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Great service!

Harry was an excellent help, very honest and helpful through out the whole process. I did a long distance purchase of a vehicle and I have to say that it was a very smooth and easy process. Definitely recommend this dealership!


Buyers beward - avoid this seller

DO NOT BUY FROM FREEDOM AUTO SALES We were looking at the 2007 Red Ford Ranger that's still currently on the lot. Took the vehicle to a local, well know, auto center for a pre-purchase inspection. Normally, this is an hour to an hour and half process. The mechanic came back after 10mins and said, where did you get this truck from? AND take it back as quickly as you can. The entire frame was completely rusted out, it was not safe to drive, and in an accident the entire frame support will crumble. In addition to that alarming news, once it was up on the lift, it was clearly evident that the frame and bottom of the bed had freshly been spray painted in an attempt to hide the true condition of this vehicle. There's also the issue of the Fraudulent Virginia State Inspection. Per the mechanic there is no way vehicle could pass a state inspection. Needless to say we took the vehicle back and explained our outrage and frustration. The manager completely disregarded what we had just told him and asked if we would be interested in a different vehicle. These guys are a huge scam!!! Buy beware


I bought 2013 Ford F

I bought the 2013 Ford F-150 XLT from freedom Auto Sales great Harry help me through the process very happy with my truck I highly recommend this dealership.


Do not from this dealership. Nightmare Truck!!!🤬

I purchased a 2007 F-150 truck 1/2023. The truck frame was completely rusted out and I ended up spending over $3,000 for mechanical parts, ignition coils, brakes, coil springs, emergency brake, exhaust manifold (which was leaking fumes in the truck, and shocks. issues after week of driving it. Didn’t know this until I got It MD inspection. Failed inspection!!!!! They tried to hide it with their under coating. Beware of any dealer out of Chantilly, VA. Please!!!! I tried to take it back but they pointed out that they don’t guarantee it passing a MD inspection and I purchased it “As is” (bad mistake). Second bad mistake the owner “AJ” stated they were a honest dealership. They fabricate all their vehicles as well as over price them and once you purchase the vehicle then it becomes your nightmare. Unfortunately, I witnessed them doing this to other customers. I have came back numerous times to get this truck up to par in order to pass the MD inspection. Lesson learned, never buy from Chantilly, VA.🤬


Fraudulent inspections

Buyer beware!!! The worst experience I have ever had at a dealership. The vehicle I purchased was completely rusted out underneath. Brake lines needed immediate replacement, exhaust leaking, Hazzards not work, I can go on. I took the vehicle back because the owner "AJ" offered to fix the issues. The issues were not resolved after the second time I brought it back. His response was that he doesn't trust his mechanic. I asked to see the inspection ticket because of all the safety issues, and they would not provide that information. I had to put an extra $2200 into just to make it safe. There is no way this vehicle passed inspection! I wish I never purchased a vehicle from this place. Do Not Buy From Here!!!


Not satisfied.

Terrible dealership.Brought a truck and had it delivered to N.C.Driver side window didn't work,had to get 2 manifolds,headliner was dirty,could not get the trunk cover open,the lock was rusted out and didn't even send a key.Just got xxxxted out of $13,000



On 8/32/2021 My husband bought a 2002 Toyota tundra from Freedom Auto Sales in chantilly VA for $12,817.40 in full. Nothing was disclosed to him verbally or in writting that there was any issues with the truck before and after purchasing. On 9/13/21 I took it in for an aliment and was told they couldn't complete the aliment due to the worry they would break the frame completely and was told the frame is completely rusted and cracked. I called Freedom Auto and told them and they agreed to replace the frame and timing belt which partly broke while driving it. I paid extra from them to fix the water pump after the belt broke. After being told the frame and other issues were fixed I picked up my truck on 08/22/2021 after paying in cash 500$ for them to fix the issues. On 6/01/2022 I took the tundra into Firestone Auto care in for a checkup and was told the "Frame rusted out completely, cracked in half on drivers side. Recommend parking vehicle" and "Not Safe!" We are now stuck with a truck that cannot be used and no way of getting our money back. I contacted Freedom Auto Sales again on June 30th 2022 and told them about the frame still being rusted out and unsafe and they said the owner would call me and I never received a phone call back. I want the frame fixed and the vehicle safe or all of my money back.


Don't buy from this dealer

I bought a 2007 F150 from this dealer. It had very low mileage and looked clean. A few months later I had it serviced at a Ford dealer and they informed me that the frame was rotted out. It had been patched up. I was told that it wouldn't pass inspection. The dealer had told me they had cleaned the undercarriage and undecorated it. The vehicle had been inspected 2. months before I bought it. It should never have past inspection then. I'm stuck paying off a vehicle that won't pass inspection.


Freedom Auto

I had a good experience Harry was a wonderful salesman that went far and beyond to accommodate me I would definitely recommend Freedom Auto excellent customer service 5 stars for Harry.


Auto Auction rejects (Beware!)

I would strongly recommend that you not purchase from this used car dealer. The warranty is not worth the paper it is printed on. The cars are auction rejects and the warranty company will not cover the repairs due to poor maintenance of the previous owner. STAY AWAY! Bought a BMW X5! JUNK which hd bad motor and transmission! BEWARE

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