Banner Ford of Monroe

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(8 reviews)


Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(8 reviews)

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Quick and Easy

Purchased a used car that was Blue Certified, and got a great deal. The price was lower than every other place I had looked at.


Proud of THEIR product

Bought a new F250 and basically they refused to budge off of sticker. I was told that people That buy 80000$ vehicles don’t haggle over a few thousand dollars and that they can’t come down because they can sell to the next person walking through the door. They gave me 14500 on my trade in and posted my used vehicle days later on their site for 22775. I know the dealership needs to make money but ....MAN!! Pretty crappy.


Lies and run arounds

They leave vehicles online and say they are available so you will contact them. Then give you the run around while trying to find out what you want to see if they have something. You will talk to multiple people that are not even on the lot and when you get tired of answering the same questions and get to the point they say that vehicle is no longer available. Leaving you to questions if they ever had it or if they just wanted to be done with you after you figured out there deal.


Amended Review

Banner Ford and my salesman Harold Dubree have really stepped up to my expectations. Harold called and apologized for my not getting my owner’s manual and assured me I would be getting it in the next few days. This really means a lot. Thank you so much!!!


what a joke!!

what a joke, you want to make it a more pleasurable shopping experience for the customer, then start by hiring salesmen that actually want to work for their money!!!


Awesome experience <3

My salesperson Cody Townsend made the process so easy and I can say I feel like I won the jackpot at Banner Ford because of him!



My Sales associate Malcolm Johnson made my car buying experience the most positive experience I have ever had. They had a great inventory of vehicles as well. Facility also.


Not a 5 star place at all!

I bought a2017, F-250 King Ranch First the people talked me into getting two fuel filters which was 183.00. When I left I was going down the road a few days later and my fuel line came off. The inexspierienced people didn't put the fuel lne back on correctly. My new truck was towed in, Now my $80,000.00 new truck smells like diesel inside and out. They ignore me when I complain. They need to give me back that money to get my truck cleaned. But I get ignored every time they say what you want to hear up there. I also have my console that's leather. It's coming apart and they just keep giving me the run around. The Service guy that says he can help doesent do a xxxx thing but tell you what you want to hear. I have been trying to get him to get this fixed for months. I am so fed up with this rip off place I can't see straight. Actually the finance man that sold me my truck got arrested for stealing from this sorry place(Hixson Ford autoplex) that's a joke. And the service is bad as any place I've.been. . Please don't go here for any reason. I wish I would have went to Texas, I heard they give better deals anyway. I hope they go out business. And they all loose there jobs. No phone calls or nothing from the service guy that said he would help me.

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