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This seller has been on since April 2021.
Lexus Monterey in Seaside California is proud to be an automotive leader in our area. Since opening our doors Lexus Monterey has kept a firm commitment to our customers. We offer a wide selection of vehicles and hope to make the car-buying process as quick and hassle-free as possible.
If you would like financing options and you are in the market to purchase a new Lexus or L/Certified vehicle we will provide assistance to help you find financing options that fit your needs!
Lexus Monterey has experienced and reliable Service and Parts departments that are open extra hours to help accommodate our customers' schedules.

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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(2 reviews)

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2021 Ux Hybrid BLSE

Julian assisted me on my New car purchase, the 2021 Uxh BLSE. This is more practical, sharp and fun car to drive! Thank you for your service! Ask for Julian ,Guys and Gals!


Lexus is not a very caring company

I've owned Honda and Toyota vehicles all my life and back in 2008 decided to spend my hard earned money on a 2008 Lexus IS250 which is supposed to be a little more luxurious but just as reliable. I buy vehicles that will last over 200,000 miles and beyond. Well this was not the case with the first Lexus I purchased at Lexus Monterey Peninsula. The first thing to happen was one of the wheel bearing started making noise at around 73,000 miles. I learned that you can't just buy a bearing but you have to buy the whole hub. I bought this vehicle for my wife and never thought to check the oil as we are taking Lexus right. Well at around 89,000 miles my wife hadn't taken the Lexus in for an oil change like she was supposed to after the indicator light went on so I decided to check the engine oil level. The dip stick was dry. I immediately purchased some motor oil and after placing a quart in the engine only the tip of the dip stick was wet with oil. So I started checking the level of the engine oil after each oil change and found out the Lexus was burning a quart of oil after every 5000 miles. I felt something was wrong so I had the service department at Lexus Monterey Peninsula check our 2008 Lexus IS250. They told me that yes it is burning a quart of oil every 5000 miles but this was within industry standards. What!!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing but what could I do. I told them that I had a 2004 Toyota Solara with over 200,000 miles that didn't burn a drop of oil between oil changes. What ticked me off afterwards was the failure on the part of Lexus Monterey Peninsula to tell me why my car was burning all of this oil. We learned too late that there is a design flaw with this engine as excessive carbon builds up in the intake valves which is why Lexus extended the warranty to 9 years. We didn't find out about this problem until 2 months after the nine year extension ended from a co-worker who had the same problem occur with her 2008 Lexus IS 250. She brought her vehicle to Lexus Monterey Peninsula and they did the same tests with the same excuses that the oil loss was within industry standards. Well like us there was nothing she could do so she continued to drive here vehicle. One day her vehicle stopped running so she had it towed to Lexus Stevens Creek as she didn't trust Lexus Monterey Peninsula. They basically rebuilt her engine at no cost as carbon had broken off from within the intake value and entered the cylinders of the combustion chambers. Lexus did this as it was within the 9 year warranty extension. I wasn't very happy to find out about this and took our car back to Lexus Monterey Peninsula to check the oil consumption again as if it was too excessive I was hoping Lexus would fix the problem at no cost. Now my mileage had increased to 118,000 miles. Well it wasn't excessive per industry standards again and even if it was we were two months past the 9 year warranty extension. I asked the service representative at Lexus of Monterey if I paid for them to pull the heads and check the intake valve for excessive carbon build up would Lexus rebuild our engine. I was told that all intake values have carbon buildup. On top of all this Lexus Monterey Peninsula found another problem with our vehicle. The differential shafts have these rubber cups that hold grease. They were found to be leaking slightly and would have to be replaced. Of course you just can't replace the rubber cups or rebuild them as the fix is to replace both differential shafts which of course is a very expensive repair. So I decided that we had no choice but to buy a new car as the 2008 Lexus IS 250 could stop running at any time and was basically a ticking time bomb. This told me that Lexus was not a very caring company. After this experience I swore I would never buy another overpriced Lexus but my wife overruled me and she is the real boss. So I told my wife to stop driving the Lexus so as not to put any more miles on it. Would you believe our luck that a week later while driving to San Jose from Monterey to buy a new Lexus and trade in our old Lexus that the engine light went on in our old Lexus. When we got it to Lexus Stevens Creek their specialist looked at the warning light and felt it had something to do with the carbon build up in the engine. So long story short I got about half of blue book for my trade in. I felt betrayed by Lexus as this was their design flaw and they should have done the right thing and issued a recall which they did not and it cost me money.

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