported any of my Payments Greater Finical Resources LLC . My Car lights are messed up Flash on and off when High beams, as well as break light on driver side keeps burning out on a 2013 Hyundai sonata purchased with over a 100,000 miles paying almost 20,000 not me they can come get it after I found out their not reporting ,plus my car head a family of roaches in it assisting me while I drive, had to bomb my car twice


Worst place ever

5 days and i have had car in shop 2 times. They wont help pay for any issues with car they sold me. Not even a week and 3000 in the hole. This place sucks. Will be contacting everyone and anyone i can to report them.


security officer

Notice; greater financial is affiliated with Indy... This company was dishonest and continued to be deceptive throughout the entire process until vehicle was turned back in.


Soccer mom

Great coustomer service! Good selection of vehicles very pleased with my new ride! All the salesman were super friendly and very eager to help find me the perfect ride!


Horrible Periodtt!!

Did NOT explain KILL SWITCH until 2 days after I got the car! Greater Financial resources has yet to show me the paper work where I signed and agreed to the KILL SWITCH!! If you are having a rough time in life or unexpected expense comes about and you can’t pay your car note you can’t drive it and it will sit until you pay that car note and that’s some xxxxxxxx!! You can be dying trying to get the hospital ain’t happening in that car so instead of paying a car note you paying for ride in the ambulance which probably just about as much as the car note! The people are rude they hang up in your face and then have the audacity to call and ask for a payment! I would never make this mistake again please be sure to take heed from the reviews that was my first mistake!!


Picking up tag for car

IYou can go from loyal customer to feeling like a peasant once the sale is complete . I don’t recommend anyone but it’s always your choice , just make sure you review paperwork and ask questions to avoid showing your xxx like i did. Tyler is a liar and avoided returning my call for two weeks because he knew he was dead wrong . The only good thing was I got approved for a nice car but I have two cars with them and never miss a payment ! Other than that I regret my decision of getting another car after my experience. I simply came to pick up my transfered tag when the salesman Tyler advises me to sign by new tag. They still make me pay $366 even tho I had a credit with dmv for $225. They act like they care but probably laughed at me when I left because they got my xxx !!!!!


My Acadian Experience

We purchased Acadia 4 weeks ago. Today is February 4th 2019. We immediately had issues with transmission slipping. Took to Indi recommended car service business. They IMMEDIATELY found the issue. They documented the issue. I immediately felt relief. Went right down and was told, “you bought the Acadia as is.” Could not believe. I thought they were just pulling my leg so to speak. 3 weeks later my wife and I are treated like 2nd class citizens. Please ask Gene, Andre or Gopal about my issue. I give anyone and them permission to discuss it. Ask them why they won’t fix a transmission issue that we bought Acadia with. I found out also that prior to Indi their name was Valu-Car which they all know well. Look this up and ask them about it. It will AMAZE YOU. Best of luck in your car shopping. We do Pray your experience is better than ours. We’re decent people treated like garbage.



I was pressured into buying a truck by a young sales person. He was super rude and didn't know how to handle a customer. I was at this place for 10 hours. They signed me up for weekly payments which is not what I wanted. They sold me a 02 Chevy Silverado that had the Z71 logo on it. It's not even a Z71. But they charged me for the upgraded package. They didn't tell me anything about there being a kill switch in the vehicle. So if you don't pay your payment they shut the truck off. The finance department is a rude and very unprofessional guy. He will hang up on you if he doesn't like what you have to say. They will not work with you at all. I am reporting these unprofessional thieves to the BBB for conducting illegal based business practices. My attorney is filing suit on them. Please do not buy from these people!!!!!

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