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(32 reviews)

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Very friendly staff

if you are shopping for a car you definitely need to stop in. Friendly, knowledgeable staff with the best deals in the area! This company is doung big things!


I had a great experience

My experience here at beach auto sales was great,very reliable company to get a vehicle from If you need one go check them out and be sure to ask for Jacob or Amine.


How Many Red Flags Do You Need?

On September 7, 2019 during the test drive (in which I was only allowed only one by Jacob to drive around the block--red flag number one) I pointed these things out to him: A/C not working, instrument panel lights not working, radio doesn't work, and hubcaps were missing. Jacob told me that they would take care of those matters. I asked him to put that in writing as it is contingent on my signing anything. They put those items in writing and I checked for them in the paperwork during the time of my signing. I felt rushed signing the paperwork (red flag number two). They then took all of that paperwork and locked it away in their safe without giving me a copy of any of it. (red flag number three). Jacob told me that they have to keep the paperwork (still without giving me a copy) so that they can file for tags for my car with the DMV (red flag number four). Not knowing the procedures for buying a used car from a dealer, I drove the car home, and the next morning the car wouldn't start. I then bought a brand new battery at an auto shop, but the car wouldn't start yet again the next day. Jacob and the owner, Amine Khedar, told me to bring the car the next week for them to repair. I then (after a week of originally signing) asked for a copy of the paperwork I signed for the sale of the car. They said that they need a few days to get it out of their safe (red flag number five).  When I finally got a copy, I looked for and noticed that the addendum regarding the we agreed upon regarding repairs was amended again or missing without my signed consent (red flag number six). Mr. Khedar specifically promised that he would do the repairs we discussed and I originally signed for. He even later left me a voice mail message saying so. He even wrote up a new addendum writing what they will do to make things right (including fixing the radio and fixing the A/C). I had to take my car to them three times over the course of two months (red flag number seven) before they finally repaired just some of the things they agreed to do. When I last came to pick up my car (early November 2019), the Virginia inspection tags were long expired. But I had purchased the car back in early September--more than enough time to get DMV tags. They told me that there was nothing they could do about the tags until Thursday of the following week (red flag number eight). After I called my father and then the DMV's Dealer Fraud department, Beach Auto Sales relented and sent someone down to the DMV to get my tags so that I could legally drive the car off the lot.  So far (December 2, 2019) only these things have been completed by them: car wiring (the cause of the new battery being drained, instrument panel failure, and tail light failure), radio (after waiting another two weeks), and hubcaps. They had me sign a another sheet acknowledging their repair of the lights, wiring, engine, and radio. The A/C still hasn't been fixed as agreed in the conveniently missing/amended addendum to the originally signed contract. All of those repairs were done after my many unreturned calls (red flag number eight) and (more effective) personal visits order to get their attention. Frankly, I'm tired of being the heavy in this matter. I wish that they would have just told me from the beginning that they can't (or won't) fix my A/C. After three months of back-and-forth with Beach Auto Sales, I doubt that I'll ever hear from Mr. Khedar again. I suppose, "why should he?"  They've got my money, the (questionable) signed sales contract, and the original repair agreement/addendum (if it wasn't trashed by them), and I've got my "as is" car with no reliable cool air A/C. I've bought several used cars in the past and I've never gone through this much hassle. I'll certainly never buy from Beach Auto Sales again.



Amazing service,and high quality customer service. gave us everything we wanted and some. I respect the management and crew, and would recommend this auto sale to anyone.


Dont buy from here cars are junk and overpriced

Don't buy a vehicle from here, they are scammers and the vehicles are junk. Customer service is not good and owner is a scammer. I purchased a vehicle 6/11 and been back 7 times for repairs and the date is only 7/31. All repairs was do to faulty repairs they did or something that should have been done before selling vehicle. Warning they are big scammers....


Good Cars, Excellent People

I bought a car from Beach Auto Sales. The car didn't have a spare tire and the map lights were sitting in the back seat. I asked them if they could give me a spare and put the map lights in for me, they did way more than that. I got the spare tire and they put the map lights up. On top of that they detailed the car it was in perfect working order. I took the car from Virginia to Tennessee the day I bought it. It was perfect all the way there and back. On top of that, I lost my title before I could register the car with the DMV. They went to the DMV for me got me a title and gave it to me for free and offered another detail and even an oil change! By far the best customer service from some amazing people! 10/10 would recommend.


Volvo s40

Beach auto sales gave me a great price and a great car. Very happy! I would recommend this place to anyone i know, especially when buying a used car.


Love beach auto!

My husband bought my car from Beach Auto! a beautiful 2006 Acura TSX in November. I have had zero issues with the car. They provided a free oil change when he bought the car. I had put a magnetic key ring on the ignition and it wouldn’t start.. they came out and found the issue for free!


Great service! Great Customer Service! Great Car!!

I bought a 2010 Honda Crosstour from Beach Autos Sales and my experience was great!!! I would absolutely recommend them to others. Great customer service and the buying process was amazing. The car runs so smooth and I have not had any issues. Great service.


Subaru Tribeca

Thank you to Beach Auto! Loving my new Subaru Tribeca. Ron was very personable and helpful, which made for a smooth experience. Great business! Great place !

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