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Awesome Dealership

I purchased a vehicle from this lot on recently and i have not had any problems comes with a 2 year warranty-bumper to bumper, and roadside assistance. Ben (The Owner) was very professional, helpful, and worked with me until i was satisfied. Customer Service is great! This is the lot for you, come down and see Ben.


Better options at this price point

Honestly, this place just isn't worth it. TL;DR: read the last paragraph. There were several red flags when we went to this dealer. First, they falsely advertised a warranty included with the vehicle on their website; when I asked about it, they insisted it was just an "old" thing they had on their site that they no longer did. My advice: walk away and do not turn back if this happens. It is a red flag of unprofessional people. The sales people there are just not great; the people raise red flags. Our salesperson was somewhat pushy and unwilling to move on anything. Even if only 2-3 days, most people if you push them will provide a couple of days for you to take it to a trusted mechanic, have friends look at it, or just let whatever odor is in the car show itself. I should note that they were absolutely willing to allow us to take it to a nearby mechanic, but just not to our own. This is fine. The issue is an absolute lack of grace period, or absolute unwillingness to stand behind their product. Most dealers will allow a grace period, even for a couple days, if you push for one. Do not let anyone try to convince you (or don't convince yourself) otherwise. Finally, our car had a severe smoke smell in it. Again, this is something we probably should/could have noticed, but for whatever reason we didn't realize it until a few days after purchase. This is yet another reason to NEVER buy a used car without a grace period, even a few days, to let odors surface and to have friends/parents/family/mechanics also look at it. Mechanically, everything was fine, but given the other reviews combined with our severe smell, I do question the quality of cars on this lot. This might be fine at a lower price point, but this lot seems to be selling cars the low end of normal--around the 8,000 - 12,000 point. So ultimately, if you're going to spend even 9,000 on a car, there are just BETTER used car lots at this price point where quality isn't as much of a concern. Ultimately, everything else would be forgivable: some people are just a little more rough and tumble; some people are not trusting and have been burned before; and some people are unorganized. But if you're shopping at this price point, there are better options. Quality is questionable at best at this lot. Even other used car lots are better experiences: we don't need to compare them to major dealers. We decided to purchase a car from them, and we failed to recognize our own discomfort and red flags during the process. This was a mistake, and ultimately I highly recommend you just avoid this lot. I emphasize again: at this price point, and for the caliber of cars they are selling here, there are so many better options.


BUYER BEWARE! Shady business sells defective cars!

Do NOT buy a car from this dealer! Within three days of purchase the light came on and it was having serious engine trouble. I took it to TWO different other mechanics to determine what was wrong and both said that the car had been improperly fixed up to make it barely drivable so they could sell it and then stick the new owner with the costly repairs. It's a disgrace! Forget the guarantee- they DO NOT HONOR THEIR GUARANTEE!! Waited over an hour on hold to talk to the owner who finally just refused to speak to me. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING and it is WRONG! Unless you can bring a mechanic or two with you to buy- do not risk getting any vehicle from them!!


I BROUGHT A LEMON and They Knew it!

Drive 1 Autosale experience Day one I find the truck and take it for a test drive about to ho to a mechanic to check it out and the receptionist is calling me r apparently they do not let people test drive the vehicle longer than 20 minutes ( should have been a red flag but I complied) fast forward After reassuring me their vehicles are all backed by a 12 month warranty i get approved... happy when going to do finance ppwork I asked Ben what kinda car he drove he casually mentioned he drives any one on the lot I did not know that the BMWs trunk was supposed to be automatic I just know that it was very heavy to lift so I didn’t mention that it was not working Day three my check engine light came on I called the shop and told them that I will be able to bring it in The first time I bought it in Ben checked the codes and said it does that sometime when you leave the gas cap loose... reset the code and I left... this was at the end of the night so by the time I stopped to refuel and the CE light came back on it was too late to doubleback... I brought it back in waited a few hours and they looked at it and said it would be an all day job... fine. I will bring it in on a day I had someone to help me get around.. I brought it in they had it all day they said that the part didn’t come in until the last minute so he wasnt able to complete the job. Put the car back in drivable condition and said bring it back the following day...and also said DMV would not release tags until the problem is resolved I returned two days later because that is when I had someone to help me and left it 1st thing On Friday morning... after not hearing back from anyone all that day I called at 5pm and Ben hesitantly said I may get my car back Monday or Tuesday..(mind you no one called and was planning on updating me at all to tell me what was going on) It was even too late to rent a car if I wanted to go that route I called back around 5:30 and he got irate insisted his mechanic had been working up until 5:45 and did not work weekends... although that was a future time (so he deliberately lied to me) he was not compassionate to my situation at all it was pretty much you’ll get the car back when were done figuring out what is wrong with it so figure out how to get around in the meantime because they at no time will ever give a loaner car. Today. 3/25/19 I called 4different times I spoke with front desk... told me someone would call back, Nasir (Owner) said someone would call me back Ben someone would call me back it is 5:25 and I am still waiting on that update I have now been without my vehicle a total of 6 Days and I have not had the car a full 30 days I receive a call 10 minutes to six to come get a loaner because the car needs a totally new engine and is not safe to drive... They are now willing to provide me with a “loaner “I get so relieved because atleast I have a car to drive while we figure this out. I get ti the dealership and they give me this run down Toyota Sienna 2004 thats old and stained but hey its something Then I go roll down the window and it Broke! Completely broke not to mention it was well over 240,000 miles and it was pouring rain by then Im almost in tears so he proceeds to go to speak to the Owner whom they have been saying is gone for the day but was clearly still in his office and then came out to give me a 2010 Chevy Impala 2 weeks later I get my car back with a nice unexpected hefty balance...since then numerous things have malfunctioned and it hasn’t even been 90days yet and I call frustrated and it ended In Ben Calling me a xxxxx and a xxxxx smh service from xxxx!


