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This seller has been on Cars.com since June 2019.
From new luxury cars to finance service and quality parts the team at Century Automotive does it all! At our family of dealerships we prioritize customer service above all else.

We really want to build that bond of trust with Huntsville Florence and Cullman drivers. So before you choose us for business we'd like to take some time to tell you a bit more about us. We're a dealer family that puts tremendous effort into making your experience with us special!

That's why we've staffed our organization at every level with skilled and experienced experts.

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(6 reviews)

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Their Motto: Pay More for Less

I have attempted to purchase multiple cars from Century, but wound up flying out of state to buy better equipped, lower mileage, CPO options for thousands less. Even after showing them their prices were unreasonably high for a lesser vehicle, they’d barely budge $500. Not only that, but you basically have to chase someone down to help you. Honestly, I can’t help but shake my head every time I see someone driving around with a Century sticker on the back of their car because I know they could’ve done so much better going somewhere else.


110,000 miles service

I greatly appreciate the loaner I get during my service appointments at no extra cost and service rep's helpfulness in getting me in and out quickly.



Worst most disorganized, unprofessional, unethical and dishonest with absolutely NO integrity and NO accountability dealership! 1-star is way more than you deserve for BREACH OF CONTRACT! Fellow customers BEWARE and be forewarned! Even if you put a deposit on a vehicle along with signing a commitment to purchase, after calling multiple times with confirmation that everything was all set for purchase, with all that is needed is to sign final documents, they will sell a car from out underneath customers without even a pause . Their words are simply empty... I am out of state buyer; shouldn’t matter. And if does, why? Makes you wonder about how they even treat locals. Multiple times it was communicated the vehicle was mine especially after I made a deposit and set up financing the day before by providing my SOC Security #’s- they didn’t even run the CC after the numbers were provided even though they said they did, including the day, just before it was sold to someone else; obviously that didn’t matter whatsoever! Adds a layer of opportunity for ID theft by their practices, putting ALL CUSTOMERS at risk! Nice loophole guys to avoid being accountable when you are legally in BREACH OF CONTRACT by only a technicality ; just a technical loop hole that they will use when convenient and basically blame the customer for their failure to do what they said they would do! Customer carries the risk thru every step of the way - If you want them to care about people’s credit scores, good luck! They represent entirely the stereotype of scummy and unethical car sales people that have no problem screwing people over. Severe lack of integrity across the board from Dan Kennedy to their entire sales staff! Tip of the iceberg. Probability is highly likely that their products and services are grossly misrepresented as are their words, commitments, delivery options - total joke there charging $600 bucks! I was going to pay this too... Congrats Dan for your terrible reputation! You have earned it! It’s obvious you are very much in control of your dealership business culture of deception, lack of integrity, and unprofessionalism !! It shows and realize you just lost a potential long term customer!! I hope this review makes you lose even more good customers who are tired of the xxxxxxxx that seems to be perfectly acceptable to your dealership! Better business bureau filling is next for you guys , then your commerce department and ANY website that allows reviews. You’re welcome!


Poor customer service

I looked at a used truck that I was quite fond of. I test drove the truck which I liked and afterwards was asked what I price I was thinking. I gave an offer which was honestly more than the vehicle was worth, but I really did like it. I was then told that they have a no haggle price even higher than what I had offered(why wouldn't they tell me this straight up rather than asking what I was thinking?). At this point, I was about to leave and the salesman asked me to come inside and discuss the price. Once inside, I sat down and was handed a piece of paper with an "out the door price". This price was $1600 more than what I was just told. They tried to get me to pay $1000 in taxes which I didn't have to pay since I lived out of state. Also, they tried to get me on a doc fee for a vehicle that had come in the night before and hadn't even been serviced or detailed. Needless to say, I will not be going back and they didn't get any money from me.


Do not do what they say or very unorganized!

Purchased a new Land Rover and was told multiple times someone would be contacting us to review the computer system and controls. Never heard from anyone even after bringing this to their attention. Currently have some type of leak that appears to be oil. My wife was told to expect it to be keep and the would “run a computer check” and call us with what they find. I’m called a few hours later and told they have looked and everything appears dry. But they could let it set overnight and see if a leak shows then if I wanted them to. Sounds like they half*** looked and moved on to the next car. They are not nearly as helpful now as they were when I was looking to buy,


Awesome Service!

Loved the whole process. Service Administrator had great contact and follow ups. Waiting area was pristine, drop-off and pick -up was a breeze. Everyone there very professional. Quality of work excellent. Great updates with texting, email, video of car during inspection service ... awesome!! Thank you! Very positive experience throughout whole process.

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