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Shady Business practices. Beware!!!

Purchased a vehicle Oct 2022 and it's Jan 2023 and I still don't have my registration and plates. This dealership adds a appearance package protection bs on the price of the car and forces the consumer to buy and will not remove from price of vehicle. They also force the customer to allow them to do the registration and as I just said it's been 3 months and I still don't have my paperwork. Shady business practices. Stay away


Great experience…so different from a typical dealership.

Great experience…so different from a typical dealership. Straight forward no bull. Went there not expecting much. Left with an awesome truck.


This place is a rip off STAY AWAY

TOTAL disgraced!! I am an active duty military member, and i should have know better! I trusted this guys, They sold me a lemon, car bags were deployed and the car needs a new engine. What a mess. Stay away from this place PLEASE!


Amazing customer service

Amazing. Didn't think customer service this good was still out there. Just can't say enough good things about them. They are very highly recommend. First rate


Great deals and costumer service. No pressure

Cassy and koby we're of great help when we arrived at there store , very professional and helpful. Not to mention we got a great deal on a very nice SUV. Thanks both of you and the lumin automotive group !


Go somewhere else

They are scammers who are dishonest and lied even on the finance company. The finance company doesn't want to even continue business with them. Red Flags!!!


Scam liars thieves salvaged cars beware !

The owner of the dealership Eugene Lied to me and told me the car is ready with no issues , when I got there it had a salvaged title and it had a maintenance required sign and it need an oil change. He told me he would pay for my hotel and for my Uber from the airport. Eugene the owner , Kelly the secretary and koby the finance manager made me book a flight from New York City to Jacksonville Florida overnight for 600$ and finally when we got there the car had a salvaged title and they didn’t want to show me the car fax and said everything was fine and no accidents. It was a silver 2017 Porsche Cayenne and the car was not turning on. When I saw it I realized that it had a flat tire , and the rim was bent, He told me it needed gas then we got gas for it and then it still wasn’t turning on and he said we needed an oil change and we got the oil change mind you I’m paying for all of this and then finally we tried for a third time and the car wouldn’t start. I told the owner Eugene why did he make me fly out from New York City for this bs deal ? They lied to me over the phone and wasted my whole entire Friday and Saturday and now I’m taking him to court and I’m suing him. Do not trust this dealership all of their cars are crashes and salvaged cars that have a fake title showing it’s not salvaged. I’m so mad I called the cops on them and I’m pressing charges for being lied to and wasting my time and causing so much stress and for making me take off of work Friday Saturday and Sunday on the Halloween weekend !!!!! I spent 1,200$ on flights in total and 150$ on a oil change I paid for! And 100$ in Uber rides ! I will make sure i get my money back and I will sue him on top of that for lying to me ! They are a huge scam and I wish I recorded them so i could expose them all I have is txts to prove it. Beware these guys are scammers and thieves and full of lies ! Especially Eugene the owner , kobe the finance manager, and Kelly the secretary! All sweet talk made me sign all the contracts then showed me a complete totaled Porsche Cayenne 2017 silver and the sunroof wasn’t opening ! Trust me stay away I’m flew in from New York City just to get lied to I can’t wait to take them to court !


Trust Your Gut!

After agreeing on a price for a vehicle on the internet, salesmen(Giovanni) and the dealership refuse to give me the Vin#. so i can run a Carfax. Hate to waste a 4 hour drive to find out its been flooded or wrecked!!! Shady as H*ll !


Very attentive

My concerns in my review as Paul B were addressed and all very taken care of. Staff is very focused on customer satisfaction and very appreciated.



Called the dealership and spoke to Randi who told me the vehicle I was interested in was still available so we scheduled an appointment for me to come out on a Saturday morning at 10a. She asked me how far I was coming from and told her from lake county (about 1hr and 45 min away). Get into the NSB area the morning off the appointment (this morning by the way) and received a call at 9:30a. confirming my appointment this morning. I let her know I was in the area and will be there for our appointment. I show up to the dealership 10 minutes to 10, walk in and check in. About 5 minutes later I get told that the car isn’t even at the dealership today and that it is being “worked on across the street”. I am BEYOND irate. I guess I will be sticking with the big dealerships from now. Went against my better judgement on this one and learned my lesson.

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