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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(4 reviews)

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Purchased a porsche panamera on June 17th. They lady, Ms...

Purchased a porsche panamera on June 17th. They lady, Ms Carol who assisted me was fantastic. Excellent personality, very helpful and got me in the car I wanted. I been looking for this particular car for a few months, has everything I was looking for in the vehicle -they have other panameras but non of which is fully loaded like the 1 I purchased-. I took the day off work thinking I can make it back in time, I got to the dealership at 10am it was about 3pm by time I left with my vehicle -not a problem there were other things that made it take that long and I know there's a process for everything- I get on the freeway and halfway home I get a flat tire, went to a tire place and they fixed it. I get home and was showing my friends the vehicle and I open the passenger door and closes it, then a button fell off -no big deal figure I can glue it later or something- drove the car to work Friday and on the way home a service light came on that said chassis system fault. Carmax service was closed so I look up what that light means, all the forums I found said stop the car immediately and get the car towed. So I park the car for the weekend. Finally Monday comes and I reach out to CarMax and advised them what was going on, the service rep was able to get me into a shop in SF, so I take the day off to take the car in, turns out they didn't have the technology to service a porsche. So Tuesday I was told to pick up the car and take it to a porsche dealer, so I take another day off work to take it to porsche in fremont. They did the diagnostic and sent the quote to carmax, turns out the entire front suspension is aftermarket. $13,500 in repairs. Carmax advised me that because of the price they would have to get approval from higher up. I understand that's the process but it took a few days. The car is still at the dealership and it is now July 10th he porsche dealership service advisor has been fantastic, michael has been extremely communicative with me. All I wanted to do is get my car fixed, it's been almost a month and I keep getting the run around. Been talking to carmax and they offer a refund of my money or another vehicle but they don't have another vehicle that is similar to what I purchased. Carmax did give me a loaner vehicle in the meantime. The issue is, at the end of the day I'm stuck without a car unless I purchase another car from CarMax, my trade in was already sold. It seems as if carmax wanted the porsche back so they can sell it at auction so they don't take a loss, I'm kind of forced to buy another car from them unless I get the cash on the spot and go directly and buy another car. So carmax doesn't take any losses here the only person screws over is me. I've already taken 3 days off work, I don't have the vehicle I purchased and I'm going to have to take more time off at work just to get another vehicle.


A Complete Mess of a Company

Lies, lies and more lies - an extremely frustrating experience, They think that their customer are morons and not paying attention. They are not even good liars - it is like the Twilight Zone. They had nothing meaningful to offer. There are too many places to buy a car - don't waste your time with CarMax - they should be called CarJoke.

Dealer response

Hello, we appreciate you posting a review for our store. We aim to deliver an exceptional experience that is hassle-free for you as our customer, so we'll absolutely take your feedback to heart. We're grateful that you provided us with these details so we can explore how to continue improving our service in the future. - Your Customer Care Team


Worst than regular car dealer..

Would never buy a car from them.. spend hours on phone to arrange 24 test drive and upload all the documents,when I get there a week letter ( it took that long to get the car ready) I had to go to the same proses again.. and in the and they tell me I have 20 minutes to test the car..


D. Frank

I had no choice, my car of 20 years, which I bought brand new in 1999 was done. With so many websites ( I looked at several), I was not sure where to go. Then someone mentioned Car Max to me. I looked on line and saw a few cars I was interested in. The next weekend I drove to Colma to checked out and test drive a couple of cars. I decided to ask about had 2. I test drove one of them and could not resist. I bought it. I was very impressed with the buying process. It was quick, easy and believe it or not relaxing since the sales person completed the paper work for me. Yes, I had to sign several sheets but that was a given. Something I was dreading for the past two years, was so surprisingly easy I couldn't believe it!!!

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