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Do not waste your time

Every time I have contacted the dealership they are extremely over MSRP on cars, and you cannot even take a car for a test drive from them unless you waste time negotiating on price, go through a bunch of paperwork, and sign an purchase agreement prior to a test drive. I have no idea how people are willing to make the effort or even bother when you're trying to make one of the highest cost purchases you ever will.


If you need a test drive, call Carlos

In a market which is difficult to find a car just to test drive, much less purchase, Dan O'Brian delivered. We worked with Carlos Castaneda during our visit. He did an excellent job procuring a car which we could take for a test drive, a Kia Soul. Not only was Carlos a font of data concerning the car, the car itself is a keeper. The Soul was everything every review mentioned. Would we purchase this car? We would.


Very Happy with Dan OBrien KIA in Concird.

I love my KIA Seltos. I had great service when I bought it and just a few days ago when I had an oil change. Crystal was amazing. She is a keeper. Only 4 stars because the price of future oil changes will be $60.00


Quick easy no hassle sales and service.

I Bought a 2021 Kia Sorento and love it. Quick easy sales process, and always excellent service experience improving everytime. Always have a clean car when I have service.


Great Service Experience

I had an excellent service experience. They were able to fit me in with a very short notice. Crystal Cole was great, very friendly and provided a very professional personal attitude on the front end of the service. Got me in and out when they said they would. Car looked great coming out of the service visit.


Never again!

We signed papers to buy a new Kia Seltos and over a week later they still hadn’t gotten us approved. They lied left and right blaming us for the delay when we gave them everything they asked for. Three times they asked us for documentation we had sent twice. They then tried lying by telling us we were in a legally-binding contract and couldn’t get out of it despite not having approval or a car from them. They would not stop the process even after requesting them to for two days. They called and texted me while at work for days and stressed me out through the whole ordeal. Went to another dealership on a Saturday and left with approval and a car that day.


Honeymoon phase wears off as soon as you buy the c

They got me a great deal on my trade in. Only thing keeping this from being a one star. They sold me a car with faulty CarPlay and nobody informed about it at any step of the way. I had to find out when I drove the car home. I’ve been dealing with the Norwood location’s service department which is a whole other can of worms. Unacceptable. When they want you to come in they find all the time in the world to call and talk to you. Once you buy the car - radio silence. I get told constantly “we’ll get back to you” and nobody does. I can’t take them at their word about anything. It took four different phone calls to get them to send me a copy of my registration. There just seems to be a very “fly by the seat of their pants” attitude at Dan O Brien Kia. It sucks because I really want to like them but once you’ve signed for the car they treat you like an annoying nuisance.


Sales reps are liars and cheats

Don’t bother with this dealership. They are filled with liars and false promises. We are in the market for a minivan and started at the North Hampton dealership. We were looking for new preferably but could go used. We were told they had no new inventory but had some used available to test drive. After driving and reviewing the price I pointed out the cost of a 3 year old used was the same price as a new car so why bother. We got up to leave and suddenly they found that 3 new cars were being delivered in a couple week. What great and suspicious timing. We talked over a price and then left to sleep on it. A couple days later we accepted the offer and now the car was going to be delivered to the Concord dealership the next day and that someone from their team would call us in the morning to finish things off. We got the call late morning and…they sold it someone else earlier that day. To make it up the lead salesman told us to come down and we could instead build our own car for the same price which seemed fair. We get there and a pick out what we wanted and then they go over the price and there is an extra $4000 for a “market adjustment.” I pointed out that the price I had from North Hampton didn’t include the adjustment and they agreed to match the previously agreed price. Their response was: “Whoever waived that should have been fired.” No customer service, no sorry for wasting your time in the first place just blame the other guy and you pay up. So we walked away again. The sales rep I was in contact with couldn’t be bothered to come see me and sent someone else out to deal with us to I messaged him saying he lied to us. He got back right away, said he saw us but was too busy to come see us while we were there and tried to negotiate. Unfortunately we found a middle ground of $2000 adjustment instead of nothing because we still wanted and needed the car. We put the deposit down ($5000) and they said it would be 8-10 weeks and they’ll put an expedition request on it. It has now been 5 months. The people I had been in contact with requesting a status have gone silent, not that their responses were any help to begin with. Every answer was some variation of the order is in progress with no additional details. I understand supply chain is a problem now but we have several friends who have built their own cars and got their vehicles in the time frame we were quoted. 23 weeks with no status and now being ghosted by someone who has essentially stolen $5000 from us is unacceptable. Keep away from these crooks. If someone from the corporate branch would like to reach out I would be more than happy to talk with you and name names.


Avoid this dealership at all cost

In Sept. 2020 they advertised a 2012 Sorento for 6488, about 2500 below book value. When I got there, I asked my salesman what was wrong with the vehicle. All he would say was “check your oil regularly”. During the negotiation process they told me I would have to pay 9000 for it, despite advertising it for 6488. The “closer” gave me a long and hard to understand xxxx and bull story on why they wanted 9000. I said no way would I pay that price. He returned from his manager and said “would you buy it for 7000? Like a fool, I agreed, because hey, what’s another $500? It’s worth 9k. Well, to make a long story short. It had a bad GDI engine that caused it to eat oil at an alarming rate. I had to be towed 3x far from home as the vehicle just died on the highway because it had no oil. They knew this, but they put a dangerous vehicle out on the sales lot anyway. I had no recourse with Kia, as the vehicle had over 100k, not under warranty. Only had it for 6 mos., I was forced to sell it to a company that buys used vehicles. Lost about 5k because Dan O”Brien Kia is a very very shady operation. Please, do yourself a favor and go somewhere else!


Buyer beware-bait & switch is alive & well!

I was hoping against hope that I wasn’t walking into a bait & switch situation but that’s exactly what I experienced today. I identified a vehicle that I liked on auto trader. The person I communicated with guaranteed that it was available. He even said that he would “pull the keys” for me. He asked me to select a time that I would be there which I did. And within a couple minutes of being there at the agreed upon time the sales person gave me the news that the vehicle that I was interested in was sold 30 minutes ago. Wow imagine that. I had heard rumors that they were sketchy and today confirmed that. Buyer beware.

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