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(6 reviews)

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Look Else Where

Was here recently to look at buying a new car. So we started talking about price, and of course asking for a good price because who wants to pay advertised price. They basically printed out a piece of paper saying they couldn't go any lower, saying they would sell it at a loss. They would not talk about price anymore after this. Disappointed.



Worked with Keosha. Almost got to a fair price..........Then I was ghosted. She was civil and professional but never followed up, Promised to call in back in 10 min. Still haven't heard.


One of the best dealerships I've went through.

Went in to get a very specific car that they just got that same week. Everyone was very polite and professional. They even gave me a little extra on my trade-in since I still owed on the car. I was in and out within a few hours and drove off the lot with my new car. Everything went pretty smooth that day and I left a happy customer. I've had dealers try to sell me on other cars that were more expensive before and even had a dealer tack another $3k underneath me when looking through paperwork AFTER I left with another car. These guys didn't try to sell me on a more expensive car that I didn't want and all the paperwork checks out. Very positive experience overall.


I was assailed with verbal abuse by Dan Richards

Here's the opinion Hyundai Motor Vehicles of West Allis left on me after my hideous dealings with them: Hellishly corrupt and slimy car dealership all the way around. I was strongly considering an Elantra from Hyundai in West Allis but was uncertain of the interest rate they would saddle me with. Hyundai Car Salesman Roger Hill tells me on 9/13/18 that they could hold the car for me if I put some money down while they sort out what I was looking at as far as an interest rate. He told me if I was uncomfortable with the interest rate that I could simply have my money back through a receipt he gave me. I put down a thousand dollars. The following day on 9/14/18, Roger called and told me I was looking at a 22.2 interest rate. I said that’s much too much and that I’d like my money refunded. He told me I would have to come in if I wanted my refunded money so I did that immediately that same day and got my refunded money back. A couple weeks go by, I find out that my credit score from TransUnion is lower than it should be, that something was misreported and I actually have good credit at a 723 instead of a 650 they originally had me at. I end up going back to Hyundai on 9/25/18 and let them know, wondering if I could get a better interest rate. Like before, Roger Hill asks me to put some money down to hold the car while adjusted interest rates are all figured out from my corrected credit score. I put down $200 and make sure to get a receipt. After a few days, Roger informs me that I’d be looking at an interest rate of 9.9 which is still not to my liking as I inform him on 9/28/18. Roger then snaps that it’s a good interest rate, that I’m getting a gift of an offer at that interest rate and that I won’t be getting my $200 back either way I slice it per his boss, so to take it or leave it with no refund. I was left in complete shock and appall because I never expected such a foul move. As directed, I followed up with Roger’s boss, Dan Richards, the next day. To my dismay, Dan Richards was even more offensive, glaring and abhorrent than Roger himself. Dan immediately began our telephone communications in an flagrantly insulting and abrasive manner, loudly carrying on about how I knew the interest rates already from my first time their so I should not have come back, that I’m up to something no good and how they aren’t going to be holding a car for “a month” for me without consequences. When I tried to correct him and tell him the car was only held for five days altogether with an agreement of giving me back my money if the interest rate didn’t suit me, my efforts were for naught. Dan Richards carried on yelling and screaming out threats during the entire duration of the call without letting me get a word in edgewise. In continuous screaming tones, he chanted the whole time “Dont talk or I hang up, don’t talk or I’ll hang up, don't talk or I hang up. I get to talk or I hang up, I get to talk or I hang up, I get to talk or I hang up. Say another word, I hang up, say another word and I hang up.” It was like dealing with a two-year-old petulant child throughout the entire call. Sure enough when I again tried explaining myself, Dan screamed "I hang up" and hung up the phone. I went up to Hyundai and tried to get my hard earned $200 back from the receptionist and Dan came out engaged in his continued petty and childish belligerence and antics, loudly telling me how I already knew interest rates to begin with from the first time around, that I should not have come back and that I'm trying to “scam Hyundai.” He proceeded to chase me out of Hyundai screaming in front of customers when I informed him that I had recorded our interaction. Because of his childish petulance over the phone, I decided to have my phone on record to catch him in action in person. Luckily, I have his petty resistance and belligerent antics recorded so Mr. Richards won't be able to deny anything. BUYER BEWARE! I will get my new car from Toyota instead, far saner service!


Callous and uniformed customer service.

I was turned away from purchasing ANY car from IA even though I had a hefty down payment and co-signer. Trying to figure out if I was discriminated against because of bad credit or it was the fact that I was there on a Saturday at 4:00pm and they close at 6:00 pm that day? Either way, it?s HORRIBLE Customer service.


Used car shopping

The women who showed me around was very friendly and not pushy! Enjoyed my experience there.

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