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(5 reviews)

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BUYER BEWARE, The most unethical sales group I have ever met. Sales man brings the car of interest to my house for viewing (amazing service). He tells me the car already has ceramic coating done on the paint and it comes with a GPS tracking system that you can access from anywhere, all our cars have it and is included in the sale. We negotiate a deal I tell him to email me the paperwork for review, he tells me I'll get it ready you come down cause my manager wants to meet you in person. I take a 1 hour Uber ride down, we go over the paper work and my final sales price is $3,999 higher than what we agreed for. He tells me thats the cost of the GPS and ceramic coating that comes with the car. I tell him that I never agreed to pay for these items and you said it was included as a part of something special the dealership does for its CLIENT. Got up and walked out, total bait and switch tactics, make sure to ask about their special GPS and ceramic coat figure before you buy. That is if your that stupid to pay for a service that would cost you a fraction of that outside. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY WITH THIS GROUP, BUNCH OF CROOKS.


Avoid this dealership!

Ohhh, where to begin with this ragtag floperation. I called and gave them a two-hour notice that my wife and I were coming to see a used 2018 Land Rover – they said it would be ready. We arrived to a filthy vehicle and a saleswoman that announced immediately that she knew nothing about the truck. Remember, she works on commission. We liked the Rover, she apologized about how dirty it was, and we sat to discuss the purchase. On the test drive, the trucks TPS was tripping one of the sensors and needed to be fixed. Tim (Sales GM) asked if it was okay to keep the truck overnight, have the sensor fixed, have the vehicle detailed and delivered by 1pm the following day. We agreed. Next day, no phone call to explain a problem, just silence. So, I called around 2pm and Adrian (the dealership lackie) said that it wasn’t ready and that it would be delivered in the evening. For reasons not clearly explained (something about not trusting the porter that was on duty), the vehicle was going to have to be delivered the following morning. At noon, two days after the transaction, I sent Adrian a text message checking on delivery. No response. At all. Silence. (side note, off that guy, he’s useless). Tim surfaces that afternoon to push the delivery to that evening. To add comedy, my wife says, "I feel dirty dealing with these people, I'm going to look over the sales contract carefully." During my call with Tim later that day, we go over my disappointment in the $3,100 my wife found that was added to the deal for ELO (GPS tracker) and ceramic paint protection, and he explains, “Are you sure Dawn didn’t go over this with you? It’s written in the deal sheet and she didn’t review this? I didn’t review it with you because I thought she did.” Let’s pause: the person in charge of finance is pushing off accountability to the saleswoman. Huh… moving on, he then says, “Look, I don’t like these charges added to the deal, either, but we competitively price these vehicles and it’s hard to make money on them, so this helps us.” That was mind-numbing how effortless that dribble spilled out of his used car salesman mouth. Tim also said he would offer me 2-3 years of service to make up for the shortcomings. That's never happened. Three things on the delivery: 1. The vehicle arrived just as dirty as the day we first saw it – 2. There was only one key – 3. The TPS sensor was not fixed. They did nothing on a $63,000 purchase but process paperwork, deceptively add charges to the deal and failed to disclose the vehicle had only one key. LA and Orange counties have an asston of dealerships to bring your business to – J Star isn't one of them.



Avoid this dealership! They didn’t have what I wanted but said they could trade another dealership that did. They said it checked ALL my list off. It didn’t have my priority Navigation, the Cilajet that I was told all cars they sell come with. The purchase contract I was presented stated 50 miles on odometer, there was 216. I was told they were giving me a full tank of gas, porter returned with less than 1/2. I gave this dealership $10,500 cash to pay off my trade in 3 weeks ago. They have not paid it off! It has late payment due now but I gave them cash! I went in and spoke to manager, he said he’d take care of me. Well guess how he took care of me? He gave me not one but two key chain rings!!! My trade in is still not paid off! My 810 FICO is about to have a 30 day late and they simply don’t care! I gave them $10,500 cash over 3 weeks ago!!!! Go elsewhere, do not buy a vehicle from them!



Pretty shady dealership. I saw an online ad for a SUV for $34K. When I was negotiating the price, the salesperson said there's an additional $4K security system and paint protection package that I had to get. That got me by surprise because I thought the $34K online sales price was a good deal. I will never recommend this dealership.


Horrible customer service

Typical bait and switch dealership. They add on unnecessary products to inflate the price and refuse to remove them; ultimately raising the final price and payment. Also, took them over 30 days to pay off my the truck I traded in.

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