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Cincy Automall put out fliers in the mail, it said i won $5,000, i figured this was a SCAM SO I CALLED ALL MY NEIGHBORS and they all said they won $5,000 dollars. I called Cincy Automall because the flier said i won and no purchase is necessary to collect money. They STARTED DOUBLE TALKING SAYING they will spin a wheel to see what i won totally different from what i read on their flier [SCAM ARTISTS] Gas is very expensive and they are conning people into coming there to get screwed, bad company stay away from this car dealer.



Finally got dealership to" unwind" deal with help of finance company.. Someone from the dealership wrote Response to the BBB, that my down payment Was RETURNED, but y it NEVER was.. Now you're avoiding me in all forms of contact and NOT making any attempt to tell me why you're NOT honoring your written statement. I have it on writing that someone from your dealerships said the monies were returned.. Must this become a court matter ?? I've contacted every avenue and am awaiting their response before I HAVE to make this a court matter. No matter how You want to look at it, the deal fell through. It's a "unwind". The finance company even took it off my credit history.. With the written statement alone, I can win this in court. Must we go there?


Bud bud bud don’t bay car from them they lair dont

Bud people own that business they stolen money don’t believe that gay after when selling cars they reporting stilling plat when I get to take my car they which car we don’t know nothing bud att back site off that building I saw my car for sale


pictures of cars on website photoshopped

Misleading description. Received the car all chipped and scratched. Different paint on bumper when listing clearly said no previous paint. Received with death battery, black oil.


Do not buy

We came in from out of town. we live 5 hrs away and came into the shop for a dodge challenger r/t. Omar was absolutly great, loved working with him. However, Dale was very condescending to my wife, lied to use many many times and tried to tell us a completely different price over 10k over what listed. we spent 5 hrs trying to work with them on this car. they will negotiate up but wont negotiate down until i leave and then lied to us even then. We told them we could finance through usaa for a 3.99% and they said they could get fpr 2.99% outright. they never said "up to", so we ran my credit to get a 5.99%... fine no problem.He refused to deal with my wife. After leaving my wife tried to shake his hand and he absolutely refused twice to do so. We also overheard him speak down to a woman who had also been there as long as we had. to the point where she left telling him that this isnt her first rodeo and he doesnt need to talk to her like that. Absolutely terrible dealership, hopefully omar gets a promotion or finds a better place to work.


Worst dealership ever!!!!!

Worst dealership ever!!!!!!! Bought a car when we test drove it, it had the engine light on I told my sales guy T (is what he goes by) that I would not buy a car with the engine light on. He assured me it was nothing took it to the service department he came said it was nothing and the service manager took care of it. The engine light was off when we took the car home. The next time we started the car the engine light came back on. I called and texted my salesman he told me he would take care of it. . Now they are avoiding us. Giving us the run around. They told me to take it to the land rover dealership nearest me. I did they diagnosed over $2000 dollars worth of repairs. So now they are really not talking to us. We have now made a report with the Attorney Generals office against these scammers. I am posting this so anyone who deals with these people know they have recourse. They would have zero stars if possible!!! Don't shop here there are other dealerships out there Camargo Cadillac is the best dealership they stand behind their products. From now on I will never go anywhere else!



Nice place to buy car from i buy nice VW from good price. Good customer service. Good customer service good service cars nice salesman I’m happy


Never received title

I purchased a vehicle here on March 23 and got a temp tag for it, I asked for the title since the vehicle was fully paid for and was told that I would have it in two weeks. It is now May 6 and I still don’t have my title, my temporary tag will expire on May 10 and I will have to put it out of service until I finally get the title. I tried to talk to anyone that could help to at least extend my temporary tag to when I would get my title but no one in charge even wanted to speak to me, I was only allowed to talk to the receptionist. I deeply regret investing in an unprofessional and irresponsible dealership. Do not purchase a vehicle here they will not only cause you to loose money but will not even bother to answer your calls.



I purchased an "like-new" vehicle here in February. I called ahead of time to ask about the vehicle, and was assured that everything was in "perfect condition". The vehicle was a 2020, only had 1,600 miles on it, was covered by the manufacturer warranty, etc. I requested a copy of the CarFax prior to me making the drive... an hour later no one had sent it and when I called back they apologized saying they were dealing with another customer but assured me the CarFax was "completely clean". I decided to go check the car out anyway, drove the car, and everything seemed fine. They told me if there were any issues the bumper-to-bumper warranty had over 2 years remaining and would cover everything. I was only shown the CarFax after the test drive, and it was clean except for a "theft recovery". They told me the car was a rental prior to them owning it and the individual that rented it simply returned it late. No damage, no accidents, all good and fully covered by warranty. I took the car home to Columbus and on the way home it began to come out of alignment, sensor errors popped up, etc. As soon as I could, I brought it to a local dealership to have it serviced "under warranty." The service department informed me that the vehicle had been in some sort of high speed collision, most likely rammed over a barrier. The entire front end was destroyed and someone bolted on a brand new bumper to cover the damage. I attempted to contact Cincy Automall to resolve the issue and was transferred to voicemails, gave the receptionist messages that weren't returned, sent emails, etc. It took 2 weeks of harassment to get a sales manager on the phone. He said he would "call back after a test drive" and I never heard from him again. Finally after another week or 2 of harassing them the finance manager agreed to pay for an inspection. The inspection found over $10,000 of damage to the car. Subframe was destroyed, cooling system, suspension, sensors, the list goes on. It then took me another 10 days of harassing Cincy Automall to get a call back. I found out the original salesmen that had helped me were no longer with the company, and a different finance manager was there than the one I spoke to the previous week. Luckily he agreed to take the vehicle back. I returned the vehicle 3 days later and gave them payoff information for the loan. They assured me it would be paid off within 10 days. That is the last time I heard from anyone, and OF COURSE THE LOAN DID NOT GET PAID OFF. After another 3 weeks of harassing them I found out they forgot to pay off my loan despite being in possession of the car (STILL IN MY NAME) for almost a month. They finally overnighted the payoff for my loan. I bought the car 02/06/2021, found the 02/18/2021 and my loan was finally paid off on 04/23/2021. During that time I had to make a payment to prevent my credit from being destroyed. I was told by Josh (the finance manager) that since I had not returned the vehicle within 30 days I would not get my payment back. When I explained that I could not return it due to my calls being ignored, Josh told me that it would not be possible to get the payment back because "them taking the car back in the first place was a favor to me"... "A FAVOR!" THEY SELL A DESTROYED CAR TO ME, REFUSE TO RETURN CALLS FOR OVER A MONTH AND THEN SAY TAKING THE CAR BACK THAT THEY MISREPRESENTED IS "A FAVOR." Do not trust a word they say, no matter how new the car is, how clean it looks or how good the deal is. I wasted over 2 months of stress plus a car payment and have nothing to show for it.


Crooked! Crooked!

One of the most crooked, deceptive dealerships in the tri-state area! Beware! As already mentioned, they advertise a price online then when you drive there AND they make you wait for 1-2 hours, the price is suddenly $4000 more. They come back with an offer that is ridiculous; when questioned you’ll find they’ve tried to add on “8 year warranty plans” and other hidden costs. They try to wear you down by going to the back to “get a better deal” leaving you sitting for hours.... yes, 4-5 hours before we finally were told the car was NOT the price they advertised it at. Disgusting!

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