Buyer beware. FLOOD CARS

well. bad experience here. waste of my time. i spoke to juan about a g35x they had in stock, and was told that the price was negotiable based on any defects. the car’s frame, brakes, and exhaust look like it sat underwater for a week. there were giant nails in the tires, all rims were curbed, one was bent with a crack. On several panels, there were fresh scratches and chips and dents down to the steel. And they then refused to come down a single dollar. these people are crooks, and to have me drive 3 hours to them because they would rather lie to get me in the door, well, BUYER BEWARE. i went to crossroads infiniti, and i spent a few thousand more than i intended to, but got a great deal. dont go to drive1 without a mechanic. They have flood cars they are trying to pass off as good.


Very Happy!

Very professional,honest and friendly. I'm not from that area but I would go back to Wake Forest just to do business with them again. Thanks guys. Love the Navigator.


Great Dealership

I recently bought a used Lincoln Navigator from them, and the buying process was very easy, not to mention the price was very fair. The customer service there is great. They gave me a coffee, we talked about cars for a bit, they threw some gas in the tank and washed it for me. A couple days later I had some problems with the window motors, so when I came back to pick up my tags I asked if they could help me out with that, and they certainly did. I got everything fixed for less than half of what the dealership was going to charge me to do it, they gave me a car to borrow for the few hours it took for them to do the work, and they put my tags on for me. You dont get that kind of service too much any more from used car dealers, so I was impressed. I'd definitely buy from them again, and Id recommend anyone shop there. Thank you Drive-1!


Great dealer

I purchased a Toyota Rav4 from Drive 1. Gene was great from start to finish. I came for 1 car and after talking to Gene got the Toyota. He was was very up front and honest. That goes a long way. If you need a good clean used car go see Gene.


Absolute WORST Buying Experience

The ONLY thing I can compliment was that the salesperson picked me up at the airport. I saw a Honda?s Odyssey I really liked online and called immediately to express interest and at no point did they tell me the rear tires were bald or about any of the other repairs the car needed immediately yet they priced the car as if it were in perfect condition. There was a heavy rainstorm so some of the things didn?t show up like the crack in the rear tail light or the flaking clear enamel on the headlights but these are minor compared to the rear shocks and struts along with front stabilizer links that needed to be replaced as soon as I drove it home to NYC. I flew all the way to NC from NYC and they couldn?t even tell me the tires were bad. The car was so filthy that 14 leather wipes later the steering wheel was kind of clean. It smelled like a farm and the windows were so dirty I had to stop and buy window cleaner to even see out the side windows. The wipers were bad and the auxiliary cable was broken and they removed the trailer hitch that the vehicle was advertised with and the only thing they had to say was that they took the hitch off. I expressed my desire to have a registration transfer and presented my license plate from my previous car and active insurance yet they processed a new registration anyway and lied to me saying they would transfer it. I had hundreds of dollars in fines to pay because they messed up my registration and my insurance and the DMV charged me for a lapse in coverage and they threatened to revoke my license if I didn?t pay. The dealership manager claims `to be honest? they didn?t do anything wrong and hung up on me several times and refused to continue contact. Not to mention they failed to send my new plate to the mailing address in the DMV that I gave on the day of the sale and that too caused another expense on behalf of their mountainous mistakes. I?ve purchased a lot of cars in my time and I?ve never done business with such a dishonest place... to not even clean the car was bad enough but to deny responsibility for any of these things was absolutely appalling. I?m an avid camper so getting dirty isn?t my issue but to drive a car so dirty that just rolled off the lot is insulting to the industry and caused my hands to be so gross I was really upset. I don?t even understand what happened but I do understand that this dealership has no idea what they?re doing. I?m not a creature of telling people what to do but if you have the slightest bit of self respect you?ll stay away from this place. I don?t care that it is a high mileage vehicle because that?s irrelevant on a Honda - it was priced as a perfect car but presented far from it. I don?t even care as much about the wipers but that was just one of many things of a long list of nonsense that any respectable business would never do, `to be honest with you?. The only reason I gave 2 stars on customer service is because the otherwise absent salesperson came to get me from the airport. Otherwise this place is a total joke. Complete and total joke.


Best dealer in Wake Forest

Great dealer excellent customer service bought a car for the wife and Ben was awesome great price and great customer service the vehicle was priced right he still gave me a great deal very clean dealership, and the vehicle is great wife is very happy with my purchase.

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