Kearny Mesa Chevrolet


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    Chevrolet Certified
    2022 Chevrolet Suburban
    31,106 mi.
    $70,877 $1,100 price drop
    Good Deal | $1,238 under
    CPO Warrantied
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    Chevrolet Certified
    2022 Chevrolet Colorado
    18,090 mi.
    Good Deal | $548 under
    CPO Warrantied
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    Chevrolet Certified
    2020 Chevrolet Blazer
    17,863 mi.
    Great Deal | $3,630 under
    CPO Warrantied


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Grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory

So close but yet so far! I bought my 2021 Chevy Colorado from this dealership. I live in San Marcos, so Quality Chevrolet in Escondido is 20 miles closer. But your service department called to remind me of my 22500mi service, and you had plenty of availability, so I thought I'd give you a shot. I requested an oil change, tire rotation and balance. I turned down the air filter service because I do that myself for 25% of the cost. Two hours later, the service was complete. I thought everything was going great and you had earned my next service. Unfortunately, while ringing me up, the attendant realized the air filter had been changed. I gave a little smirk and said thank you. That's when the wheels fell off........the attendant asked if I would mind covering the parts cost. I declined noting that autozone has the part for half the cost. I don't mind him asking. But after I said no, he said that they would take the car back and re-install the old air filter! I told him to stop and get his manager. He remarked, "well, I can't just give it to you." I asked him if his decision made any sense. I told him that the car is done now and that any extra time is an additional cost to me. He said it would only take 5 minutes. I told him that he was going to burn more mechanic time removing it. He said that's okay. I asked him if he was serious about taking my old filter that was probably in the trash and putting it back into my car. I asked him what he would do if it was fluids or other disposables. Would he really opt to recover the fluids? I asked what he was planning to do with the now used air filter once taking it out of my car. Put it back on the shelf and sell it as if it was new? I was shocked and told him again to get his manager. He came to his senses and just rang it up without the air filter service. So how many reclaimed parts does your service shop use? What kind of liability was this guy accepting by attempting to grab a car part from the trash and put it in my vehicle? Did this guy have a brain fart....or is this a culture issue?


Welcoming and Personable

Mitchell was a great salesman, helped me get into my custom trail boss and kept me up to date on everything. No other dealership took me serious or would show any effort but mitchell and everyone at kearny mesa chevy . From mitchell to finance to other salesmen talking to me and welcoming me, i know i will go back for my next car!


Scammed buy them

I went through a buying process on their website to buy a new Chevy Equinox this morning, and I did everything they asked about and made an appointment @10:30 to pickup the car, and when I arrived and told them about everything I have done online with all details in my cellphone, they said we had a problem in our system and the price you got was just wrong, so they gave me a totally different price and much higher with very bad treating I will never trust them again!


Bait and switch shop

Walked in with a printed quote from through this dealer, after 2 hours of them trying to push the price up 2.5x I walked out. No response after complaining to manager so they must all be OK with this 1970s approach to fleecing customers.


"Gotta Make our Month"

Buying a car "In transit" is code for we need to close the deal before the end of the month. I leased a Bolt on the 26th was told it was in transit and would be here in 5 days, the 31st. I was not given the option to put a deposit only to complete the purchase contract. On the 31st I found out the car is still in Michigan. No updates until I asked what time can I pick up the car. This dealership is shady. I would stay away.


Service quality decreasing

Left the car to check for a repair and the communication with the advisor was really bad, sending emails with wrong quotes, not answering the phone. When I finally got a hold of another advisor named AJ, he was not willing to help at all, even when there was no service done in the vehicle he would not let me pick it up on Saturday. Really bad experience.


New Bolt

Great experience buying a new Bolt. They advertised a great price and it was exactly as offered. Ryan was our salesperson and he was great. Helpful, knowledgable, professional, and personable. And best of all he was very efficient trying to make the whole experience as easy as possible. 5 stars for Ryan and Kearny Mesa


Amazing Salesperson, Carter Tremmel

I've never had a better experience at a dealership. Carter was both knowledgeable and fun to deal with. The process was smooth and I feel I received a very fair deal.


New car purchase

Thank You Kearny Mesa Chevrolet and especially my sales agent Sarah Mower. She was professional, knowledgeable, a joy to work with and very respectful of my needs as a customer. A Sarah.......Also a shout out to finance manager Ross Murphy. Great job everyone. thanks. George Piscitelle


Great experience/Ask for Chan!

My husband and I recently leased a 2020 Chevy Bolt at Kearny Mesa Chevrolet. This was my second purchase from this dealership and I refer all of my family/friends. If you are in the market for a car, do yourself a favor and ask for Chan Ju! He has a great energy (not the typical “pushy” salesman), knowledgable, and puts his customer first. Both times I worked with Chan on a deal, the negotiation process was smooth, quick, and I left feeling like I not only got a great deal, but a great experience. This is one highly satisfied customer, who will continue to make Kearny Mesa Chevrolet and Chan Ju my #1 choice!

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