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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(10 reviews)

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2014 Volvo S60

Cesar is a great guy to work with. Although they didn't have the car I called ahead to look at at the Buckeye location, I didn't have to wait long. They took me over to the Van Buren location in a new Benz. When I drove the Volvo it was great except for the groan when the wheels turned to the right. I accidentally left my car keys in the Volvo after the test drive and went back to get my car. Cesar was very understanding and took me back over in the Benz again to get my keys out of the Volvo. I asked him to call me back when the Volvo was repaired and I would consider buying it. Maybe this is just how car dealerships do things, but later when he called me he said he would only fix the Volvo if I promised to buy it. I mentioned that it would need to be fixed for most anyone to want to buy it. He persisted so I told him I wasn't interested. Good thing too, because I found a better car at half the price. TL;DR Cesar is a great guy. Pretty good experience. The car business is a trap.


Thankfull for overall service..

I came to Inpower Motors Dec 2018 looking to trade in my car for an SUV. They paid out my loan and got me my car within the same payment I had on my previous car. Had to give a little more down paument because of my credit but I didn't mind if I was getting what I wanted. My friend asked them for the carfax on my vehicle and they printed it out and it was good. Since my friend is a mechanic he wouldn't let me get just any car. Took it to fix some fuses asked them for assistance, waited little more than 3 hrs but my car was fixed. Marcos the person in charge of Mechanics is friendly, polite and respectful. I came here because my previous bank said if there was any dealer rhat could help me get into a newer car having had only 10 months with thw other car it would be InPower Motors and it did happen. I have no complaints on my car or the premises or customer service problems.


Car Buying Experience

I wish I could give NO stars to this company! May 2018, I purchased a 2009 Chevy Impala. I went to this place because I didn't have the best credit,and I really needed a car. I was initially given good customer service and the sales rep was easy to work with and seemed very understanding of my credit issues. But little did I know,it came at a BIG cost! I ended up with a very high interest loan for 36 months on a 2009 model car! I accepted the terms because of my dire need of a car and I knew I didn't have the best credit score. After a couple of weeks,car stops on me.Engine light comes on,brought car into dealership under the 30 day warranty. They fixed the car,but didn't tell me what was wrong,didn't give me any paperwork or anything! 2 Months after buying it,I was told all the tires were bad,so I had to buy a full set of tires.So fast forward not even a year later, I have had nothing but problems with this car. I have replaced sensors in the motor TWICE! I have replaced the alternator,replaced the battery TWICE. Replaced the Starter. Transmission went out,had to have it rebuilt. And now the Rotors and brakes are no good and need to be replaced. All within less than a year! The money I have put into this car is mind blowing! Not including the money I have spent on Ubers and rental cars for the many days I didn't have a working car. And the worst part..........still having to pay a car note on a car that is a LEMON! It is awful that companies take advantage of people who have reached some hard times in life,asking for a second chance and dont have the best credit. Just because I didn't have the best credit score, doesn't mean I deserved to be sold a crappy car or dont deserve quality. I was taken advantage of,tricked,sold a wooden nickle or whatever you want to call it. Ladies Especially Beware and have your own mechanic to check out car before you purchase. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone! I wish I would have read the reviews before I purchased my car, because it looks like the dealership has a history of doing this to people.Credit challenged or not, It's still good to be Ethical!


Great customer service

I recommend this dealer Armando gave me great customer service !! He made it possible to get me the car i wanted for a low down payment. He was very polite -cierra they make it possible for you to get the car you want thank you !!


Waste of time

I inquired about an Impala, they guy his name was Mario, told me to come down to see it and whatnot, just so that when I arrived he would tell me he doesn’t have any Impalas. I drove from Tempe to this place during rush hour. Complete waste of time.


Poor communication, no response to emails or texts

Does not communicate well. I asked questions about the vehicle I was interested in over emails and then texts but never got a response. Ready to purchase a vehicle but I will be taking my business elsewhere.


Bad business

There's not enough room to say about them. Just Out right terribly bad experience with them. Excuse's for every thing and smile right in your face at same time.


Buyer beware GREAT CUSTOMER service they will tell

They will tell you whatever they have to to get you to sign on the line. BUT at the same time will come up with some reason not to give you a carfax so you don't find out the car has been flooded then you will get run around on repairs . Just personal experience but seems to happen alot ,then if you write a bad review they will actually respond and tell you it's your fault your credit is bad that you got what was given to you ,simply look at the reviews and responses for yourself just very unprofessional!!!!!!


good inventory, friendly sales staff

I went in to check it one of their advertised trucks from cars.Com. The salesman was very helpful in showing me different vehicles. Very friendly, reasonably knowledgeable and no pressure sales tactics applied.


No follow up

Called and spoke to a salesman 16 days ago. Asked about the specific vehicle I saw on Said he needed to check if it was available and call me back. 16 days later - still crickets.

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