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This seller has been on since October 2022.
At our dealership you?ll find a solid selection of new Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram for sale as well as a carefully inspected lineup of pre-owned vehicles. We also have a well-connected finance center run by a qualified team of finance experts who can help you get the right loan or lease in a quick easy and transparent manner.
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(18 reviews)

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Buy from Langdon Brown!

Langdon Brown gave us the best car buying experience ever! It was a pleasure to purchase a truck from him. We could not be happier with our vehicle or the purchase process. Langdon is one of the best people I have ever worked with on any car purchase. He was pressure free and truly listened to what we needed and wanted. We received the highest level of customer service from him, and his demeanor shows how he really cares about his customers. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to buy a new/used car to go talk to him. Especially if you want a great deal and plenty of belly laughter from his good humor! He’s a true gem of a person, and the salt of the earth. It’s my hope that one day he’ll run that dealership. He can be the inspiration that dealership needs to show everyone how good things happen to good people that have a good attitude and an incredible work ethic. Thank you for being a shining star and you keep on being you! 10/10 5 stars A++++



I used the KBB value on my trade in didn’t get what was quoted the trade in was in great shape. Then they put it up for $8000 more than what they gave me. I made the deal just letting you know you will get xxxxx on a trade in.

Dealer response

Isaac, Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and we'd like to learn more about your experience. If you'd be willing to provide more information about your visit, please send us a message with your contact information so that we can reach out. Our goal is to make sure everyone that visits the dealership has a top-notch experience. We're sorry that we didn't meet that goal in this case and we'd love the opportunity to get more details to see if we can turn this situation around for you. Bethany Neale


Great Service Dan

We had an absolutely amazing experience working with Dan at Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram North Savannah. Honestly, the best dealership I’ve ever worked with. They are all very professional, extremely helpful and just pleasant all around. We love our new Jeep!!

Dealer response

Thank you, Selina. We are very happy to have provided you with such a positive experience! We sincerely value your business and look forward to your next visit.


Awful service department - Connor is awful

Our experience with the service department has by far been the worst experience. Our service writer, Connor, was awful. He constantly told us incorrect information, he only called once every two weeks if we were lucky with an update (our truck was there for almost two months), he constantly made promises he didn't keep, constantly forgot to do things/asked us the same questions three or four times, and was awful to my wife but tried to act like buddies when I was there. The work that was done by the tech was sloppy and I ended up fixing quite a few things after bringing it back two more times, only to be laughed at/told I was wrong (parking brake never hooked up, hose clamp not on correctly, body clips not lined up, leaking power steering fluid, low on coolant and power steering fluid). Connor is always right though, and the customer is always wrong. He is going to lose every single customer he talks to in that service department. I guess when your Dad is the service director though, nobody cares about the customer. Stay away unless you want an awful experience and sloppy work.


Poor Customer Service

Bought a jeep from this dealership in early December 2021. The car traded in I have had to keep making payments on and my temporary tag is expiring. Still no word on when I will get my registration and when I call to ask about it all I get is voicemail or someone named Victoria who talks to me like I'm an inconvenience to her job. My advice is avoid this dealership!!!! Update: I've been informed to just keep driving with expired tags and if I get pulled over to contact the dealership. Still no update on a real solution. Still no contact from any manager from this dealership.


Buyer Beware

Worst online shopping experience every. I don’t live in state very aware & knowledgeable of the vehicle I wanted to purchase. Requested updated photo of the car because the published photos were dirty, received that loved the newer pictures. Didn’t haggle with the online price, they increased the price by 2k on the buyers order stating Certified Pre Owned. Okay that means the rates are more aggressive thru Chrysler Financial, gave my credit info requesting submission to one bank Chrysler Financial, they submitted my credit to 10 different financial institutions. So when the rate came back with the terms & sale price, they were giving a payment quote $100 higher than it should have been. When requested a GSM, Finance or Used Car Manager or BDC Director give a call to explain, because our sales representative was new to the industry, so we can pay a deposit if terms are agreeable and fly in to purchase….CRICKETS. Currently the unit is still in stock with revised photos & Certified Pre Own listed in the listing & we still haven’t heard nothing from anyone in the dealership. All bad reviews are true about this dealership & experiences.



WORST Dealership I've ever worked with. I have bought 6 brand new cars in my life and this by FAR the Worst dealership you could possibly buy from. TERRIBLE customer service, Ignored and unreturned phone calls, lies, failure to delivers, broken promises and headaches and anger are all you will find here. The sales manager Justin has repeatedly ignored my calls and never returned any of my voicemails. The general manager has also failed to return any of my messages or calls. Customer service is always too bothered to go actually find any real resolutions. Every single human in this place will make you feel like you're a burden for even being there. It took over 2 months for them to give me the title to a truck I bought in cash, no loan. No one helped speed up this process despite many phone calls, emails, and messages. Still do not have 2nd key I was promised by 3 different people. I bought a wrap for my truck and they used a 3rd party to install it and did not wrap the door-jams aS was asked about and promised. Also they drove my truck all the way to North Carolina and back without asking me. It took over 8 hours of my day to buy this truck, with cash. It took over 8 hours to get the deal done and we didn't even include any bank or extra warranties or anything. Should have taken much less time. Got halfway home and they called me to come back because they had me sign paperwork to the wrong state. They gave me a loaner vehicle to use while my truck was getting wrapped. A couple days into having the loaner vehicle, they called and demanded that I bring the loaner car back to them so they could give me a different, crappier one to use because they had a buyer for the first one. Even after telling them I lived an hour away and that's asking too much of me they demanded I drop everything I was doing and return that vehicle to them. I suggested that they send an employee to my house with the new loaner car if they needed it that bad and she hung up on me ( which isn't even the first time this company has hung up on me ) They did send over the employee later, without calling me to confirm by the way. The wrap was supposed to take 5 days. on Day 6 I had to call 6 times to get an update about the truck. 2 of those 6 times i was hung up on, on purpose from customer service, because they refused to locate any manager. Neither manager ever answers their phone or returns voice mails, so You'll just have to call a dozen times to learn anything at this place. On day 6 i was finally told it would be ready in 3 more days. 3 more days later i called 5 more times before being told it will be 2 more days. 2 more days later I called 7 more times before finally being told that they're working on it and it should be any day. It finally arrived about 10 days after i dropped it off. They had promised me a full tank of gas early on in the negotiations so i tried to take them up on this promise when i picked up the truck and had to wait another 90 more minutes just for them to find the gas card and fill up my truck. Even after all of this, I still do not have my 2nd key I was promised, and paid a late fee on plating my truck because they botched the title process. No apologies from anyone, not a care in the world. WORST DEALERSHIP IN THE U.S.A.


Terrible customer service

I made an appointment to see a fiat 124. The salesperson reminded me twice that morning of our appointment. However she forgot to point out that every fiat 124 had been sold. Drove 45 miles for nothing.


Bad customer service

Run!!! They have bad cars and customer service sucks. They will not help you after your purchase. They are no good. They do not treat Veterans with respect


Never again

Very poor customer service. We will never purchase anything from here again, nor recommend anyone. You would be better off buying from someone random on the street.

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