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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(18 reviews)

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1981 jeep

Bought a 1981 jeep , they said it passed 120 point inspection, , got it home, gas tank is rotted ,clutch is shot and hole back of the frame is shot, I live in New York and I can't get inspected , so pretty much for 20k I have a lawn ornament until I can get a new frame , I was told it passed inspection in north Carolina, find it hard to believe when the gas tank was leaking when u fill it and the turn signals don't work, and whole back side of frame is shot, then I was told I was going to get $1000 to help with repair s well that was a month ago, o well, I guess it was my fault I didn't come down and look at ir before I bought it,



The purchase was quick and simple because I paid cash, took it back for a oil change and not two weeks later my engine blew, took no responsibility and I had to pay for the new motor out of pocket. Got my car back two months later and I can’t even drive it because it runs horribly and the check engine light is on. Now they refuse to fix it after accepting full payment for the services. I’ve spent 50 grand at this place and still can’t drive my car.


Buyer Beware!

I had such high hopes for West Lake Imports, based on most reviews, but buyer beware! Hands-down the worst car buying experience I’ve ever had! I truly thought I was supporting a well respected high end dealership, but I was so wrong. Clay seemed to be so easy going and great to work with at the time of purchase, but quickly showed his true colors as he continuously lied over and over again. Not only to me, but to my local service center (who has been wonderful!!) when major car issues were not taken care of or paid for as promised. When I spoke to the owner, Kenny, about these issues, I could not have been more insulted as he was so disrespectful and belittling to me. I’ve never taken the time to write a review, so the fact that I am writing this one should say more than enough. I highly encourage you to support elsewhere!


BMW lasted 1 month................................

Bought BMW 335I drove it less than 1000 miles and then the engine blew. Kenny said I should have looked at the contract. If anyone has any sense stay away from them


Great experience

Excellent buying experience. Friendly staff. The whole process was fast and efficient. Car was purchased without a warrenty, but they took time to look at an issue after I bought the car. Would not hesitate to purchase a vehicle from West lake Imports, and highly recommend them.



Bought a car. Great service. No hassles at all. Would definitely recommend. Clay and Kenny were great and easy to deal with. I’ve also set up where they will service my car as well


Used dodge 2500

Transmission went out when driving off the lot sales told me they would fix it Owner tells me I need to pay half of repair costs


Very Pleasent Buying Experience

Was looking for an affordable used car that offered good fuel economy. Noticed the car on the lot and stopped in to look closer and took it for a test drive. My wife came back and drove the car and we both agreed that it was in great condition and the price was right. I wanted to do a cash deal and Kenny and Aaron were both easy to work with and were willing to make the deal I wanted happen. One of the best automblile buying experiences I have ever had. Would definitely buy from Westlake again if I am in the market for a clean, quality iused vehicle.


Sometimes you're shown signs...

Purchased a 2011 Hyundai Genesis online, based on the pics on their website. The car in the pics, looked IMMACULATE for a 2011 and well worth the price they were asking....so I thought. Being that I purchased based on the pics, I also asked Kenny specifically if there were ANY scratches, dings and or dents. His reply, "this car is amazing, I've had my body guy go over it in detail and unable to find not one thing wrong" I also asked for pics of the vehicle as Kenny also claimed it was in his showroom and was immediately advised something to the effect, I'm unable to provide pics at this time. (I still have the email) I get the vehicle and at first glance, on top of the transport, it looks pretty food for a 2011. I then get a closer view and its marks on the hood, a finger print in the paint job (apparently his body guys) and cracks in the lower part of the trunk, both sides...I could go on and on...the inside had not been cleaned at all and if it was, I'd hate to see the condition the car was in before. The rear driver side door doesn't open from the inside because the panel has been removed previously and the handle does not operate.the carpet looks nothing like the deep, black finely vacuumed carpet in the pics... it was littered with crumbs and dirt until I vacuumed it. The seats, which looked PERFECT in the pics were in fact dirty, a hand print on the driver headrest and grimey residue everywhere theoughout the interior. I emailed Kenny saying I was going to send pics of the before and after but after 2 hours of sweat and 2 cans of Tuff Stuff cleaner, I was more upset and since I hadn't heard back frm Kenny felt he truly could care less. I only pray that nothing mechanically wrong happens with it. I also asked if the price could be reduced as I was buying sight unseen and he knocked off 300.00 and the dealer warranty that was 800.00 which is "optional) this is my lesson learned as I thought we still lived in a day where a person's word was good but at the end of the day, people only care about the money. I will go so far as to say this vehicles pics online GROSSLY misrepresented what the actual car looked like in person. It took me almost a month to get the car primarily due to my own financing issues but again, maybe those were signs.

