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(81 reviews)

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Stay away!!!!

I would strongly encourage you all not to buy here. I was interested in purchasing a c300 coupe they had that was going for $10,995. I asked the young lady who’s their receptionist, if the car was still available before I drove all the way out there and she said it was out for service. I asked how long until it would be ready and she said who knows. 🤦🏽‍♂️ very unprofessional. I called 3 weeks later and the same young lady told me the car was out for service. I guess they had to rebuild the entire car in all that time. Anyway, 4 months later I see they still hadn’t sold it and had dropped the price on it by 2 grand which means they didn’t fix the problem and plan on sticking it to the consumer. You can smell the dishonesty in the air when you walk into their dealership. They have no morals and will stick you at all cost. They buy good looking cars from dealer auctions with major internal problems but they know people will still buy just based off of appearance. Use your brain and go to a more reputable dealership.



Do not waste your time with this dealership! I cant even begin to tell you how much time of mine they wasted! I was looking to purchase a used Subaru and waited for them to make repairs only to find out they never even approved said repairs because it was $4,000, then only dropped the price $1,000 and said its "as is". Not to mention the incredible lack of communication. I said "Thanks for wasting my time!" and Carol said "You're welcome!" What a joke.


Defective cars, untrustworthy, horrible customer

Defective cars, untrustworthy, horrible customer service,don't respond on timely fashion. Horrible place to buy a car


Do not buy cars at this place they sell bad cars and have

Do not buy cars at this place they sell bad cars and have bad service.


The worst place to buy a car

The worst place to buy a car The dealer will not fix a damaged car They will not call you back I just bought a 2017 Nissan Versa Not only is the transmission trashed the odometer doesn’t match the current reading on the car


They never returned my phone call or emails.

They never returned my phone call or emails. It’s been over a week with no response.


An email was sent to them about our interest in the car

An email was sent to them about our interest in the car and we never received anything in return. Not sure if they didn't respond bc it was the automated email message, but I would have thought they would have at least followed up on it.

Dealer response

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Like a lot of businesses, we are under staffed and do our best to quickly respond to all inquiries. As per our email reply, we recommend contacting us directly for a quick response. Being an internet based dealership doing business all over the nation, all online inquiries we hold to the upmost importance.


Typical scam dealer

This is the type of used car dealerships that give others a bad name. Went to look at a vehicle and was told $1500 was just put into repairs but no AC and corroded battery. Just to see how they came up with an additional $2500 (above their vehicle price), we asked for a printout of taxes, title and registration. Mysterious $700 dealer fees, etc were included. We bought a newer vehicle with lower miles and a clean car fax report for same price but was only charged $1400 for taxes, registration, and tag. I honestly wouldn't go here.



This is a zero star review. To start to experience with Coda Motors, I had inquired about a vehicle via a third party website. No one got back, that's fine, no big deal. So I called and they said it's on the lot. Great. Set up an appointment to come test drive on Monday. I was 15 minutes late to my appointment, which was irresponsible; however, it still took 20 minutes for Carol to get the car for me and it was not cleaned. Again, it is what it is, no big deal. I told her the amount I was putting down, but I had a couple other appointments so I'll get back to her Wednesday. On Tuesday, I called and left a message for Carol to call me back because I was very interested and had a couple questions. No response. No call back. I had read in reviews that their communication was not a strong suit. Wednesday, I call again to ask Carol the questions I had regarding the vehicle, again, very interested and after doing my homework on the vehicle, let her know that the KBB value was quite a bit less but nonetheless, I'm interested so I put in an offer. She said "We don't negotiate. We are the highest rated dealership in a 50 mile radius, look it up." Well, for one, you're a used car dealership and two, no, you're definitely not. Nevertheless, I set up an appointment at 3pm the following Monday to purchase the vehicle because nothing was wrong at that point. Friday night, I get off work and check the car again, notice the price was taken form 13,990 to 12,970. Naturally, I was very excited, knowing that I had an appointment to purchase it on Monday. Saturday, just after noon (12:05pm), I call to confirm my Monday appointment. To which, Carol says "I was just about to call you because there's a guy here interested in the vehicle." I said, "I have all the cash ready, I can come today." She said, "I have to think about what I'm going to do, call you back in a few minutes." Stupidly, I trusted a stupid human being and thought "alright, I'll hear from her in a few and head that way." No response so finally, at 1:02pm, I call again to be left on hold for Carol for 22 minutes when I hang up and call again (1:29pm). The other receptionist told me she's waiting on a response from the bank for the other buyer. This is where the respect and common decency come into play. You, Carol, didn't have a moment to make a phone call to let me know you're putting through the offer when we had an appointment? So the other lady says well fingers crossed it doesn't go through. Alright, I'll wait again to see if the offer goes through or not. Finally, at 2:48 I call AGAIN because I haven't heard anything, another person (Mark) answers the phone saying Carol has stepped out but what vehicle are you calling about, I told him, and he says it's been sold. Carol, you are a shell of a human being. If you're going to be a snake, at least be slippery enough to take a phone call. On top of Carol being a trainwreck to deal with, the entire communcation process was xxxx and if you have access to Google, you can very much discover they're not the best car dealership in a 50 mile radius, not even a 10 mile radius. I wish Coda Motors, and Carol, nothing but the worst.


The Dealer Never responded to me so I had a bad

The Dealer Never responded to me so I had a bad experience. I have no idea if the unit is still at the Dealership.

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