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The team at Morrie's West Bend Honda would like to welcome you to our dealership in West Bend where we're confident you'll find the vehicles you're looking for at a price you can afford. Come and check out our full selection of new Honda vehicles or get a great deal on a reliable pre-owned model. No matter which vehicle you decide on our professional finance team will help you get settled with a competitive financing or lease plan.
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Save yourself repair fees, shop elsewhere!

If I could give -0- stars I would. My husband and I had been looking for a good used Jeep Wrangler. Morrie's had one for sale, and we decided that even though we live over 3 hours away, we would make the drive and purchase this Jeep. I was a bit nervous going into it sight-unseen, but Ryan (the saleswoman) told me that they have a very thorough inspection process and that she was confident that this Jeep was in good shape. That reassured me tremendously. Upon arrival in Wisconsin we took the Jeep for a test drive. Returning to the dealership and looking over the paperwork we noticed that during the inspection they had marked a box for a leak of some sort. When questioned about this we were told that the technician who had done the inspection was "their pickiest one", and that "if he marked that box, any other technician wouldn't have". So if there WAS a leak, it would be no big deal, very minor, part of buying a used car. We purchased the Jeep and returned home. Naturally, we took it in to our mechanic for an oil change and a general safety inspection. The results we got back were infuriating. We now have a $1300 repair bill because of Morrie's, and they refuse to take any responsibility for selling us something they obviously knew needed this much work. Our mechanic even found a bearing rolling around in our Jeep that didn't even belong to our Jeep! Explain how the pickiest technician at Morrie's missed that one? A few days later I received an email from Morries, wondering how the Jeep was doing and if we had any questions. I laid out my concerns and feeling of deep disappointment, and copied the GM, Brad. I never got a response to this email, so two days later my husband called them. He was told by Ryan that she would have the GM call my husband that day. We waited two more days (with no contact from anyone at Morries) before calling again. Oddly enough, they claimed that they "hadn't received my email" even though I REPLIED TO THE ONE SENT TO ME. My husband was told by Brad, the GM, that he would look into it and we would hear back from them within an hour. At the time of this review, he has yet to hear back. I've purchased many vehicles in my life, and have NEVER been treated this poorly by a dealership. My husband works in sales and I own a small business, so we understand what customer service looks like. Morrie's doesn't have it. Save your money, and shop elsewhere.


Honda CRV 2021

I am always blown away by the great and humble service that I received from Daniel! I have bought a new 2019 Honda Civic last year and Daniel helped me then as well. I never felt pressured and all of my questions were answered without hesitation. I will most likely always be a loyal customer to Morris’s in West Bend.


Poor service for advice!!!

Just a question, how to clear low tire pressure indicator, want me to drive 40 miles and a appointment, bs, probably something simple to clear code, can't even talk to a service manager!

Dealer response

Sir, you reached a main switchboard that is not located at our store. For safety precautions, they advised you to come in. I am the general manager. My name is Brad. You can reach me directly anytime at 262-357-9002. We definitely didn't mean to make you angry enough to leave this review. We will always be cautious when your question involves your safety. If you have a leak in your tire, call me, we will patch it on the house. You have never been to our dealership, I assure you, you will have a great experience here. I look forward to seeing you!


Buy Be Aware

Below is what I wrote concerning Morrie's West Bend Honda. Their manager Brad Kreiss has his facts wrong. I never spoke to you Mr. Kreiss. I still have your dealership's rep's voicemail if you would like to hear it. I am correct with my facts. I would suggest that your dealership stop their practice of buying used cars for sale (if that is your current practice). It is my opinion that you will lose customers such as myself by not being upfront and honest. April 26, 2021 Buyer Beware: I had a truck for sale. Morrie's West Bend Honda called me and said the dealership would want to buy my truck and could give me full asking price. I said that I had already bought a new vehicle, but they said they still would purchase my truck. I had it priced at a fair price. It was a joke, they did not even come close to my asking price. They wasted my time. I am not sure if this is common practice for them to do, but be aware if it is. Dealer Response Sir, I am the General Manager, Brad Kreiss. I contacted you to purchase your truck. Your response was, "you're not going to pay my price". I said, "I will get back to you in the morning with an offer". Upon researching your listing, we realized you are asking over retail book for this truck! We try to keep the cost down for our customers. While we don't intend to argue with you, and definitely don't want to insult your business practices, we strongly feel that charging our customers over retail book isn't the right thing to do. We are sorry if we upset you and we wish you the best.

Dealer response

Sir, again I am sorry you had a bad experience. I personally was the person reaching out to purchase your vehicle. I'm sorry we couldn't make a deal but again, that doesn't mean our business practices are poor. We have customers who don't want to pay our price everyday. They aren't bad people. Sir, I wish you well.