Dealer response

Buyers Remorse !! Mr. Mitchan Im Not surpriserd by this review from you at all. After over 6 weeks of working on Financing ,I had you approved with a Prime Bank and after sending Multiple Over night packages back and forth only to Find out from the Bank you Had lied on you application multiple times about your income , and to be Embarassed to be called out buy our lender with False Documents , Therfore having to Unwind the Deal and Cancel the Transportation. This of course I know was emabarrassing enough , but thankfully your Mother was able to Co Sign for you Thankfully . As far as the condition of the Car when it left here it was spotless ,as it was in our showroom and Had Extra Attention from our Detailer. Once Transported and the Transporter most likely had multiple stops along the way as it travled thru multiple states , It is hard to control the Fingerprints and the Cleanliness of the Truck Driver Loading and Unloading . You arranged your own Transportation , We always Encourage our customers to Drive the vehicle and come to our dealership before you purchase ,You had this option. Honestly , you are exaggerating entirely , you said you were going to send me pictures and you never did. We stand behind our word ,I held this car for over 6 weeks while You were able to convice your mom to co sign for you as your income cannot support an auto loan . We had several people try to buy the car while it was in our showroom , and we took and light deal to honor our word , In fact WE paid the Transport company for your shipping ,as well as Included Overnight return delievery via FEDEX multiple times which the dealer absorb lots of extra cost, and Never did get a thank you for any of the extra efforts, as well as rescheduling the Transport company a second time. As far as the rear door lock goes , it sounds like the child safty lock is on nothing more than that. If your this unhappy with the Hyuandai , Please feel free to Bring it back to the dealer ,will be happy to Freund your mother her Deposit. Honestly , I thought a phone call to me would have been appreciated to avoid a 1 star review , But I guess this was the route you decided. West Lake Imports has a 4 bay service facility and 2 full time techinians , We are always happy to address any issues that can arise. But since we are communicating through the Review panel it is hard to address or correct anything . PLEASE feel free to call me anytime You have my cell number as well as our direct number . Kenny


Will never come back

I bought a 2010 gti from the dealership. The day I bought it it wasn’t ready because it needed repairs. This should have been a red flag, but I wanted to trust that it would be the only issue. Less than a week into owning the car the locking cylinder for the vehicle broke and they had to tow it to Volkswagen. I was going to trade back my car and call it a wash, but I wanted to believe that they finally fixed the vehicle. Come to find out the Volkswagen dealership claimed the towing company damaged the radiator ( This is coming from the other gentleman I dealt with) they checked it and they claim there was nothing wrong. Volkswagen also pointed out that there was a leak coming from the cooliant reservoir. After the week of headaches and trouble this car was causing, I decided to trade the vehicle back. I tried to be calm as I could throughout the deal. Most of the staff was trying to help. Kenny however got me on the phone with their banker and both were insulting me saying “ I’m going down a dark path” by listening to my mother and others (who were trying to warn me about this deal) and I’m not going to have any ambition in life if I keep going the way I’m going. It was inappropriate and uncalled for. I would buy a skateboard from these people or ever get a loan through their bank North West. Both were nasty, rude, and unprofessional.

Dealer response

Heather, we are sorry to hear that you are not happy with things. However, we all know that what you described here is not true or accurate in any manner. You purchased a car that we had just gotten in and it was going through service and detail the day you came in on it. You were told on the phone when you first inquired about it that this was the case and that all of our vehicles go through service when they get here and we take care of anything they need. The car was finished that afternoon as promised and you took delivery of the car. A couple of days later you called and told us that the key would not turn in the ignition. No problem, you just bought the car and we are going to make it right so Kenny called a locksmith and met him there within an hour at our cost. The locksmith determined that the lock had been damaged and only Volkswagen could repair it. No problem, we called and had it towed to Volkswagen, at our cost and gave you a loaner car. Volkswagen came to the same conclusion on the damage and we had it fixed the next day, again, at our cost. Here's where your story gets way out of whack with what actually happened. While the car was at Volkswagen, doing what franchise dealers do, they told us that there was damage to the radiator and so forth. Well, we know it wasn't there when you took delivery of the car and Kenny noted how well you had parked the car at work, not getting up on the curb like many people do with low cars so I called tow truck driver and basically blamed him for it before we had seen the car back from Volkswagen yet. Shortly after, I went to Volkswagen and picked the car up and brought it back to our shop. We then proceeded to put it on a lift and thoroughly check everything, including doing a pressure test on the cooling system to be sure. No signs of damage were found. Our technician did however notice a very tiny spot in the seem on the coolant reservoir that had a bubble coming through during the pressure test. So...... once again at our cost we made a repair to your car. You never spoke to Volkswagen, the locksmith or our technicians during any of this. The information about the car you laid out in this review was a twisted version of the information I relaid to you. Kenny and I were very honest and upfront with you during the entire process. That brings us to the next day when you called and said you lost confidence in the car and wanted to return it. To which Kenny replied... No problem, we want you to be happy and will do whatever we can to make that happen. Unfortunately, when you have made a deal with a bank that is a completely separate entity from the dealership, there is only so much the dealer can do. We were willing to do whatever the bank would allow and made a call with you to work something out. The bank, like any bank is not going to be able to just go back and cancel a deal that has been completed. An agreement was made that we could switch cars out and it would not cost you anything out of pocket, what you don't know is that it was going to cost us. Once again we were going above and beyond to make this right for you. When all is said and done, you know as well as we do that there will never be another dealer that goes the extra mile the way we did for you here. As to the comments you referred to about going down a dark path. Kenny was truly and genuinely trying to help you with advice. You called us and then again in person apologized for your mother's behavior during this entire deal. Your mother, according to you and based on the multiple phone calls from her, said we were just trying to take advantage of women from day one. She called us several times making inflammatory accusations which could not be further from the truth. Even with the ultra rude and childish behavior from her, we to this day, have spoken and treated your mother with the utmost respect. Your GTI is a very nice car and we do hope you enjoy it for years to come. Respectfully, West Lake

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