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They were GREAT I still need to call them about that car

They were GREAT I still need to call them about that car I really want that same car


worst dealership ever LEMON

we just purchased a car from this place Friday on Saterday we found out it has a major oil leak .they had the car towed to try to fix it .here we are 4 days later waiting to see what is going to happen we asked for a refund since we didnt even have the car for 24 hours and they refused to give us a refund they sold us a lemon .so if we dont have the car today in good running condition we will be filing a lawsuit aginst this dealer ..


Just read the reviews

I have not dealt with this dealer but thanks to the reviews I will not be looking at this dealership to buy a car. They should offer responses if they hope to bring in any new customers at the VERY least because I will certainly be avoiding it. Rather not risk it when their are other dealers with much better reviews.


WARNED and Noted

Just want to say thanks to all the reviews I will not be stopping here, I was very interested in a car listed here but on the listing it says there is no haggle pricing and I looked up the value for the car it's actually priced $3K higher than its actual value. WONT be shopping here thanks


Not Good Look

last year feb, I purchase a car from them, on that day i explain to the salesman i did not want engine or transmission issues. The current car i had up there for there mechanic to fix was without an engine. 2 days driving the car, i got from them, all kinds of lights came on. They told me i can come back and look at something else when get more cars but when i showed up now story changes that they will fix everything wrong with the car i purchase all lies. I was back and forth every week up there. I had to repair the whole suspension on car and repair the engine. still currently saving up to fix heat and catalytic converter. These people don't care there just trying to rush those cars out and keep it moving. people are tired of this something will be done. People are putting down big payments and getting trash its not right at all. stressful and then these people want a car note while you repairing highly cost repairs on the car ridiculous.



car starts falling apart after 3 days, bad customer service, i really insist and mean this, do not buy from this place unless you want to be scammed out of all you're money.


Don’t buy here

Please what ever you do DRIVE FAR AWAY FROM CARS ON DEMAND.. Purchased a 2013 Lincoln MKX and not even 3 days later the car started falling apart.. TOOK A 3,000 dollar lost with these people TRUST ME DONT GO TO THIS JUNK YARD OF CARS


Qx56 back for sell don't buy it

I bought the 2012 infinity Q56 grey didn't get a chance to enjoy the vehicle right at 30 days broke down I ahd to pay to get it fix they sent me there mechanic git it back two months later to sell have problems with it drop back off for about three month straight no improvement last time took it to them to fix it they couldn't tell what was wrong with George don't care he sent the person who have xxx fix vehicles I will buy another vehicle from them ps they rip people off


Buying a lemon

My son bought a car from cars on the man a 2016 Honda Civic he had a wreck in it on May 30 the insurance paid it off his plans were to go back to them after the fact to buy another car, well after today I was in Franklin Texas working and on my way home the car that I got from cars on the man broke down with me ended up going to the Dodge dealership found out that there are several recalls on the car not to mention there is a electrical issue it’s a 2016 Dodge dart I called them in response to this they wanted me to pay for the Towing to bring it to their mechanic and then may have to pay for that towing fee and pay for their mechanic to look at the car after and already been looked at I refused, upon calling Mr. George at the beltway eight location and talking to him he was screaming at me over the phone and was telling me that there was no other options but to take it to them and that was the only way they could get anything done I explain to them that I had to be back in work and I cannot be without a car he told me that there was nothing else he could do I feel like me being a good paying customer I should’ve been right and they should’ve help me out other than sending me to another mechanic which there’s nothing it could be done about the car the Dodge dart have a lot of electrical issues there are a lot of reviews online about these cars , I feel like I was treated unfairly and I did not deserve this he told me that if I want to sue sue there is no limit laws I guess used cars in Texas which is bull because I know this for a fact Austin does go after car dealers for lemon laws it’s not only on new cars it’s on used cars as well been there done this already .



I’m pretty sure they pay for any positive reviews they have because there is no way any of their cars are good. They sold us a van and the motor blew in literally 2 days. They made us pay $2500 only for the fuel pump to go out 2 weeks later. My son died and they still called my husband every single day looking for a payment after he told them he hadn’t been to work due to the situation. I’m just grateful we were able to cut ties with them without it affecting our credit.

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