Great Experience

Great experience from beginning to end ! Excellent Service all around, very clean dealership. Love my vehicle, Mike was awesome to work with, and really did all he could, including the finance team, to get me into what I really wanted, without even trying to push me into something else, which I appreciated. When I picked up my vehicle it was very clean and detailed, I was impressed on another job well done. I would absolutely recommend Morrie's for the best purchasing car experience ever:)

Dealer response

Thanks Bonnie! We are here if you need us!


Worst Experience

I purchased a 2014 Toyota Corolla from Morrie’s West Bend Honda 2 months ago. I had been looking online for a car, and settled on that dealership because it seemed like a good car for a good deal. Each encounter I have had with Morries leaves me with a worse impression then the previous. My first bad encounter was when I went into Morrie’s with a pre-approved loan. They underwrote the loan in a way that required me to pay almost double the amount that my bank said was needed. I still purchased the car, because I thought it was a good deal and didn’t want to lose it. Next, I was only given one car key. While I understand that it is not a requirement to provide two keys for a used vehicle, my salesperson told my aunt, who was with me, that the car came with two keys. She said the other key wasn’t on the key ring that she had at the time. When it was time for me to drive off, she handed me the one key. I asked her about the second key. She said there is only one key and that there’s nothing she can do about it because the car only came in with one key. After I got home (which is about 20 minutes away from the dealership) from purchasing the car, I noticed that the gas tank was almost completely empty (about 1/8 full). I understand that a full tank of gas isn’t required by the dealership, but selling a car with a gas tank that is nearly empty isn’t acceptable, especially in the frigid Wisconsin winter. I emailed my concern to the business manager that helped me sign all of my paperwork. He emailed me back the next day saying he would look into the situation, but never got back to me after that. When the general manager emailed me for a general check-in a few days after the last email with the business manager, I mentioned that email and he said that he would fill up my tank for free and cover the charge for the extra key. He called in the order for a new key to be picked up on the same day that I would be taking my car in for some diagnostics for some problems. I told him that I always keep my tank on full and I was coming to have my car serviced and I would prefer that he waive the diagnostic fee. The day of my appointment, I received a call from the service department 15 minutes prior to my appointment time telling me not to come in because they weren’t able to make an appointment with Toyota to have the car and key paired. I made this appointment at least 4 days before it was scheduled. I was already half way to the dealership, so I still went in to have my oil changed, but I had to return the next day to have it serviced and get the new key. After the diagnostic was done, I was informed of the prices for the repairs and key. I told the service associate that the general manager said that he was covering the amount (he was the one that put in the order for the new key). She said her manager was in contact with the general manager, and the general manager said he wasn’t covering the cost. I showed her the email stating he would and she made sure the cost was covered. The straw that really broke the camel’s back and made me write this review is when I went to have my car repaired at a Toyota dealer (for the problems I had diagnosed at Morrie’s first). I was informed that the ball bearing and control arm bushing was damaged and needed to be repaired (which if you are like me, you might not know that makes the car unsafe to drive). On top of that, I was also informed that the rear axle was bent. Although it’s not a safety issue, that affects the alignment until it’s repaired. I can’t believe that I was sold a car that was in such poor condition. I bought the car two months ago and already have had to get more than $2500 worth of repairs done and that doesn’t include $2700 needed to cover the axle repairs! Every aspect of that dealership is terrible from the general manager’s service to the product I received. Save yourself money and countless hours of aggravation and inconvenience- DON’T GO TO MORRIE’S!

Dealer response

I am sorry that you didn't like your experience with us. I spoke with you and authorized a spare key to be cut. We also arranged to pay to have it programmed for you at the Toyota dealer as a courtesy after the sale. I am always available to discuss any issues. My direct line is 262-357-9002. Brad Kreiss


wonderful experience

Went in to look for a different car and ended up buying two from Ryan. What a wonderful sales woman. Brad and Ed were wonderful sales managers, no pressure and showed me what I wanted to see not what they wanted to sell. Will go back when ready to buy another car.


Smooth, Helpful and Honest

My wife, new born and I took a trip up to the dealership to check out a used Subaru Outback. Tracy was the representative that helped us, she was very informative and eager to help with anything we needed. The overall process was very smooth and never felt pressured. I never thought I would have had such a pleasant experience buying a car. Thanks!

Dealer response

Thanks John!


Great customer service!

We had tire pressure issues with our 2017 Honda Accord on our vacation thru Wisconsin. Luckily we found the a Honda dealership in West Bend. We did not have an appointment, the service department quickly helped us out, topped off our fluids, washed our car and we were on our way. We really appreciate their excellent customer service to an out of state customer.

Dealer response

Thank you so much!


great experience

We drove an hour to buy a car at Morrie's and we were impressed with the staff and experience. We bought a used civic and have been very happy so far. They did not pressure us to buy something more expensive and were easy going and made the experience enjoyable!

Dealer response

Lisa, thank you so much for driving an hour to see us! We are glad you enjoyed your experience. We hope to see you again soon.

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