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Great Car Great Salesperson

Got a beautiful Lexus from Matt and it looks great has run great ever since Thanks Matt very nice car Hope to deal with you in the future!!! The price was reasonable and the ride is smooth


Worst buying experience ever!!

Worst car buying experience ever. I bought a car from them, it broke down a week later. Turns out it needed a whole new engine. They were not helpful in anyway. They kept telling me it was a used vehicle and they couldn't do anything about it. The vehicle only had 47,000 miles on it.


Rip off artists, don’t buy from here!

I recently bought a used Lexus from these guys. They give you the option to take a car for a test drive and go have it checked for problems before you buy, hoping you’ll be stupid like I was and not do that. I bought my car a couple weeks ago. It was cold, battery seemed to need to be replaced so took it to Lexus in Murray and learned it also needed a CV joint, a shock ($1800 part!!) and hood shocks. Cost me another $4000 on top of the $17000+ I Paid for the car out the door with taxes and license. I learned today by a loose lipped young sales guy at Lexus that the Lexus dealership wholesaled this car to Carboys because they didn’t want to pay to repair it and resell it. So this is the scam they have going between high end dealerships and car dealers like Carboys. High end Dealerships won’t sell cars that need work to a person, but they will sell it to these unethical smaller car dealers who they know won’t tell you what is wrong with the car before you buy it and you’re screwed, (which makes the dealerships xxxxxxxx too!)!! Pay the fee to get the car thoroughly inspected before you buy from these guys or you could be in my shoes all too soon! Grrrrr! So unhappy at both companies for this unethical bs!!! I won’t ever buy from them again, not will I recommend them to anyone else.


Dishonest/ Offer zero help after sale

VERY DISHONEST and SHADY We made a 3 hr trip to look at a pickup. We called ahead and It was warmed up in the garage when we got there which was a little odd. Everything seemed perfect, so we paid 11k cash and trailered it back home. The next morning when we went to unload it, we started it and it had a very loud ticking/knocking noise for 2 minutes until it warmed up as well at the engine light came on. We haven’t put a single mile on the pickup and contacted the dealer asking if we could bring it right back or if they can do anything toward the repairs. We hauled it to a shop where they said it’s a common problem on these that you only hear when the motor is cold and first starts up. It is a $2500 repair and down for 1 1/2 weeks. The dealer said sorry they can’t do anything. They went out of their way to hide a serious, obvious problem and will not make any effort at all to make it right. The pickup is at the shop and we have not driven it a single mile since the test drive. It makes me sad they are this dishonest. I really hope another buyer who is reliant on one vehicle doesn’t get taken advantage of. Buyer beware.


Great experience

Great company to buy online from. I bought a Ford Escape from Matt. He answered all my questions. Help me with a Vehicle history report And arrange for shipping. I highly recommend Carboys


easy to work with, no pressure.

We recently bought a Volvo from carboys and they were amazing to work with! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anybody AND I Would buy another vehicle from there again.


Great place

Easy transaction, no pressure. Get me finance with a low rate. MARCO help explorer all the options and rates available. I would definitely recommend they business.


2012 Ford F250

Got a good deal !! Clean cars and nice office. Will be back for another car. Alex and Marcos help me get financed with a better rate as well. Thanks

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