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This seller has been on since August 2017.
My name is Mike Kirkpatrick and I've been selling cars locally since 1988. I have thousands of happy customers. A rating with the better business bureau. My goal is to keep selling great vehicles. we offer zero down financing. most payments are below $150 per month. we have warranties from 3 months to 4 years. we give the most for trades. we promise to treat you right. Kirkpatrick auto sales.
11845 S. Memorial Dr.
Bixby ok 74008
call or text me now at 918-798-5669
Quality you can count on at a price you deserve!


(36 reviews)

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Buyer beware

Buyer beware. I am not telling anyone not to purchase a vehicle from Kirkpatrick Auto sales, but I am not encouraging it either. I am hopeful my experience may prevent someone from losing thousands of dollars. I noticed a pickup for sale on the lot. After a week, the vehicle was sold. I was still watching the lot to see if another pickup appears and the same one returned for $200 more. I test drove the truck. The vehicle was exceptionally clean for the year, and it drove nice. I asked if this was the same pickup that was on the lot before? Mike said yes. I asked why is it back? He told me the person that purchased it was waiting for a new car to come in and it arrived a week or so after buying this one. Mike said he sold it back to the car lot because he no longer needed it. FIRST RED FLAG I asked if I could take it to my mechanic. I was told no, because they would have to always stay with the vehicle; therefore, it could not leave the lot. This should have been my SECOND RED FLAG. He told me how others were looking at it and would come back and buy it. I know, I know I should not have let this pressure me. I made a dumb mistake and bought the truck since it looked so clean, was nicely equipped, and drove so smooth. I had new tires put on the truck and wanted a tow hitch. I brought it to my mechanic. The mechanic called me over with horrible news. The entire undercarriage and I do mean the ENTIRE bottom of the truck was horrifically rotted. It was to the point where he was putting his finger through the chassis. I was sick, angry, embarrassed, and overwhelmed. The mechanic said there is nothing solid on the underside of this truck. He said the truck was unsafe to drive. This is when I realized why I was not allowed to take the vehicle by myself off the lot. My mechanic said no one would ever have known the extent of the damage without having it on a lift. I went back to Kirkpatrick hoping I could trade out this truck for another vehicle. Mike said I could sell him the truck back for less than ½ of what I paid, or I could sell it on consignment. I asked If I could swap out for a different vehicle. He said no this is your truck unless you want to use this as a trade in. He got serious and said he could either go in the office lock the door and wait for me to leave, I could sell the truck back, or keep it and leave. I chose to sell it back at a loss because I could not sell this truck and sleep at night. The truck that I sold back to him returned to his lot with a price higher than what I originally paid. Moreover, I had to have the truck registered in my name which ended up costing almost $500.00. I did tell Mike my mechanic says the vehicle is unsafe. He said some mechanics exaggerate. He did not care to hear what the problem was with the truck nor wanted to see pictures of the damage. Oh yes, remember how I told you the truck was previously sold back. It turns out the other person had sold the truck back at a 50% loss too.


Dishonest representation of the vehicle

Prior to making the 3.5 hour drive to the dealership I exchanged emails and phone calls with Mike. He answered my questions about the van and assured me that everything with the van was in good condition so we made the trip. What we found was, there was no navigation package in the van as advertised, the rear door supports were shot, the AC did not work, the power steering went out at the end of my test drive, and there was a knocking in the rear wheels whenever I pushed the brakes during the test drive. When I presented all this to him his response was, "everyone has a different opinion on each vehicle, some hate them and some love them". As if the laundry list of things broken on this van was just my personal opinion. He also told me "everything was working when I drove it last." DO NOT BUY FROM THIS MAN!! If you get a good car from him, consider yourself lucky.


Avoid this place!!!

He sell nothing but junk! All cars has major issues that will cost you more to fix thay what they're worth, he'll tell you there's nothing wrong with the car, they're run good, but all is lie!! Now I'm stuck with a junk on my drive way.


Honest and Professional

Mr. Kirkpatrick too care of our needs in purchasing our '79 Ford Ranger. Named it "Phoebe". No hassles... No beating around the bush; and most of all No BS....just a frankly honest to goodness business transaction purchase. We appreciate your professionalism and sincerity on this purchase. Keeping it Real!


Great experience and great car.

I am very happy with my car purchase here. Mike is a great smiley happy friendly guy. I do no get all the bad reviews, People, these are used cars not new !! The dealer can't possibly know every detail of every car. It is YOUR job to check out the vehicle before buying. I think they are great. Very very helpful sales people. I had a pleasant experience. And no im not related or a friend !! There is NO WAY Mike would knowingly sell a bad vehicle . I love my car i got !! A+ smooth transaction.


2007 Ford Taurus

I asked about the condition of the vehicle we purchased and the dealership was not honest with us. The door panel was missing, the rear view mirror needs replaced and the exhaust system needs repaired. We were charged too much for what we got.


I would never buy a car from these rude people!!!!

I have never been to a car lot where the people selling the cars are rude! You would think they would try and be nice and sell the cars not make you want to not buy a car from them!


Liers and thieves

The second car I bought from this dealer was a 2005 Jeep Sport. They all assured me the vehicle was in good condition and had no significant issues. I brought the car to my mechanic and had $3800 in repairs done and discovered the entire vehicle was rusted out. This was hid by new panels, new soft top, new stereo, new tires and a big lie. I now have a $14000 off road vehicle I can't drive off road. I made a huge mistake by not having my mechanic look at it before I bought it. I should have known but I trusted Mike. I will pay for this for a long time.


Misleading, Deceptive Business

The website said a warranty was included...wrong. They let me ride along for a short test drive, to hide the clunking and misfiring. Was barely able to get it home. Immediately had it in the shop. I spent thousands to get this SUV road-worthy. Advice to buyers...take the car to “your” mechanic for inspection before you hand this guy any money.


Best place anywhere to buy a great used car.

I looked all over northeastern Oklahoma and found the best deal possible. All the staff at Kirkpatrick auto sales was very friendly and helpful. This was the best experience I've ever had purchasing a car. They had me in and out in 20 minutes and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Kirkpatrick auto sales. Its the only place I'll ever shop again.

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