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(7 reviews)

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This dealer had a used motorcycle for sale on E-bay. I called and asked if I could see it in person before bidding. "Sure, come in. It's parked right here on our lot." I drive an hour there. Look everywhere, ask a couple of salesmen. Nobody knows what I'm talking about. "Must be at our other location." I drive home. Yea, I guess I should have spent more time asking around, but really? I call them again and say I couldn't find the bike. "Oh, sorry, it isn't on our lot. It is in our showroom." Why didn't you say that the first time? "Come back and look at it now." I live an hour away. Can I make an appointment to see it tomorrow at 10? "Sure, it'll be here." I drive back down the next morning. No bike. Where's the motorcycle I have an appointment to see? "Oh, we wholesaled that to the motorcycle dealer down the road." When I had an appointment to look at it, and you didn't bother to call me and cancel? I go to the motorcycle dealer. I'm interested in this bike. "Malloy can't find the title. We'll call you when we are able to sell it." WEEKS go by. They can't find the title. I finally gave up. I wouldn't buy a vehicle from them if they told me it was $1.


Overall POOR Quality, will NEVER return again!

To start, if I could give this place a zero I would. Nothing went right when buying our new Chevy Silverado, first we were told the blacked out bow tie we wanted would be in shortly...when in fact it took almost a month to get after calling repeatedly to reach someone about the issue. We were told multiple times the dealership would make it right or correct the problem and they never did, it's as if this place thrives off of dissatisfaction and lying to the customer to cover their own "xxx." Next after, calling about the bow tie we never got our welcome packet to setup a monthly automatic payment or tags from the DMV. The reason for why we did not receive the welcome packet is because the dealership entered the transaction to the financial institute incorrectly, so I had to re-sign the contract again. This dealership promised to get the account number to us and that the tag was coming in the mail soon, but nothing has come of their so called promise. We walked into the dealership and made a deal over a MONTH ago!? I can give them credit for one thing, the only consistency they have is that all the way from the parts department to the sales rep to the financial guy in the back to even the general manager who did not bother to call me...everyone seems to know how to pull lies out of their xxx when they drop the ball or cannot provide a legitimate answer. Myself and my spouse are military veterans who the dealership also question repeatedly about our military status and the overall customer service to a disabled vet and fellow service member is down right despicable and disheartening. I only hope that management can change or else this dealership is sure to crash and burn.



Scheduled my truck for it's first oil change at an hour later it still had not moved. Dealer needs to stop promising what they can't deliver. Cavalier attitude of service dept personnel is also very rude.



This place is a joke. They had my car 3 different times and each time the issues have not been fixed. First time for an oil leak. Got it back, continued to leak. Told to bring back so they could make it right. Get it back the second time, still have an oil leak but a new bonus is my ac suddenly doesn't work anymore. Take it back again. Claim its coolant leaking, not oil. First lie. They replace my NEW coolant reservoir tank claiming its cracked and coolant levels low. My coolant level hadn't even moved because we actually check under our hood regularly. The tank had no cracks. Lies again. They sprayed freon in my hose so when the car was picked up and ac turned on it blew ice cold air. ONE HOUR after leaving the ac stops working. Shocker. Probably because they didnt investigate why my ac wasnt working, just put a new tank in and some freon and hoped for the best. Oh yeah, and they have their new tank ziptied lol. Charged $251 for a new tank and clip that I already bought new 6 months ago and installed correctly. They don't want to provide a refund because they want the opportunity to make it right. Why would I trust a place that has not fixed my car the 3 seperate times they've had it? My mistake for taking it to a dealership service center. Pretty sad im out $250 and the only way to get it back is have them try again? You didn't fix the problem or render the correct services and you don't think you owe me my money back? Like i said, this place is a joke.


2021 Chevrolet Equinox Premier AWD

We bought 2021 Chevrolet Equinox Premier AWD in December. We had to bring it in for service three times. They did loan us a vehicle to take home. They didn't even bother to do anything about it, no apologies. When our suv was ready to be pick up. They didn't even bother to clean our suv or offer some free oil change. I made a few calls this week, told them we didn't feel safe to drive this vehicle. Sale Manager Nick mentioned that we can trade. He would work with us. When he sent us prices through email. It was crazy and unfair. He said we should go down to LT or cheaper vehicle. We even picked a cheaper, still cost more monthly. It doesn't make sense at all. I told him that wasn't fair. It wasn't our fault that our new SUV giving us problems. I am deaf and had to communicate with him through sign language interpreter. I told him I feel that he screwed me over with prices and not friendly customer service. He said that I cussed at him and he hung up on me. I was shocked, I didn't cuss at him. I called and ended up talking to Craig. He was friendly and took his time to listen to me. I told him to tell Nick I didn't cuss at him. We want another vehicle with reasonable price because this current suv is giving us problems. Craig said he would get back to us today when my husband was there to pick up our suv. They didn't even bother to clean our suv or offer some free oil change for all trips we had drive to Winchester from Charles Town, WV. Its exhausting. Anyway, When my husband got in our suv today and saw a dirty bandaid. It wasn't ours. We haven't heard from them. I tried to call them again to find out if they sort things out about trading a new car without costing us triple. They ignored me. The whole point is Nick was rude and didn't apologized for hanging up on me and accusing me for saying bad word through sign language interpreter. I explained to Craig, it wasn't me. I did file complaint against sign language interpreter. Nick hasn't gotten back to me at all. They didn't care how many time SUV caused problems for us and made trips. I trusted them. We traded our 2018 Jeep that never had problem. We regretted for giving up our Jeep for 2021 Chevrolet Equinox Premier AWD. All I can say to not buy vehicles there because they don't care what happens after that. I feel that Nick was rude and ignored my concerns and when I tried to communicate with him today. He took advantage of the situation that I cussed at him. I know Craig did the best he could. I know there isn't much he can do. Craig is nicer than Nick. Be careful where you buy cars from....



Dealership is not any good since Mr Stutzman sold it. They are they only dealer in the area(I called 3 others) that does not give you the option to keep the original parts they upgraded at sale. (Wheels/tires/floormats that were paid for already, then they add the $5k wheels/mats/running boards) They sell these parts themselves to make more off of you. They tried to say you're credited the value of the factory parts, but cannot show me. They try to sell you new tags when your old tags have 1.5 years left, you have to catch that fact and point it out (saves you $40-$50). The service department does not do alignments after they install suspension/drivetrain parts(you have to ask for the paperwork to find out that they never performed the alignment. The shop foreman told me he could not perform an alignment 2hrs before they close, and to bring it back Monday. I had to rent a truck that weekend to move items with. Their own franchise-named body shop won't even use them for suspension work on Chevrolet anymore. Steer clear of this nightmare. I wish I had gone to Country Chevrolet instead.


Will not be back

Purchased a Cruze hatchback in April of 2018 while the dealership was still Jim Stutzman Chevrolet. Buying process was excellent as I received the vehicle I wanted at a great price. Perks consisted of a low $99 processing fee and free State Inspections. Fast forward to 2019 and the dealership is now owned by the Malloy Auto Group. Called about an Inspection and received nothing but an attitude. Actually took the car elsewhere and paid for the Inspection. And the $99 processing fee is now $699!!! More money and attitude! If I would've known Stutzman was going to sell to this group I would never have purchased the vehicle. I will never return.

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