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Twenty-five years of experience in the industry has enabled us here at Hawthorne Auto Square to get you the best deal for your money. We're the bank. You buy here, you pay here, so we can get you approved when other dealerships can't. Our in-house financing programs make it easy to get into the car you want, no matter how you get paid, we can get you financed GUARANTEED. Hawthorne Auto Square accepts any form of income, such as disability, SSI, and government assistance. Do youOur buy here pay here dealership offers a selection of used cars for sale. We carry a large inventory of models and makes.

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(18 reviews)

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Used Car customer very satisfied

Took my 2015 Explorer in for service very professional I would recommend them to anyone also I bought the Explorer from them as well the sales staff and their Auto Repair staff was very professional



this is a must go to spot they are very friendly and will make sure u drive off satisfied clean facility an hard workers great service


Excellent service all around

As soon as we pulled up we were politely greeted ask how can they help us and every thing was perfect in all aspects of the operation.


Very good person

I love that place people there are very help full ty is the best my salesman the best the cashier are always helpful thank you



I currently have a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy on the car I have from them with a dual residency in both California and Nevada and they took my car illegally. I've spoke with a girl name Silvia who doesn't know what she's doing and I got bounced back and forth to so many other people until I get to the person who needs to be releasing the vehicle by the name of SHIRLEY CRITTENDEN.... FIRST UPDATE: Shirley hung up in my face when I told her about the law that she claims she knows about but clearly doesn't. SECOND UPDATE: Shirley called me a xxxxx has hung the phone up in my face multiple times and refuses to do what is asked and what is suppose to be done by the LAW. She needs to be fired immediately!!!!! She obviously has no idea what she's doing either and that's not how you handle business. THIRD UPDATE: I talked to multiple people in the payments department about releasing the car back to me and they inform me that there's no one else I can speak to but Shirley and that she doesn't have anyone over her and that she doesn't have a boss and that Shirley isn't available. Finally at 4:55 pm (The only time she answers the phone because she's about to get off at 5:00 pm) Shirley answers and says "I like how you just being a snitch out here tryna get me fired and xxxx now you ain't getting xxxx back and Ima have them charge you for your stuff xxxx waving the fees' then hangs up in my face again. This company isn't doing things like they are suppose to be doing and they do not know how to treat the customers!


Bad Business

I did the online application. I received a call from a salesman named David. He told me that I would need to bring 2000 with me to get a certain car even though the ad clearly states you can get the car with 0 down and you have 5 months to build your down payment. I drove all the way to there dealership. The drive took me 1.5 hours to get there. I brought the down payment with me. They actually showed me the car. I was amazed at how much it was beat up. As a matter of fact the battery was dead on the car and I had to show the manager and lot guy how to properly jump the car. I was taken inside the showroom. They had me sit down in front of this jerk finance guy. He asked me how much I had to put down. I told him exactly what the salesman told me to bring. I also told him since I had 5 months to come up with more down payment I would give him a total of 6000. He said sorry that 2000 is not enough up front. He said he would need more. I didnt even ask him what that was. I just walked out. These guys are liars and over charge for all these vehicles. Not only are they charging about 10,000 over what the car is worth but they are charging a 29 percent interest rate on top of that. JUST Beware that they will bury you so far in $$ that you will never get out of the vehicle. It will break before you will ever pay it off. There are way better places then this xxxx show. You were warned.


Horrible experience

I recently purchased a vehicle from Hawthorne auto sales.I have had nothing but a run-around experience and horrible customer service. The day after I purchased my vehicle I had to invest in windshield wipers and a oil change because both were needed. That was $150. Two days after I purchased my vehicle the check engine light turned on. I called the finance department and Sam the gentleman who sold me the car said "you are responsible for the repairs you caused the damage". The mechanic said "a rock hit the grill while driving, and caused damage to the shutters". He said they would cover the labor but im responsible for the part. I asked Sam to speak with someone else who could assist me and the manager I spoke with told me he would call me back after he got information on the situation in 10 minutes, that was two days ago. I called back the following day and was told i would get another call back and i am still waiting. I called the service department and thethe mecha said he can begin the work when he orders the part. I dropped my car off two days ago and you still havent ordered the part? He said its $312, and there is one thats $150 but its aftermarket and he refused to use it. The car is 8 days old to me and I've already spent an additional $472, in addition to my $2500 down payment. And I still havent heard anything from ANY MANAGER.


Great experience and amazing service!

I strongly recommend this auto dealership! The staff were absolutely amazing, they were always ready to help and attentive as well. I came to Hawthorne Auto Square together with my husband for our first car purchase and we really love how they provided us the customer service we needed. Their price were cheaper that most dealers I ever been to and the salesman weren't pushy at all. I'm very satisfied with the car we purchased and we really love it! After I decided on a car, the process was absolutely easy and quick. Thank you so much Hawthorne Auto Square!


Overall excellent!

It was my first time purchasing a car and I would like to thank the staffs who made buying my dream vehicle possible. I can honestly say that its one of the best puchasing experience I had. The saleman wasn't pushy at all, they were very professional and took care of us very well. Walked out very happy with my purchased and I couldn't be more happier!


Best Car Dealers in town!

Best Car Dealers! The sales man from this company made our purchasing company so easy and convenient. I didn't feel any pressure for choosing my first vehicle and they weren't pushy at all. They had a great selection of cars and the price was very reasonable. I am 100% satisfied with the service we received from them and would definitely recommend!

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