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You don't need to drive for hours or make deals over the phone to get a good deal on a great used vehicle. Located right here in Lindon UT DASTRUP AUTO is dedicated to bringing our community a great selection of high-quality well-maintained like-new vehicles.


Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(7 reviews)

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Great experience

Great experience. We told Tyler what make, model, and budget we were looking for. he stayed in contact until he found what were looking for. In and out in no time.


2013 Tacoma - Awesome staff - excellent truck

Tip top service. I purchased a 2013 Tacoma from these guys years ago, and they are still responsive and helpful with any questions I have. Will shop here again.


Don’t buy from dastrup

If you’re thinking about buying a car from Dastrup Atuo, don’t. There were four problems going on with my vehicle that Dastrup did not tell me about. I bought a Jeep from them and a week later noticed there had been oil leaking. We took a look at it and there was so much oil spill built up on the under lids of the jeep. My boyfriend had called their dealership to talk to them about it and they said the owner would give us a call. The owner called my boyfriend and in his frustration, he hung up on the owner because of the fact that this was happening a week after we bought the jeep was ridiculous and it was clear that this leak had been going on for awhile. Before the owner called me I had left a bad review on cars.com that said it would take a few days to post, this was on a Saturday. The owner then called me and said he would be willing to come pick up me jeep and take it to their mechanic to look at the leak, no charge to me. While I appreciated his offer to help, he then went on telling me how “that’s how life is sometimes there’s no way I could’ve predicted this happening.” He then told me that they have three different places inspect their vehicles before they sell them. He made no effort to understand our anger and frustration about the matter and was deflecting the blame by saying “that’s how life is sometimes” and “cars are unpredictable”. I agreed to have him come pick up the jeep that Monday. Monday morning rolled around and I got an email that my review had posted. I was messaging a representative on their online chat about get my review removed since they have offered to help me out. They told me I needed to send an email requesting to have the review taken down. While I was typing up the email I got a text from the owner of Dastrup “You’re on your own” with a screenshot of my bad review. While I was typing my reply explains to him that I had posted my review before he called and that I was in the process of having the review taken down, he continued to text me saying that I was trashing his name and trying to ruin his income. He did not hear me out at all and was completely rude and unprofessional telling me that “when you grow up you’ll realize how life works if you have a reasonable conscience”. I was near tears at work reading his texts to me and ended up blocking his number. He had also been texting my boyfriend saying “good luck with your girlfriend’s car” and telling him that he needed to grow up and learn to control his anger. I had my car taken to a Jeep dealership to get fixed and they called me and told me that there was actually two leaks and that the warranty I had purchased denied to pay because one part wasn’t under warranty and the other part was denied because “the leak was happening before you bought the vehicle so the dealership should have caught it. Since it’s a previous issue they won’t cover it.” They then gave me a list of things wrong with my jeep that included the two leaks which were from an axil boot tear, and from my oil coolant filter. The list ALSO stated that I have an engine mount that has failed and my PTU was making noises from the rear drivers shaft (or shift) and is damaged. They explained to me that if my PTU goes out, my whole jeep will die. I had my jeep for ONE WEEK when they told me all of this was happening. Dastrup totally scammed me and failed to tell me about any of this information. They had some work done on it before they put it for sale by one of the mechanics who had fixed some other things. This and the fact that they had “three different places inspect the vehicle” proved that they knew about these four issues and didn’t say a word to me about it. And on top of all of that, they were very rude and unprofessional. Terrible customer service. Don’t ever buy from them unless you want to be scammed and treated terribly.


Searching for a family SUV

They did a great job helping me through the car shopping process. Great help with finance options and helping make it work in my budget. They were late opening, according to posted hours so i had to wait for help

Dealer response

Jeremy- Thank you for your excellent review! Sorry for the wait! We cannot control when multiple parties come at the same time. We hope to earn your business in the future!


Don't do it. Not trustworthy.

You will get hosed by these guys. What happened to ethical people in the world? Well...they aren't here. If you give them your money, you'll regret it every time you jump in your ride.

Dealer response

Chelsey- Could you provide more information with regards to your interaction with our business? We are unsure what the circumstances are surround your negative experience. We strive for customers to have nothing but a 5 star experience with us! Please call or text me at 801-787-6711 so I can look into the situation.


