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False information about price

DONT COME HERE Please the car peice that is on the website is not the real price that is the price with 20% percent down . Was looking at a car for 35.999 and when we sat down he tells me the real price is 41k when over the phone I asked is this the real price I’m coming From far and they tell me the 35k is the price and tax separate so unprofessional shady used car dealers


Ultimate bait & switch

I have nothing but nice things to say about the sales person I dealt with, however this dealer is the textbook definition of bait and switch. I went to see a car priced online for $19,330. The car was in overall good shape, with low mileage, so to me it seemed like a great deal. That is until we started talking numbers. The online advertised price is assuming you already put $2,000 down. Okay so the price is really $21,330, not a huge issue as I was planning on putting more than that down anyway. After I was told that the certified pre owned vehicle I was looking at wasn't certified yet and I would be charged $4,995 for the certification plus $995 for dealer prep. That was even before sales tax! The 19K car that I was lured in with was now 26K. Plus tax would of put the price of the car almost 9K more than advertised. Quite discouraging as I wouldn't of traveled so far from home( an hour away) to purchase a car from them had I known about all these charges prior. Told the finance guy thanks but no thanks and went to a real dealership down the road. Ended up getting the same make, model & trim for the price as advertised. Don't get jaded by the low prices and shop elsewhere


A pro master extended version was purchase on 8/4/2022.

A pro master extended version was purchase on 8/4/2022. Two days later when using the van for business purposes the check engine light came on. Brought it back to the location got it. Over 4 times and we went through the same situation. The last time I had the car 09/28/2022 I was doing my trip and the car stopped in the middle of the road. I loss my contract with the two companies due to not having a reliable van. I have loss wages due this this issue. I would love a full refund of my money because they are not trying to give me back my funds!


Ask for Nenad, he is the best!

Ask for Nenad, he is the best! He is amazing and makes the process really smooth. He goes above and beyond for his customers and tries to help as much as possible. I was looking for a pre owned vehicle on the lot. I was looking for a car with low mileage and had my type of interest in vehicles. I was placed in the perfect car. It looked brand new being a used car and my Salesman Nenad handled me very well. He was very knowledgeable about the vehicles there, kind and knew just what I wanted based on my interests. I walked out happily and appreciate the great customer service. He provided great customer service throughout the entire process. I drove of the lot a happy customer.


Stay far away from this place!

Stay far away from this place! Sales guy was nice but the manager is xxxx.. he wanted me to put insurance on the vehicle before I even started the finance process.. I don’t know about anyone else but I will not insure anything I don’t own! When I questioned it he became extremely confrontational and insinuated I couldn’t afford the vehicle I had 3 pre approvals and 25% down.. please do your self a favor and avoid these scammers


Added $12k to the advertised price

I just called to see the price of a BMW, the man on the phone told me the price was $34k plus only tax and DMV. I specifically asked him to be honest and upfront on any additional dealer fees and he said they don't add anything on top. So I went in and test drove it. The sales manager showed me the breakdown. They added $2k down payment $2500 service fee and a bunch of other stuff making the price $48k lol. I immediately got up and walked out. Do yourself a favor and don't support these scammy dealers and wait to find your car at a real dealership.


Quoted a 2019 Toyota RAV4 for about 29k on the phone

Quoted a 2019 Toyota RAV4 for about 29k on the phone (Listing price on every website too). And when i decided to pay in cash, they ask for 45k. Their manager never wanna show up his face. Sketchy. Stay away from this place.


Clean and attentive, however they charge a $6000

Clean and attentive, however they charge a $6000 “certification fee” and when I asked what it gave me, they gave the government mandated warranty length for a vehicle of that mileage. They also added a $3000 “refresh fee” for them getting the vehicle ready for sale. And they told me they would “wave their $900 dealership fee” which is a good thing cause charging it would be illegal. Basicly for a car advertised for $18,500 they wanted $31,000 out the door. Don’t be bated in by this place.



The advertise the cars real low to lure you in. Then wham ridiculous mark ups. Do not waste your time and money on this place. They will try to rob you of your money.



My husband and I were looking into buying a new car. We seen a car listed here for a reasonable price and inquired about it. They called my husband and he scheduled an appointment. I called afterwards asking for information on the car, as the dealership is over an hour away from us(which i informed them about several times) and I do not want to waste time. They emailed us the carfax and everything seemed perfectly fine with the car. I called 3 separate times today regarding the car and they made it seem like everything was fine. My husband decided to look at the car again on their website, and guess what, just like everyone else the car went up $10,000. THANK GOD we did not waste our time here. Called them to see why the price went up and LOUISE responds "Oh sorry we sold the car last night" So the 3 times I called today you couldn't tell me that? What a freakin xxxx SHOW. No wonder their reviews on every platform is horrible! DO NOT WASTE A PENNY HERE THEY DO NOT DESERVE IT!! Good reviews have to be their own workers. HORRIBLE!

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