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(21 reviews)

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Excellent Service

Best buying experience with a car dealer I've ever had. The salesman (Peng) was honest and the dealership went above and beyond to close the sale. I would highly recommend them to anybody looking to purchase a used car.


Worst experience if ever had for a used car

Tried to purchase a high end car, which was wrapped. They didn't want to get close to the KBB on my car , and refused to go down on their price, not one red cent. STAY AWAY


Bos Auto only sell Lemon cars stay away.

Please stay away from this lemon dealership. All they cars are from auctions and these cars are nothing but problems. Charlie is the worst person to deal with once the car start giving you problems after having it for a week. Charlie will blame you the buyer instead of fixing the problem. I had to pay mercedes dealership 250 for diagnostic first another for Boston Auto to see if they could fix it and the car still not fix. Please do not go there. Please go buy your dream car straight to the dealership.


Maserati Nirvana!

I just purchased a Pre Owned Maserati from Bos Auto and picked it up Today. It is a Beautiful Luxury Automobile and it was Priced Perfectly. I contacted Charlie Zeltner who I am friends with and he took incredible care of me and got me into this Gorgeous Vehicle. He then put me in touch with Crystal Purcell who couldn't have been more pleasant and more knowledgeable about the vehicle and did a Great Job of explaining things to me and following up to ensure my satisfaction. Take it from me, if you need or want a luxury vehicle look no further and contact these two professionals!


Rude and liars!!!!!

Do NOT ever buy a car here. They listed a Porsche for sale mind you, the most important part of listing was missing, which happened to be “accident reported” The damage from the accident wasn’t even fixed correctly. You can literally see where they painted and it didn’t blend in. Let’s not talk about the sales girl “omg” so incompetent and ignorant. Sales manager expresses the same nasty behavior like “okay” if you don’t purchase from us someone else will. Oh, let’s not forget when he tried to call the police on me because I called them out on the xxxxxxxx they listed online. Hmmmmmm....: A white guy calling the police on a black woman in Quincy on a Friday evening for what? Yea okay. I’m glad I came and actually saw the car in person and proved myself right. I questioned the blemishes from jump in the online photos and Susan lied and said it was just dust from the storm. Like I was born yesterday to think a Porsche out of all cars will look so xxxxty just from dust. FYI, I’m reporting y’all business to the Consumer Reporting Agency, or the Attorney Generals Office

Dealer response

Hi Patirice. This is Season with Bos Auto. Your comment is not based on facts and is not true. We show the carfax report with every car listed including the one you were looking at. I explained it over the phone and you were aware that the minor damage was completely fixed long time ago. The paint was in perfect condition and the only thing you judged over was the dust -- it rained the day before you came so the car was not crystal clean. You yelled at me over the phone before you even saw the car, on some painting flaws that never existed. I DIDN'T LIE. I explained with my best patience hoping it was just misunderstanding. Turns out it was not. You were offensive and unreasonably picky. You didn't show any respect. A white guy calling the police on a black woman merely means that the woman was so aggressive and offensive that even a strong white man could not bear with it.


Don't Buy

Never ever buy the used car from this store!!! All the used car in this store definitely has some problems that cannot be found from the carfax report. Besides, they are definitely good liers. They will provide a lot of different insurance such as tire insurance, extended 4S insurance when you want to buy a used car. ANDDDDDD These insurances all have some limitations that they will not tell you. For example, the tire insurance they provide is from some xxxxxxxx insurance companies. If you want to use your tire insurance when your tire is broken, you will need at least one week for the tire insurance company to report a claim for just changing a xxxxing tire, and you can only use this tire insurance in this store's designated auto repair shop. AND trust me, their auto repair shop is xxxxxxxx. You will never want your car to be fixed by some unprofessional workers.



Called twice. Terrible service on phone. Many red flags. No straight answers, evasive. No one available to discuss specifics about vehicle. Don't waste your time for what may appear to be attractive pricing. Bait and switch.


Charlie was amazingly nasty.

Despicable how Charlie spoke to me as I seemed to pay cash and negotiate for a Ashton Martin. I asked an array of questions and I think he thought I was incompetent even to the point he said well a oil change cost $2000. Liar service may cost $2000 but an oil change will not. Please note I was spoken down to after I politely stated I wanted to pay cash for a car.


Worst place to buy a car

Worst Place to Buy a Car. I bought a Mercedes Benz ml350 from them,They promised me they would detail the car and fix all the problems with the car. I came to pick up the car after a month due to the driver seat leather needed to be repair. The car was dirty with cigarettes burned mark on the back seat, the cigarette lighter mechanicsm was missing there were several plastic covers inside the car was missing, the car is scrape on the driver side door. I was mad because what they say to me at the time of purchase is not what they do at the end. Charlie the supervisor had the nerve to be upset because I told him all the issues that was wrong with the car, the car was not clean and there were stuff missing. Once they receive the bank check from the bank they don't care anymore. I didn't trust them because of all the issues I saw. I decided to take the car to Mercedes Benz dealership in Hanover to do a complete diagnostic on the car and they found $ 2300 dollars of work that needs to be done with the car. I called Charlie after diagnostic from the dealer he told me drop it at a nearby shop that they are afiliate with which I did and I waited for 2 weeks and the car still didnt get fix. I still have the same issues. The cigarette lighter is not working and big scrape mark on the car which they say they will buff it out. PLEASE DO NOT GO THERE. BOS auto is not a place to do business with. I regret buying the car from them. I should of just go to a regular dealership to buy the car with a good warranty. They say they give you 1 year warranty and it is not true. When you ask them what they cover under the warranty and they say just oil change. All they cars have problems. Please don't waste your hard earned money on this dealership.



Called on a McClaren. Not your run of the mill PT Cruiser. All I want to know is if they have the clear title to the car. Said, yes we do. I send a buddy over that lives near there, as I am out of state, 1600 miles away. Show the title. Don't have it. Show the car. Uh- don't have that either. At another facility. Where is it? Can't tell you, can't show you, no title, no paperwork, but pictures online. So, acid test. I tell my buddy that I will pay them asking price, plus temp reg fees, and take it as is if they get it and the title here by close of biz Friday. Friday comes and goes, no car, no title, no call, no nothing. But - they have PICTURES ONLINE!!!

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