Don't waste your time with these people.

How sad that this dealership has such amazing reviews when we had the experience we did. My fiancé found a truck that he absolutely loved and we were so excited to take it home. We had nothing but problems after we drove it off the lot!! We left a few things in our old truck and didn't realize until we were already on our way home (2 hours away). Funny that some of it was left in the drivers seat and Sebastian (the guy who sold us the truck) got in the truck as we were leaving but didn't think to call and let us know that we had left those things. The dealership had already closed but as soon as we realized things had been left, my fiancé called Sebastian and let him know. When he got back to us, he said he could "see" if we could get his stuff back but acted as if it wasn't guaranteed because the truck had already been taken to the shop. They discussed shipping the stuff to us but because my fiance had to go back that way, he told them he would stop and pick it all up, which apparently they weren't expecting him to follow through on. The main thing we were concerned about getting back was a $200 pair of Bat Wolf Oakley sunglasses that he's had for probably 7 years now (I have plenty of pictures).Well guess what just so happened to be missing when my fiance went to get his stuff?? You guessed it, the expensive sunglasses we were worried about. His other pair of sunglasses were there, pulled out of its carrying case and the carrying case for the Oakley's was nonchalantly stuffed in between the seat on the driver side. All the rest of his belongings seemed to be there but had clearly been picked through even though we had told you guys right away that we had left stuff. My fiance went back and forth with these guys on replacing the sunglasses and supposedly, some new ones were ordered and shipped to our home. Coming up on about 2 months since he was told the glasses were getting shipped and they are still not here. Asked twice for a tracking number, got no response. On the lot, there was a small oil leak that my fiancé immediately noticed. This was covered under warranty so wasn't a huge concern in our buying decision. We were aware of THAT problem. Not even a full week of having the truck and we had to take it to the shop because we noticed a water leak. Turns out the radiator and radiator hose needed to be replaced. A $1500 fix on a truck we hadn't even taken off the highway yet. Thankfully (or so we thought), we spent an extra $4000 on a warranty! The local dealership we took the truck to for repairs called the number they were supposed to for the warranty claim and they said we weren't covered and the dealership sold us the wrong warranty. After another couple weeks of back and forth, we finally got things "sorted out" with the warranty, if you could call it that. Dastrup decided to only cover a portion of the repairs that are supposed to be covered under this "warranty" we bought because they think our local dealership was over charging for the repairs. Now it's clear why you pushed the warranty so hard, you were more concerned about how much money you could make off of us than whether or not you were honest with us. Grateful that we were at least able to cancel that. Just trying to save someone else the headache and waste of time we suffered with these people. We spent $50,000 on a vehicle to have you guys STEAL our property, give us the run around and have multiple people on your team LIE to us when you should have been bending over backwards to help us get the whole situation straightened out. What a disappointment it turned out to be dealing with Dastrup Auto.

Dealer response

SA- We are sorry to hear of your complaint. The minute we heard you left items in your trade in, we tried to get back to the vehicle. We had already taken it to the mechanic to have it checked out. Unfortunately they were closed. This was late on a Friday. We could not get to the vehicle till after the mechanic shop and worked on it. We are not sure what happened to the sunglasses. We tried to replace them but due to their age, they were no longer in production. We searched several suppliers but no one carried them any more. We are sorry for the circumstances. We cannot be held responsible for items left in trade ins. It is your responsibility to gather your things and take them with you. We often get trades that people leave all kinds of things in. From tool boxes with random tools and chains in, to garage door openers. We've even found old cell phones under seats. Our attempts to return them never go anywhere. Especially when people live a distance away. We did not steal your property. Nor do we have any interest in 7 year old glasses. We have all our vehicles checked out by at least one third party company, most of the time we have two third party companies look them over. I'm not sure why they would not have mentioned the radiator issue. But it wasn't. Because of this, we were told the truck was ready to go. I'm not sure what else could be done for preparation of selling a vehicle. If the shop doesn't suggest something, we obviously would not replace that item.


New truck for my husband!

It was an amazing experience. All the employees were great to work with. They were Honest and willing to help. I did not feel pushed into the sell. They did not make me go around and around in circles. It was straight forward. Thank you for making this day amazing and fun.

Dealer response

Thank you for your excellent review! We hope to earn your business for life!

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