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Do not buy

Very unorganized dealership I wouldn’t advise buying from here. I bought a car here with major problems. They didn’t send me my tags like they said, and now I’m running in circles trying to get my car up and running.


Horrible Service

Absolutely horrible service, specifically from Emmanuelle. Very entitled attitude, took days to respond and unwilling to even listen to any requests in purchasing a ~130k car. Would not recommend in the slightest.



Need I saw more, here goes another review. It has been two months and I still have not received my paperwork form this dealer nor the tags for the car. They kept telling me they will send it . I looked up the loan from the loan center and they charged me more then 10 k for the car and they told me the car was 7,900 . They tell me the car is worth 10k , but on KBB it is worth 7800 and that is why I bought it. BEWARE AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE THEY ARE A COMPLETE SCAM !


It’s a Used Car dealership with good deals

We flew from Minnesota to buy a $60 000 car from them, well knowing that it was a used vehicle, after comparing with other dealership in the area Mike saved me a lot. Other dealerships were charging $65k-130kfor the same car, l have my loan with Navy federal and till today have not had any issues with the vehicle. Just go there knowing you buying from a used car dealership, Mike is great guy.


Run away!!!!

I thought I would go to this place cause it had decent reviews and I was wrong. Bought a Mazda I sport 3 Friday night. I was told I would recieve my paperwork by email. Didn't get it. Went in Sunday then told it will be mailed. Today is Wednesday and nothing. AC Was broken and kept being told it will be fixed. Sent me u Back and forth to an auto guy they deal with... between the car salesman Emmanuel and the manager Mike who wouldn't even call me to get on the phone to discuss things but rather hide . Back and forth this is day 5 not fixed..told it will be fixed the same day which was Monday now it is Wednesday. Do not trust these guys they liers. Won't even give a loaner car or uber for the inconvience. They must love scamming people cause they knew the ac was broken..


Alberto at Autohub will order a car just for you!

Alberto was great to work with. He ordered a car for my son at a price that fit my budget. This is the second car for the second son that I have bought from them and couldn't be happier with their service. They take care of any problems for you.


Price gouging at its finest!

We inquired about a Chevrolet Impala and was told the sales price was 19,999. We decided to take a trip to the dealership only to find out that the $19,999 car was actually $21,999 because Autohub Center charges an additional 2K on every car for a so called " 130 point inspection" and multiple other BS charges. Price gouging at its finest! This dealerxxxx should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of their customers during such difficult times.


Best Dealer in the DMV

One of my buddies purchased a beautiful truck, so I asked him where he got it because I was also in the market for one. Let me tell you, I couldn't be more impressed and happier to have worked with Ivan and Brandon. The process was very smooth and efficient. They didn't have me waiting around or wasting time. They special ordered me a 2021 Ram Laramie with a 12 inch screen. I recommend this place to anyone that is looking for a specific car. They also let me drive there in a 720s Mclaren as part of the deal.


I will be back

I couldn't be happier with my new 2018 Honda Civic Coupe. Ivan and Eric were very patient with me and answered every question I had regarding the vehicle and my financing process. I can't wait to tell my friends to come here. for their first car.



WARNING TO PEOPLE OF COLOR: Do not shop for a vehicle at this company. These people are crooks in diguise.This dealership purchases vehicles from auctions and detail them on-site themselves and does not have a mechanic to look over these vehicles before selling. I came to this conclusion due to my recent experience in that I purchased a 2016 JAG SJ 56,000 miles and enroute back to the Peninsula on I-95 the vehicle blew a head gasket. Mind you this was 40 miles from their dealership. This tells me that the vehicle was never looked over once they purchased for selling. I contacted the dealership from I-95 to make them aware what happened and got the run around which resulted in me having to use my resources to have the car towed to an address that was provided by them. I had to get a family member to come get me after the vehicle was towed from I-95. They made no effort to accommodate me after this experience. This dealership has poor management and poor customer service from General Manager up to the President. Once they get your money whether its by cash or a loan institution they DO NOT care. Once you purchase a vehicle they want you to put in a review before leaving. DO NOT put a review in until you have had your vehicle at least 30 days. My loan institution gave this dealership $27000 and I got the runaround for over 30 days. Thankfully after several threats and getting my loan institution involved the funds were returned to them and to me. We live and learn. Good Luck!

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